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Whether you're a photographer, a graphic artist, or a hobbyist, Affinity provides for all your needs for image editing. This software allows you to adjust any image to give it a professional look. Join over 100,000 learners and begin Affinity training on Udemy today.

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Affinity photo is a powerful, low cost tool for photo editing and enhancement. It allows you to adjust layers, apply blends and gradients, and so much more, all without destroying the original image copy. Its easy to use interface makes Affinity ideal for beginners. Udemy offers a wide range of Affinity courses that can teach you the techniques and tools of this popular image editing software.

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Affinity Photo is a professional photo editing software used to retouch, correct, and layer photos and other images. The photo editor is available across all major operating systems, including Windows and iOs, to maximize user reach. Combining the editing and retouching capabilities of Photoshop with the photography and image capturing software artists need, Affinity Photo has a myriad of uses. It offers live image editing in real-time, making working on images as seamless as possible.