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From drawing houses, to drawing animals, to drawing flowers and drawing birds, there are so many lessons that your child can take on Udemy. Teaching your kids how to draw at an early age can help them in so many ways, including improving their self-expression, deepening their self-reflection, and sharpening their creative thinking skills.

Frequently asked questions
Art refers to any creation made to be beautiful or meaningful and the activity of making these creations. A piece of art may represent feelings and emotions, symbolize an idea or message, or simply be enjoyable to see, hear, or experience. Art comes from the imagination of the artist who creates it, and there is no wrong way to make art. It can make people feel a wide range of emotions, and may feel different to different people. A piece of art can appeal to one or more of our senses, such as sight and sound. Visual art includes paintings, sculptures, and mosaics, while auditory art encompasses compositions like music and spoken poetry. Dance, theater, and storytelling are examples of performance art. Some works of art are both beautiful and useful, such as a sculpted clay vase, a colorful quilt, or a crafted box.