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Modern animation software and techniques are responsible for much more than just visually stunning video games and animated series. Learning solid animation skills also allows you to display data in engaging ways, and design user interaction for new mobile and web apps.

Frequently asked questions
Animation is a simulation of movement using a series of static images, drawings, models, or even physical objects. When multiple images are presented in rapid succession, your brain interprets them as a single moving image. To create smooth motion, typically 24 consecutive images, or frames, are displayed each second. Today, most animated content is made with computer-generated images, or CGI, in which a computer program interpolates the movement between key poses. However, some animators still use hand-drawn images or stop-motion — the act of photographing an object each time you move it. While most people think of children’s cartoons for this, animation and CGI content exists in a wide range of media, including film, television, title sequences, video games, advertising, instructional content, user interfaces, visual effects, and more. Regardless of style or intent, animation is a dynamic approach to storytelling that brings emotion and life to your subject.