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With Amazon Associates, Amazon’s affiliate marketing program, content creators, bloggers and publishers can earn income by generating sales of products and services they recommend through their affiliate links. Learning about blogging for SEO, keyword research, picking a niche, and growing your audience can help increase sales and generate passive income.

Frequently asked questions
Amazon Associates is an affiliate program that allows creative artists and influencers to earn commissions by referring and promoting Amazon products to their audiences via their personal websites and social media accounts. These individuals act as virtual advocates for Amazon, informing their respective audiences about the products of their choice while earning commissions for their efforts. Amazon Associates leverage their stakeholder relationships and resources to market their favorite Amazon products creatively, including blog and social media posts, videos, and more. This affiliate program allows participants to gain many of the benefits of an online store without building a separate e-commerce platform. It is a simple yet powerful way to monetize a website, blog, or even social media profiles without the need to fully enter the digital sales arena.