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Automaton is revolutionizing productivity in the modern workplace. From the manufacturing line, to the fulfillment warehouse, to marketing and web development, new automation software and technology is taking the human variable out of achieving maximum productivity.

Frequently asked questions
Automation is any set of technologies that reduces human intervention in a process. Automation sequences help people perform parts of tasks that are time-consuming, unsafe, or difficult to get right. An automation system requires some form of human input to work, and it’s up to humans to make further decisions to complete the rest of the task. A popular example of automation is with website and application testing. Before an application or website is released, it’s important to make sure that it works. Instead of having someone typing in each test step manually, testing engineers can use special software to develop an automated test program that meets the developer’s and the client’s requirements (the human input), known as test cases. The predicted outcomes can then be compared to the actual outcomes (the automation output), and testing engineers are able to pinpoint which parts of the website or application need to be modified to satisfy the testing requirements.