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A business analyst works to determine areas of a company where they can modify processes to run more efficiently. They analyze data pertinent to operations, finance, and distribution of an organization to identify business improvement elements. Business analysts often work with others in a company to find solutions to make the necessary modifications. Udemy offers business analyst training to teach you what you need to know.

Frequently asked questions
Business analysis involves examining how a business operates, its customers, key stakeholders, marketing strategies, and production techniques to come up with ways to help the business improve. A business analyst gathers information about the company, including its central philosophies and driving principles, and determines how they help it reach its goals. The degree to which the business’s operation and core principles help it meet its objectives determines the organization's efficiency. A business analyst then recommends ways to make the company and its employees more productive. To accomplish this, an analyst presents technical solutions to business problems. The analyst may also suggest ways to enhance sales revenue or meet other objectives central to the business’ success.