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The study of astrology dates back to the 2nd millenium BCE, and has remained relevant since its inception. Practicing astrology offers us an opportunity to discuss our dreams, goals, and attributes in an honest and open way.

Frequently asked questions
Astrology proposes a method of interpreting and predicting events and personality traits based on the position of the Sun, Moon, stars, and planets. Astrologers observe patterns in the skies to discern good fortune, disturbances, bad luck, conflict, and more. They propose that you can make predictions on large and small scales. For instance, before the COVID-19 pandemic, some astrologers noted that the rare occurrence of six planets coming together at once could signify a natural calamity in 2020. Meanwhile, individuals born into different zodiac signs are supposed to be affected differently by the positions of celestial bodies. What may be a fortunate day for an Aries may be a bad day for a Virgo. It takes years of study to master the interpretation of the stars and planets, and even then, each astrologer has their own method and rationale behind their predictions.