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Autodesk 3ds Max is the graphics and modeling software behind many recognizable video games, TV ads, and movies. 3ds Max features a powerful suite of tools producers use for previsualization work, modeling, special effects, and more. Udemy offers a wide range of 3ds Max classes that can introduce you to the art of 3D design or expand your existing 3ds Max modeling and animation skills.

Frequently asked questions
3ds Max is a computer modeling and animation software package used to create 3D models, animations, digital images, and gaming assets. It offers a robust set of tools for modeling, animation, particle and physics simulation, architectural tools, and character rigging. 3D modeling is based on data to create 3D objects. 3ds Max uses polygon modeling that divides and fills a shape with a mesh defined by vertices, edges, and faces. Users can control and manipulate the mesh through X, Y, and Z coordinates to scale, rotate, and sculpt an object. The finer the mesh, the more complex the model. A user can assign materials to the model by mapping out surfaces on a plane and creating texture workflows. While the primary function of 3ds Max is to render 3D models as still images, by using rigging and physics simulations, the resulting output creates a series of stills that form a moving image. Its ease of use and friendly interface make it a top choice for both students and professionals.