Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) Courses

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CISM is an advanced certification that proves expertise in information security management. Certification shows that you have the skills to manage and maintain information security. Information security managers are also responsible for developing security policies and balancing the relationship between information security and company goals. CISM courses on Udemy can prepare you for the formal information security management exam.

Frequently asked questions
Passing the Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) exam indicates that the credentialed individual is an expert in the governance of information security, developing security programs and managing them, as well as managing incidents and risk. For someone to be considered “certified,” they must have passed the exam within the last five years, as well as work full-time in a related career, such as information security and IT administration. The exam tests individuals’ knowledge regarding the risks facing different systems, how to develop programs to assess and mitigate these risks, and how to ensure an organization's information systems conform to internal and regulatory policies. The exam also assesses how a person can use tools to help an organization recover from a successful attack.