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Managing projects efficiently is critical to your success on the job, regardless of what your job entails. Agile processes streamline your project management needs. Agile facilitates a unique delivery approach focused heavily on collaboration, experimentation, and flexibility.

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Agile is an approach to project management developed by a group of software developers who valued working software over lengthy documentation and the ability to respond and change during the project instead of following a fixed plan. The developers created the Agile Manifesto, which documents the values and working principles of the team. While the original framework was applied to software, teams in all different industries now use an Agile approach to manage projects successfully. Agile programs break up development into small increments of work. These increments are then tested at each stage to ensure the product functions as intended. As new information or errors are uncovered, the team can adapt and adjust planning as needed. Agile also values communication within the team and with the customer throughout the project to ensure everyone is on the same page and people can work well together.