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Thousands worldwide use ClickBank’s affiliate marketing tools to earn passive income. With ClickBank training, you can learn how to make money online by earning a commission from products you promote. From hobbyists to influencers to networkers to brand experts, there are many types of affiliate marketers. One of the key strategies for all to learn is how to generate the web traffic that helps generate your commission.

Frequently asked questions
ClickBank is a global e-commerce platform that helps brands and entrepreneurs scale their businesses online. By joining ClickBank's affiliate network, users can gain publicity for their brands and promote their products to consumers. One of the more unique aspects of ClickBank is that it acts as the middleman between product creators and people who can sell those products—serving over 6 million entrepreneurs and nearly 100,000 affiliates worldwide. ClickBank handles integrated payments, FTC and FDA compliance, and fraud prevention as well as product tracking. By using unique tracking links and cookies, ClickBank can identify where the sale originated and credit the referring account. The internet retailer is also a traffic driver for your website, encouraging visitors to interact with your brand on a more direct level.