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Successfully apply to any Model Agency in the world - learn valuable insights and stand out in your Model Application.
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About This Course

Published 9/2014 English

Course Description

So you want to be a model? Great! This course will teach you all that you need to know in order to GET SIGNED by an agent. We tell you specifically how to stand out in your application, tell you why you will NEVER need professional photographs to apply and how to ensure that an agent actually notices and responds to your application!

This is a comprehensive video course that will take just under 5 hours to complete - although you can skip ahead to any section of the course at any time.

If you want to make the best impression to a model agent, or perhaps you've been applying to agents with no luck - then this course is for you! Written by industry professionals with over 30 years of experience, we tell you EXACTLY what makes a great application to an agent and how to start your modelling career.

You should take this course if you want to rapidly INCREASE your chances of getting signed to a modelling agency.

What are the requirements?

  • No prerequisites - anyone can complete this course
  • You should have a willingness to be in the model industry

What am I going to get from this course?

  • By the end of this course you will be able to properly apply to any model agent in the world
  • In this course, you will learn what makes an excellent application and how to stand out to an agent so they will actually reply and respond to your application
  • You will find out specifically how much you will/can earn as a model
  • You will see real-life Model interviews so you know exactly what to expect
  • You will find out why you do not need professional photographs to an agent, and detailed information on how to take these photographs yourself (including how to pose, what to wear).
  • You will learn how to use Social Media to your advantage (as well as what NOT to do!)
  • You will learn how to find and select the right agent for you

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who is interested in applying to a model agent
  • People who have no idea how to apply properly to a model agent
  • People who want the edge when applying to an agent
  • You should NOT take this course if you are already signed to a model agency
  • People who have had no luck in applying to model agencies so far
  • People who want to kick-start their modelling career, anywhere in the world

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: My First Section
  • Find out how this course is structured
  • Hear an important Message about this course
  • Find out how agents pick models
  • Understand how clients choose models – and why agents use exactly the same tactic
  • Find out about your host – Dara and why she is presenting this course to you!
  • Understand her interest in Modelling and why she is fully equipped to be the best person to tell you about the Modelling industry!
  • Ask yourself a BIG question
  • Find out what a Model Statement is
  • Find out what NOT to say to Model Agents
Section 2: The truth about the Modelling Industry
  • Understand that modelling is going to be tough on your self-esteem
  • Make the decision – do you really want to be judged?
  • PART 1
    What every parent should know
  • Should a parent turn up at a model interview for their child?
  • Parents are a reflection on their children
  • Modelling is a family decision


  • What every parent should know
  • Should a parent turn up at a model interview for their child?
  • Parents are a reflection on their children
  • Modelling is a family decision
  • Find out about the most valuable part of your Model tool kit – your Model Book
  • Understand that it takes time to become successful because it takes time to fill up your model book
  • Find out that you don’t have to look like a “traditional” model in order to be a successful working model
  • Understand why clients want someone with an unusual look
  • Look at real examples of working models you would never think were models!
  • Ever wondered about the height requirement? Find out exactly why there is a minimum.
  • Find out what you can do if you aren’t quite tall enough
  • Yes, the modelling industry is renowned for attracting controversy when it comes to weight – but we look at the new issue – HEALTH
  • Find out the three things that agent are looking for…that conveniently just happen to begin with the letter A!
  • If you know these three vital things before you apply, you will have the advantage!
  • So you live outside of a capital city, will this affect your career?
  • Why it matters that you should live where the work is
Section 3: Money
  • Ever wondered how money actually ends up in your bank account after doing a modelling job?
  • Find out the whole system of how everyone gets paid – including you!
  • Ever wondered how agents make money from this industry? We tell you how!
  • Find out why agents take a commission
  • Know why it is in the best interest of the agent to get you higher paid work
  • Understand that different types of modelling attract different rates of pay – we tell you the difference between jobs and how much you could be paid for each
  • You’ll find out exactly how much you could make as a model
  • As a model, you will need your own toolbox! Find out what you need.
  • Find out everything you will need to pay for in order to start your modelling career and why the responsibility is in your hands
Section 4: The Categories of Modelling
  • Before you apply to an agent, you need to figure out what type of model you want to be – so you can target the right agency.
  • We tell you the different categories of modelling so you can choose which one suits you best.
  • Ever wondered what a plus size model actually is? We show you real examples of plus size models and how they still look like beautiful models!
  • Do you think that commercial models are just models in commercials?!! We set the record straight…
  • We show you examples of what commercial models look like so you can get a clear idea!
Section 5: Social Media
  • Before you apply to be a model, you need to wipe your social media slate clean of any incriminating evidence!
  • Hear a real-life example of how a video on YouTube cost someone a modelling opportunity
  • Model Agents and current successful models are all on social media – how can you use Social Media to your advantage to give you a better chance of getting signed?
Section 6: Getting the Right Agent
  • Find out how to choose an agency – the top questions you need to ask in order to determine how suitable the agency is for you
  • Get a free download of the spreadsheet we use in this video.
  • Find out about the common model agency scams – how to recognise them and how to avoid getting ripped off!
  • Make sure you are signing up to an actual agency and NOT a Model School or a photographer
  • There are plenty of scams out there, make sure you can recognise them – and don’t fall for flattery!!
Section 7: Preparing to contact an Agent
  • Did you know there are four ways to apply to an agent? Well…only three of them are truly effective – we tell you the top three ways!
  • Find out why taking accurate measurements is SO important
  • We demonstrate for you exactly how to take your measurements
Section 8: Taking Photographs
  • You absolutely DO NOT need professional photographs to apply to a model agent
  • In fact, getting professional photographs could harm your application if you get really cheap shots done
  • Any photographer or Model Course that tells you you need to get professional photographs done first is leading you astray
  • The whole point of taking photos to send into an agent is for them to see you clearly – so you need to wear clothes that will NOT DISTRACT them
  • See real-life examples of what you should wear in your photos
  • If possible, you should always try to wear swimwear/matching lingerie in your full body shot so that the agent can see your body clearly
  • Learn the THREE THINGS that make the perfect pose for you full-body shot – both guys and girls
  • By learning these SIMPLE three things, you can look really natural and almost professional in your application photos
  • Download the examples that appear in this video for your quick reference
  • This entire course exists because of the bad choices people make when sending in application photographs to model agents
  • So many people are sabotaging their chance of ever becoming a model because they are sending in photographs like these
  • Please remember! This is a job interview! Your photographs need to be clear and appropriate!
  • You only have two seconds to make an impression – with photos like these, you can be assured that you will not be getting a call back!
  • Probably the most IMPORTANT VIDEO in this course!! If you don’t know how to take a proper photo, then you’ll decrease your chances of getting signed!
  • Here are 3 TIPS that will turn your average photo into an application winner
  • Super easy, and so clear – these tips will really enhance your photo taking skills!
  • Ever heard of a Polaroid or a Digital? Every single working model has to have a digital photo of themselves taken so that a client can see what they “really” look like.
  • To apply to a model agent, all you need is a RECENT, NATURAL, RAW photo of yourself – exactly like a model polaroid/digital – no professional photography! Just you, in some natural light with a good camera!
  • Make sure you take the time to take proper photographs of yourself – and if you copy the ones in this video, you will be giving an agent EXACTLY what they want!
  • Are your photos too large to send? If you don’t resize your images to a suitable size it is possible that the agent’s email server will reject them!
  • If you don’t know how to resize images, this video will teach you…skip it if you are all over this stuff :o)
Section 9: Applying
  • This is probably the most important message you will hear in this entire course!
  • Find out the MOST IMPORTANT part about applying to be a model – you’ll be surprised with what it is.
  • When applying online, there are some rules you need to follow – which mainly means IF THERE ARE INSTRUCTIONS, FOLLOW THEM!
  • If an agency has clearly told you how to apply to them, take the advice and DO AS THEY SAY. As soon as you try to bypass that online form, or turn up to their agency un announced, you are going to make the agent UNHAPPY – and that’s not what we want now is it?
  • Follow these tips and you will be able to successfully apply online without a hitch.
  • Ever wondered what happens at an Open Call? What it actually is?
  • We tell you what to expect and how you can be prepared.
  • We tell you TEN TIPS to applying to a model search that has an online entry
  • We give you FIVE MORE TIPS on what to do when you physically turn up at a Model Search
  • Generally, a Model Search is done in association with a brand and an agency – so we put you inside the heads of both the agent and the client so you can see EXACTLY what they are looking for.
  • If you are about to enter into a Model Search Competition, this will definitely give you the edge.
  • Calling an Agent can be a great, direct way to both introduce yourself and find out information
  • There are TEN THINGS you need to know before you pick up that phone though – so watch this video so you can make that phonecall a valuable one!
Section 10: The Interview
  • So you’ve been called in for an interview! Brilliant! You can’t just rock up on the day and expect everything to go smoothly…so here are TEN THINGS to prepare and consider before you turn up.
  • You’ll need to watch this video at least one week before your interview so you can prepare everything you need in order to make the most amazing impression.
  • This is not the time to make a fashion statement!
  • What you wear to an interview must be functional – the agent must be able to see your body shape clearly, so nothing baggy!
  • IMPORTANT!!!!! Make sure you wear GOOD, MATCHING lingerie or swimwear under your clothes (or bring them with you) as you will no doubt be asked to strip down so the agent can see your body…don’t get caught in bad underwear!!
  • What generally happens after an interview? How long will I have to wait to hear back?
  • If they see potential in you, but maybe you aren’t quite ready yet – make sure you ask for feedback.
  • It is possible that you might get a “no” from an agent – or you might not even hear back at all. Here is what to do if that happens.
Section 11: Real Life Interviews
  • Get an introduction into what these interviews are – they are real, totally un-rehearsed interviews with real model hopefuls and real agents
  • Meet our two models – Sam and Mia.
  • Watch a real interview at a model agency
  • Understand what kind of questions you will be asked
  • Judge for yourself as to how well Sam went in her interview
  • Get some tips on how to be prepared
  • Hear directly from Sam about her experience in the interview
  • Hear her advice for you and her insights into how she prepared for the interview and what she would have done differently.
  • Hear directly from Darrianne (the Agent) as to her feedback about Sam’s interview
  • Darrianne gives advice on how to better your chances in an interview & really impress an agent overall
Feedback from Darrianne - how did Sam do? Part 2
  • Watch an interview with Mia – our straight size model applicant
  • Listen to the questions that she is asked and also the photographs that the agent wants to take.
  • This is a very different interview to Sam’s – totally different interview styles!
  • Hear directly from Mia about how the interview process was for her
  • Hear what her advice is on how to be prepared
  • Find out what she would have done differently
  • Hear directly from Natalie (the Agent) as to her feedback about Mia’s interview
  • Natalie gives advice on how to better your chances in an interview & really impress an agent overall
Section 12: You got Signed!
  • CONGRATULATIONS! You got Signed by an Agency! The “signing” part is the most important – you need to know what to expect in a model contract.
  • Please! Never sign anything without reading it thoroughly first – contracts are very important, legally binding documents – you need to think very carefully before you sign one.
  • The course has come to an end, so it’s bye for now – see you next time!

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Instructor Biography

Dara Donnelly, Presenter, Model Agent Expert

I have been exposed to the modelling industry since I was very young - my mother is a Model Agent, so I have the unique credibility of knowing exactly what it is like to be behind-the-scenes at a Model Agency, and more than anything I know EXACTLY what Agents want and what frustrates them. Most Agents do not have the time to tell you what I'm about to tell you, but I uncover everything I know about the industry!

My professional background is in Brand Strategy, Design, Web and Video Production and The Model Course is an example of all my powers combined!

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