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Big Data is a big industry with big job opportunities. As data analytics software and methodologies have improved, corporations are hiring data analysts to aggregate, interpret, and visualize huge amounts of data in order to make better decisions.

Frequently asked questions
Big data refers to a massive amount of data existing in structured and unstructured types that can get quantified using advanced analytical tools and techniques. Big data pushes beyond the limits of traditional databases by capturing and managing complex data in a more efficient manner, especially for querying data, generating models, and predicting outcomes. In short, big data encompasses everything that has to do with processing data in real-time on a large scale. While the concept has existed for decades, the industry did grow significantly after the emergence of open-source software like Hadoop and Spark, enabling data scientists to understand better why specific trends exist in subsets of user data. Information is drawn from big data often leads to valuable insights for making intelligent business decisions and improving productivity among team members. Ultimately, it is what companies do with the data that truly matters.