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The Blues are perhaps the most influential music genre out there. Almost every form of modern popular music features elements of the blues chord progression and call-and-response format. Learning how to play this timeless style on the guitar is a great way to expand your repertoire.

Frequently asked questions
Blues guitar is the widely popular style of guitar playing centered around the music of America’s Delta blues. However, blues guitar has breached nearly every other type of music from rock to metal to country, and its distinctive feel and “blue” notes make it an instantly emotive tool for musicians. The basis of blues guitar is the 12-bar blues form. This chord progression is the backbone of the genre, moving between 3 chords for 12 measures. Most blues guitar solos occur in the minor pentatonic scale, which consists of five notes per octave — however, blues adds in one “blue” note that gives it a distinct flavor. This note is the flat 5, which is not in the key of the scale but serves to add a dissonant, unmistakably bluesy attitude to the music.