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If you love to draw, a cartoon drawing class can teach you how to take a fanciful visual approach to your art, show you how to develop characters, and make an impression on those who see your creations. Join hundreds of thousands learning this fun and exciting art form with knowledgeable professionals on Udemy.

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Cartoon drawing is an art form that goes back centuries. It allows you to express yourself and your ideas through often humorous caricatures and exaggerated depictions of people, animals, and background settings. Cartoons and comic drawings can be used to tell a funny story, point out the absurd, convey political opinions, and much more. A cartoon drawing course can help you learn to develop or refine your caricature drawing skills.

Frequently asked questions
A cartoon is a type of illustrative drawing that is often humorous and has characters or backgrounds drawn with imaginary or exaggerated features. Historically, the word "cartoon" referred to an oversized sketch or preparatory drawing that artists used to transfer their designs to a fresco wall or canvas. In modern times, "cartoon" usually refers to the caricatures often featured in comic strips or animated films. There are multiple cartoon drawing styles, ranging from comic strips to graphic novels, caricatures, manga, anime, kawaii, or even characters designed for animation in films and television. The artists who create cartoons can also be referred to as cartoonists or animators, depending on what substyle they work in.