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Business analysis is the intersection of a number of different fields of study. Good BA professionals are masters of statistics and using software like Tableau and SQL to database and then interpret information. Udemy offers courses on all aspects of the business analysis field.

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Business analysis involves identifying and solving business problems. Business analysts find opportunities in current or potential business operations and how to take advantage of them. They do this by analyzing the company’s market approach, business processes, procedures, and training before taking the stakeholders' goals and gauging the feasibility of each. The analyst then plans with the company how best to realize new opportunities. Analysts can also help a business get started by researching the company’s goods and services and how they meet the target market's needs. A business analyst may also organize contractors to handle focus groups, product testing, market comparisons, and research. An organization may need help troubleshooting product design, refining their marketing, or restructuring. Business analysts also do risk assessments, which could involve ascertaining the relevant cyber threats, vulnerabilities to natural disasters, and other security issues.