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Content writing encompasses many disciplines, from blogging, to SEO strategies. It includes product descriptions and marketing techniques to improve the chances of driving traffic to a website. Content writing allows you to express creativity and produce information read by millions across the web. Udemy offers a wide range of content writing courses that introduce you to this exciting and satisfying field.

Frequently asked questions
Content writing is the craft of producing written copy for websites. Content writers create blog posts, online articles, product descriptions, buying guides, opinion pieces, and many other types of written works. Content writers typically work from a brief provided by a client, which outlines the information that should be included in the content and how the copy should be formatted. The writer researches the topic and writes the article, which is then published online by the client. Experienced content writers often move into editing, which can lead to positions like lead editor or managing editor for an online publication. Some content writers become content managers, whose job is to develop a content strategy for a client’s website.