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Adobe XD is a software platform created for user experience (UX) designers to create prototypes of user interfaces and mobile web applications. With built in collaboration tools, XD enables designers to share mockups across teams for feedback and input. The design tools that XD provides allows creators to reuse elements, such as buttons and navigation components, from one design to the next, allowing consistency of design and user experience.

Frequently asked questions
Adobe XD is an experience design platform used to create realistic prototypes and mockups for website and app development. Adobe XD allows for streamlined and efficient collaboration; the platform can support Adobe Creative programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, along with Slack and Microsoft Teams. Shareable libraries keep all assets organized and accessible. With Adobe XD, graphic designers and production teams can turn ideas into workable previews to test navigation, user experience, and device responsiveness. Eventual website developers and other key stakeholders can be invited into the process early on to transition from prototype to live site as smoothly as possible.