How to Manage Time and Increase Productivity X3

A Simple Practical Guide to Master Time Management as a Daily Automatic Habit to Achieve Goals and Increase Productivity
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About This Course

Published 7/2015 English

Course Description

  • This course turns time management to a daily automatic habit with no pressure, using a practical program.
  • This course triples your productivity at work or in your daily life using the TDD board.
  • The course has two approaches to be applied (The short approach is the TDD board to increase productivity only and the long one, which takes one month, is turning time management to a habit and increase productivity  simultaneously).

For the sake of argument, what would the world have been like if its greats had the excuse of not having enough time?

Having great ancestors like the Pharaohs I've always believe in the importance of time as an asset to help achieve great things just like the pyramids they had built.

 I promise you that you won't have the bitterness while saying "I don't have time" because you will have enough time to do whatever you want. This course is continuously updated by new techniques summaries of lots of time management and productivity books.

Live every moment of your life; work, learn, have fun and enjoy your life.

Oh, one more thing, I know there are millions of free material on time management and productivity (about 150,000,000 results on Google) , however this course is different because it's a personal technique which I used and which was applied on +1000 students who enrolled in the course and totally succeeded. 

Enroll now and manage your time effectively. 

There's nothing to lose here. You got 30 days of full refunding if you weren't satisfied.

What are the requirements?

  • English
  • Papers and pens
  • Glue
  • A Lighter is recommended

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Spot life distractions that cause you to waste your time and be "mentally drunk" and eradicate them from your life
  • Highlight the main difference between successful and normal people
  • Touch the detailed daily "fortune" you have, which is time, with numbers and turn organizing it into an automatic habit
  • Gain the value of Simon Sinek's "Golden Circle" and apply to time management to turn it practically to a habit
  • Develop your life with good habits by knowing how the human mind acquires habits
  • Apply this program to your life and discover the concrete advantages of managing time
  • Get a shortcut to increase productivity

Who is the target audience?

  • There are two kinds of people in my opinion; people who eat, drink, sleep, get married, have kids and die, AND people who actually have a plan to succeed and have an impact on this world which can’t be achieved no matter what it was without time management. You should definitely take this course if you were the second type. You shouldn't take that course if you were the first type.
  • The course is for those who want to manage their time to be able to achieve their goals and enjoy their lives
  • The course is for those who waste time and want to do more in their lives
  • The course is for those who are sick of the published bad ideas in their societies and sick of wasting their time on those bad ideas
  • The course is not for those who don't have a lot to do in their lives
  • The course is not for those who can manage their time

What you get with this course?

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30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
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Section 1: Outline
The quickest shortcut to increase productivity and manage your time

A warm welcome to the course from your instructor


Get to know the instructor and the outline of this course


You will touch the difference between the consequences of living life just like anybody without managing your time and living your life while knowing what exactly you're doing and when exactly you're finishing what you're doing.

Section 2: Before we start .. Are you "mentally drunk"?

Your subconscious mind will be ready to receive The "Mentally drunk" phase


Understand the "mentally drunk" phase that you enter daily. Understand what triggers it and how to solve it and the relationship between this phase and time management and achieving goals and success.

The slides are in dark style in order to best represent that negative phase.

Section 3: The Fortune ($86,400)
Learn about the main difference between "successful" and "normal" people

Understand the importance and worthiness of "the fortune" you get renewed daily.

The Fortune
5 questions
Section 4: The Golden Circle

This lecture and the following one are the core of this course so it's necessary to absorb what's in them.


Learn about Simon Sinek's "Golden Circle" and "Starting With Why" and how to relate it to "NLP" science and time management.

The Golden Circle
2 questions
Section 5: First step of the Golden Circle: Why to organize your time?

An introduction to be ready to answer: Why are you managing your time?


What's your motive?

Don't pass that lecture unless you've answered the required questions and found the motives behind managing time.


It's essential to determine whether you want to or need to organize time. It's essential to know yourself.

1 question

A simple question to check what you gained from the previous lecture

Section 6: Gaining a habit in 21 - 30 days?!

You will be ready to learn how to gain a habit easily and automatically using my 720 hours program.

The answer to the critical question: How can a human being gain a habit has been added to this lecture not the following one due to some changes in Udemy's policy.

Best way to gain a habit
1 question
Section 7: Second step of the Golden Circle: How to organize your time?
What I mean by saying "task"

Your conscious and subconscious mind will be ready to turn the main asset to achieve goals, time management, into a habit.


You don't have to follow the exact number of hours I've shown. They're recommended not required. The purpose of the numbers is to deliver a certain message to your conscious and subconscious minds and once you're sure of that move to the next step of the program. If you messed up you can restart the step you rushed.

Remember to check the attached energetic info-graph to facilitate this lecture.

Also remember to check the attached template to help you apply what we have in this lecture.


You don't have to follow the exact number of hours I've shown. They're recommended not required. The purpose of the numbers is to deliver a certain message to your conscious and subconscious minds and once you're sure of that move to the next step of the program.If you messed up you can restart the step you rushed.

This lecture doesn't technically have a presentation like other videos because I don't want you to be distracted and I want you to be completely focused while listening to it.

Remember to check the attached mind-map to facilitate what we have in this lecture.

Section 8: Third step of the Golden Circle: What is time management?

You can't control what you can't measure so in this lecture you will learn how to measure whether you've turned the main asset to achieve goals, time management, into a habit or not.


Here you will know the simplest most practical time management definition.

6 questions

A quiz to check what you've totally gained from the course

Section 9: Updates
Up to date

A reply to one of the discussions which was inquiring about the ability to unplug from life and just relax for a while.

Section 10: Bonus 1 : The Summary of some NLP and Time Management Books

This is one of the most important NLP books that talks in details about the conscious and subconscious minds which this course addresses to turn time management into a habit.

The book is available on Amazon here:


This lecture summarizes the main points in Jeff Sutherland's book titled; "Scurm .. The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time".

The book is available on Amazon here:


This lecture summarizes the main points in Simon Sinek's book titled; "Start with WHY". It's summary of the idea and how to relate it to time management in more details.

The book is available on Amazon here:

Section 11: Bonus 2: Increase your productivity NOW
The Core of "Scrum" and how to increase your productivity by a WWE movement !!
The Quote from Scrum book which I promised in the previous lecture

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Instructor Biography

Amgad El-Sakka, Trainer and Motivational speaker

My name is Amgad El-Sakka. I began my career as a journalist.

Because I realized the fact that it's really easy to publish any ideas in any community by knocking the right doors with the right force by the right way in the right time and that the media abuses this fact, I changed my career to be a professional translator and I worked there for about one year and a half.

After that, I joined another career which is English teaching and training and I worked for 16 hours 6 days a week for a while . Then, I left professional translation to be who I am now and who I aspired to be; a full time English and soft skills trainer and I'm writing my first book.

All of these changes in my careers taught me that we usually get drifted away from our dreams while doing things we don't want to because we're scared of doing what we aspire lest we fail, especially if you thought you weren't ready (like in my case as I don't have any academic degrees to teach English or write a book in it).

In my life I've had four dilemmas that taught me a lot; the first was that my mother had the H1N1 but she was cured, the second was me having anger management and hesitation issues, the third was that I lost my right eye for 5 days and the fourth was that I broke my right wrist and spent 3 months in the plaster cast and learned how to use my left arm just like my right arm because I'm not left handed.(Those were dilemmas for me because my life was so peaceful).

From those four dilemmas I've learnt that life is too short not to learn things in it. I've also learnt that the day I waste without learning means that I was dead on it.

I pride myself on having , an increasing number of, 45 certificates in different fields like; HR, business planning, project management, customer service, marketing, SEO, leadership, creativity, etc.

So, I'm sharing my experience here with people who are passionate to gain it.

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