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Adobe Lightroom is a popular companion to Photoshop, which allows you to enhance, retouch, and manipulate digital images. Onboard tools will enable you to manage your photo libraries and create arrangements such as collages, web galleries, and slideshows. Take Lightroom classes with real world Udemy experts that will show you all of the wonderful ways to use this powerful photo management and editing software.

Frequently asked questions
Adobe Lightroom is a cloud-based app that delivers professional-level tools for photo editing, storage, and sharing. You can use Lightroom on Mac computers, PCs, tablets, and smartphones — the cloud-based nature of the service means you can start creating on one device and finish on another. A simple, intuitive interface of sliding scales allows effortless editing of photos to meet your exact specifications. Lightroom makes it easy to keep your photos organized by recognizing and sorting images by people and themes. If you feel like sharing, you can check out the Lightroom community to reach other artists, share your work, find ideas, and more.