Ang’s Guide to Buying Cameras with Confidence

Learn about different types of digital camera to help you find the perfect camera for you, and save money.
  • Lectures 13
  • Video 3 Hours
  • Skill level beginner level
  • Languages English
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Course Description

•  Need help with choosing cameras?
•  Confused by technical terms used by geeky salesmen or camera reviews?

•  Confused by the choice of cameras available?
ª  Working to a budget and need to save money?

With over two hours of authoritative, concise content, a quiz and short guide to cameras, here's just what you're looking for.

I've created a short and easy-to-understand course for anyone confused about buying cameras. 

You'll see pictures of different cameras, details of camera controls, photographic examples, and more!

Remember: there’s no such thing as a perfect camera. But there’s probably a camera that’s perfect for you.

 In this course I aim to equip you so you can make your own, confident decisions. 

I give you the information, hints and tips to help you find the camera that’s just right for you.

In the process, you also learn a bit of photography! There are lots of tips and hints on photo-technique. 

I explain everything in everyday language with lots of illustrations. 

I’ve created this with the absolute beginner in mind - so you don’t need to have any knowledge of photography.  

I won’t be check out or reviewing individual camera models this time, but I will describe the main types of cameras so you understand their pros and cons. That’s the best way to narrow your search.

There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get to it!

The lectures start with some introductory material, starting with four key terms in Lecture 2. Even if you know some photography, I suggest you take Lecture 3: A few key truths. Then we work our way up from basic point-and-shoot cameras to SLRs. Then we look in more detail at key camera features. Round up is some advice on how to buy, finishing off with three of my top tips in the final lesson.

1   Introduction
2   A few key words
3   A few key truths
4   Cameras for the beginner and casual shooter
5   Camera for the experienced photographer 
6   Cameras for the enthusiast 
7   SLR cameras 
8   Camera features for beginners
9   Features for experienced photographers
10 How to buy with confidence
11 Until next time ...

Remember you can contact me direct from here by posting questions on the right-hand panel. Else write to me at 

Also you will find my blogs on photography and details of my books on my website 

What are the requirements?

  • No prior requirements

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 13 lectures and 2.5 hours of content!
  • Goal: By taking this course you'll understand the key technical terms describing digital cameras
  • Goal: By the end of the course, you'll be able to make informed choices about digital cameras to ensure you save money and find something perfect for you
  • Objective: learn key photographic terms in plain language
  • Objective: understand the pros and cons of major types of digital camera
  • Pick up handy practical photo-technique tips on the way!
  • Save money by choosing cameras best suited to your needs and level of expertise.

What is the target audience?

  • Starter, newbie, beginner photographer who is looking for a new camera


Section 1: Introduction, key words, key truths
A welcome to you and introduction to me - author, photographer - and to the course: we'll look at types of camera, key technical terms plus hints and tips.
For the beginner and newbie, we explain four key terms: camera, zoom, resolution and viewfinder in plain English!
I share a few key truths about photography and cameras to help you keep things in proportion and provide a context for your decision-making.
Section 2: Types of camera
In this lesson we start by not dismissing cameraphones. Then we look at entry-level , life-proof cameras through to travel zoom compacts. Finishing with some handy tips.
This lesson cuts through the details to the important practical essentials. We'll look at more advanced point-and-shoot compacts, superzooms and bridge cameras. And, as always, a few practical pointers to round off.
We reach premium-quality cameras with this lesson. We'll also look at compact system cameras such as Micro 4/3, adding more practical hints and tips to ensure you get the best out of your cameras.
You will learn about SLRs and the various types, including details on viewfinders, live view, image stabilisation, and sensor size. A heap of material in this lesson, but all explained in plain English and minimal jargon. 
Section 3: Key camera features
You will learn about key camera features such as zooms, auto-focus, resolution and flash - all explained in plain, non-technical language. Perfect for the beginner with no knowledge of photography. The next lesson covers more advanced features.
Wooo! Nearly there! In this lesson we get to grips with exposure modes, minimum and maximum apertures (without the math), ISO setting, exposure time, exposure override and a few other juicy topics. Lots in this one!
Section 4: Buying tips
Here's a short lesson on the process of buying. The key point: best buy may not be cheapest. I warn you about a few traps, and give hints on buying from online auctions too.
This last lesson summarises the tastiest takeways from the course, and ends with three of my Top Tips for improving your photography. Well done!
Test your understanding of key photo terms
17 questions
26 pages
A booklet summary of the main types of camera, featuring top-rated current models. Includes a handy glossary of technical terms.
This last lesson summarises the tastiest takeaways from the course, and ends with three of my top tips for improving your photography. Well done!

See the short guide to cameras which includes a handy glossary of technical terms as a special bonus to reward you for completing the course.

Instructor Biography

Tom Ang , Leading photography author, lecturer

Photographer, best-selling author, and broadcaster

A specialist in travel and digital photography, he is the author of 30 books on photography and video including the best-selling Digital Photographer’s Handbook published in twenty languages and sold over half a million copies. His Digital Photography Masterclass was named ‘The Crème De La Crème of the Top Digital Imaging Books of 2008’ by Shutterbug and ‘Best How-to Book of 2008’ by Library Journal. 

Other books include How to Photograph Absolutely Everything, and Fundamentals of Photography, with total world-wide sales of over 2 million. He won the ‘Thomas Cook Award for Best Illustrated Travel Book’ for his book on the Marco Polo Expedition. 

He presented two ground-breaking six-part series ‘A Digital Picture of Britain’ and ‘Britain in Pictures’ for BBC and an eight-part photography series ‘Scene City Singapore' for Channel News Asia, Singapore in 2009 (which won Bronze at the New York Film & TV Awards). 

He was technical editor of Camera magazine, editor of Ag+ Photographic, editor of Photography magazine, and picture editor of The Sunday Correspondent Magazine.  He held the post of Senior Lecturer in Photographic Practice at the University of Westminster for 12 years, as course leader of various courses and teaching on under-graduate and masters programmes. 

He was a pioneer of academic links between the United Kingdom and  the Former Soviet Central Asia,raising funding for accountancy training in Uzbekistan, leading a Know How Fund project for journalism in Kyrgyzstan and working on the founding of the Westminster International University in Tashkent. 

He is a founding member of the World Photographic Academy of the Sony World Photography Awards, and was for many years the photography chair for the Royal Geographical Society’s Expedition Workshops. He is a judge for the Hamdan International Photography Award. He was born in Singapore and now lives in New Zealand.


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    • John Ivey

    Great Presentation

    Very pleasant to listen to. Great information to use in knowing not only what to buy, but some basic understanding on using some features. Would love more instruction.

    • Ron Hogue

    This course is PACKED with useful information

    This course has it all. It starts with defining what a camera is and goes through everything else you need to know about including features, pixels, zoom, lenses, chassis, sensors, batteries, budgets, memory cards, preview screens, f-stops, lighting, file formats, tips, humor, and a comprehensive 26-page guide to digital cameras. Tom's knowledge of cameras and shooting is evidenced throughout each lesson. The course is designed well and has a very natural and logical flow. He provides facts, opinions, and guidance for you to arrive at your own conclusion as to what camera is best for you.

    • Shahid Sharif

    Excellent intro to photography equipment

    An eye opening course on what one really needs as opposed to what is nice to have. This course will certainly help me make right decisions when pursuing additional camera equipment.

    • Mel Aclaro

    Good mix of theory and the practical

    Tom's course is very timely for me as I'm in the process now of selecting a DSLR. While it doesn't dig into the video capabilities of cameras, it does a great job of explaining capabilities and considerations for still photography; great balance of theory, key terms and practical applications in plain english.

    • Paula Matanovich


    Very thorough, easy to understand, well explained and quite insightful! Highly recommended as usual! I particularly enjoyed Lecture 3, 4, 6 and 8! Thanks!

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