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Looking for a great Adobe After Effects course? You’ll find it on Udemy. You’ll learn all about this essential software for video editing, from the fundamentals to advanced features. Our real-world experts will teach you how to use this powerful tool to enhance your videos with motion graphics, VFX visual effects, compositing and so much more. Learn the skills you need to turn your ideas into action.

Frequently asked questions
Adobe After Effects is a digital animation software that is considered an industry standard for visual effects and motion graphics. With it, one can take filmmaking and editing to the next level. Objects or backgrounds can be removed from video footage and replaced with new content. Logos, text, or doodles can be inserted into the frame and animated. Shaky scenes can be smoothed, weather elements added, and flat shapes converted into three-dimensional images. Simply put, After Effects lets artists digitally perfect whatever was caught on camera, regardless of skill level. From home movies to class projects to professionally shot videos, After Effects provides the tools necessary to make one's vision a reality. After Effects can be purchased individually or as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite.