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Good communication is vital to success in business and your personal life. Communication skills encompass speaking, writing, and listening effectively to convey clear, unambiguous messages and ensure everyone is on the same page. Udemy offers numerous communication skills training courses to help you become a more effective listener and communicator.

Frequently asked questions
Communication skills refer to how you relay and receive information to and from others. These skills are essential for everyday conversation as well as for professional advancement. Someone with good communication skills is, first and foremost, a great listener. Being able to listen actively lets the other person know you care about what they’re saying. Communication skills also include knowing which type of communication to choose and maintain good eye contact during conversation. Many communication skills are also simple life skills like respect, empathy, and friendliness. These skills will not only help you gain and maintain meaningful friendships, but they can also give you a competitive advantage during job searches. Having good communication skills is an important skill to highlight in a resume for this reason.