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Sometimes articulating a feeling or explaining a dynamic is difficult to do verbally. Enter art therapy. By allowing clients to express their emotions, dreams, and desires through the medium of art, art therapy can be more comprehensive and effective than talk therapy alone.

Frequently asked questions
Art therapy uses creativity and artistic expression to improve a person’s mental, emotional, and physical well-being. This form of expressive and recreational therapy can help people reduce stress, develop healthy coping skills, and improve self-esteem and self-awareness. It can also be used to treat a wide range of medical conditions, including psychological disorders. During art therapy, patients are encouraged to express their feelings through art forms such as painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, writing, pottery, and molding clay. Art therapists then work with patients to analyze their artistic creations, discuss how their art makes them feel, and identify themes that may be affecting their behaviors, attitudes, and overall well-being.