How to Create Your Best Life, Income, and Happiness - Now!
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Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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How to Create Your Best Life, Income, and Happiness - Now!

Using the Lifehack Trifecta Method!
5.0 (3 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
7 students enrolled
Created by John St. John
Last updated 3/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Create a clear mind and prioritize life around what makes you happy, rich, and a better person
  • Discover, confirm, and trust your life's true calling, purpose, and direction
  • Overcome fears and negative beliefs keeping you from your best life
  • Leap from learning what you do best to making a living and changing the world
  • Clarify what you most want to achieve in life and its rich legacy
  • Write clear and focused goals needed to create your best life
  • Find how you can serve a mission that changes the world.
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How you will find meaning, purpose, and value in living your best life!

You must find your Lifehack Trifecta!

You may already have a general idea of your life's direction, but want more clarity around your decision. This course will help you clarify and confirm your hidden talent/strength, purpose, and mission in life. You will finally create the motivation, energized life filled with meaningful work, inspiration to others, a great income, and an opportunity to do what makes you happy or happier every day. Finding your (1) hidden talent, (2) purpose, and (3) life's mission requires new strategies and techniques taught in this course. Or, 3 secret life hacks we call the Life Hack Trifecta, in seven steps!

  1. Mindfulness and meditation practices  
  2. Health and body management techniques
  3. Fear and behavior management techniques
  4. Expertise learning model
  5. Purpose and lifestyle selection
  6. Priority and goal setting techniques
  7. Life mission selection process and techniques

What you can expect from this course?

Without the right tools and strategies, you cannot hack your hidden talent's. In this course, I will give you the personal code hacking strategies, tools, and techniques to hack your greatness code, and enjoy your best life with: 

  • Up to 2 hours of brief animated/instructor-led video content for maximum engagement
  • 22 pages of practical worksheet exercises and challenging assignments
  • Expert instruction, coaching, and encouragements to succeed  

Upon course completion, you will understand strategies to overcome barriers to personal success, be able to analyze and implement goals/new behaviors, and be able to use this information to choose the right education, career, lifestyle, purpose, and mission that is aligned, fulfilling, and life/world changing.

Finally, the famous motivational speaker Jim Rohn once said, "Nothing changes until you change. Nothing gets better until you become better.


  • Mac or PC
  • Ability to download and print worksheets

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Find calm, strip away stress, and choose your highest priorities
  • Trust your inner compass to merge your preferences and passion with a life direction
  • Eliminate barriers to success thinking and taking action
  • Turn your strength into expertise that fills your wallet, heart, and changes the world
  • Choose a life purpose and lifestyle is supported by doing what you love
  • Set goals and disciplined behaviors necessary for living a successful life
  • Embrace a mission bigger than yourself to leave a legacy of good works

This course is designed for:

  • Working adults feeling stuck in their jobs and want more from work and life
  • College students who are unsure their major or career selection are right for them
  • Retirees who finally want a second career that is focused on what they love doing
  • Working adults wanting to purse advanced education, but are not sure which one
  • Military members transitioning into civilian life and are unsure of the right career path
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Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for adults wanting to learn and/confirm their life's calling.
  • This course is for college students who want to ensure they select the right degree for themselves.
  • This course helps adults change jobs or skills for greater joy, income, and happiness from work they love.
  • This course is for adults seeking their life's meaning and purpose.
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Curriculum For This Course
15 Lectures
Getting Started
3 Lectures 12:30

This lecture covers some important facts about taking this course, how the instructor is positioned to help you, and how to manage common technology problems on Udemy. I want nothing standing between you and getting exactly what you need for success on this platform and in this course. Please reach out via messaging or email should the need arise to have a question answered or concept illuminated.

Preview 02:05

The general idea is simple: You were born to do something exceptionally well that will be the centerpiece and swan song of your existence. 

This video walks you through a fictional character's experience with finding her strength, creating a useful purpose (with her strength), and ultimately impacting a mission greater than herself. This is your path, too. You will surface, explore, and trust the thing you do best, turn it into a purpose, and set out to change the world, while living the lifestyle of your choice. How cool is that?

Preview 05:39

This lecture introduces your learning objectives for the course, it's comprehensive workbook (worksheets have been attached in each section) and how the video course is designed for practical learning application. The workbook/sheets provide you with Lifehack Trifecta concepts, facts, and practical exercises that follow the 7-Steps covered in the lecture. Each lecture has a set of corresponding worksheets and assignments built into the course. If you don't see what you need, send me an email and I'll help you find it :)

Preview 04:46
Finding Your Strength
5 Lectures 31:57

Your strength is rooted in 

  1. Preferences for engaging people, places, and things in ways that fill you and your pockets to overflowing
  2. Experiences around your preferences that pull your Life's North seeking arrow in that direction
  3. Finally, your strength is continuously growing, so get used to evolving with your strength in the form of ever increasing expertise in ways you never imagined.
Your strength, once discovered, grows with you. Discovering your strengths does not limit what you can do, it creates more options for you to do more of what you were meant to do. Your strength is a key stone in what building you call a life.
Preview 01:13

You cannot find your strength or what you were born to do best, if you can't focus and be present moment to moment. In each moment, we can choose a priority or a distraction.  Here are the key summary points for this lecture:

  1. You have 70,000 thoughts per day
  2. You must clear your mental desk of clutter 
  3. Mindfulness and mediation help you focus on what’s important 
  4. Proper sleep, nutrition, and exercise help, too.
Clearing Space on Your Life's Desk

This quiz recalls important facts about this step.

Step# 1 Clearing Your LIfe's Desk
1 question

This lecture reveals the sad truth about 2.6 billion workers who are dissatisfied in their work and wait until they retire to do what they love as an occupation. This lecture explains how to hear, plan, follow, and succeed in life by trusting and following your inner voice, based on evidence it is your true direction for life, fulfillment, income, and happiness. If you don't see what you need, send me an email and I'll help you find it :) Here are the key summary points for this lecture:

  1. You don’t have to wait until retirement to do what you do best and love most
  2. Check the “Garage” of your experiences for clues affirming your strength
  3. Find and trust your strength with experience evidence found in your beloved preferences, environments, and tribes you’ve served/desire to serve
  4. Recall what it felt/feels/could feel like getting fulfillment like nothing else on earth

Finding and Trusting Your Strength

This quiz seeks critical recall of facts regarding how we come to trust our strengths and follow them to our purpose and greater mission in life.

Step# 2 Finding and Trusting Your Strength
1 question

This lecture reveals research about negative thinking, how to overcome it, and replace that negative thinking with positive thinking and actions leading to you living your best life. Here are the key summary points for this lecture:

  1. 85% of our fears never come true
  2. Much of what we think about is negative chatter and does not serve us
  3. Your Reticular Activating System is neutral – enables what you focus on
  4. Your Lifehack Trifecta depends on a steady diet of positive thought and action

Preview 06:34

This quiz tests recall of important facts in this section.

Step# 3 Overcoming Your Fears and Belief Barriers to Success
1 question

This quiz covers the Reticular Activating System's role in fear, belief, and success.

Step# 3 Overcoming Your Fears and Belief Barriers to Success
1 question

This lecture explains how you can take the thing you love doing best and develop expertise you can use to support yourself, help others, and leave a legacy of good works. Here are the key summary points for this lecture:

  1. The best skills development comes from practice and teaching
  2. Learning must include formal, social, and experienced-based for expertise
  3. This is how you will learn what you must know to tackle any development goal
  4. Your Lifehack Trifecta depends upon you continuously learning what you need to grow your skill and impact on others

Learning to Develop Your Strength into An Expertise

This question tests recall of a key fact about learning for expertise.

Step# 4 Learning to Develop Your Strength Into an Expertise
1 question

This quiz is seeking recall of a specific and important fact about learning expertise.

Step# 4 Learning to Develop Your Strength Into an Expertise
1 question
Finding Your Purpose
3 Lectures 14:39

After discovering your strength or what you love to do best, you will need to develop a clear purpose for your strength. Your strength is like a car. Your purpose is like a GPS. Here are some important facts you must know about your purpose:

  1. It follows your evolving strength
  2. A purpose is a strength that finds a useful function, which can be seasonal. Seasonality looks like this:Today, you love art, so you study and create it. In a few years, your expertise grows and decide you want to teach art. In a few years, you may decide to open a gallery to sell art. In a few more years, you may shift your focus from paint to digital design work and seek an education to support it. 

Following the analogy above, your "Art" strength grows with your expansion of knowledge and skill, but is still an "Art Car". Where you go with it, creating, teaching, selling, and shifting your focus represent your purpose (GPS), which is greatly influenced by the lifestyle you want to live. If you don't mind being a starving artist, then you won't mind not earning a substantial income - you can do that anywhere. If you want to live in a penthouse, then you will need to set your GPS for an "Art" purpose that pays you more than a starving artist and still fills your soul.

About Purpose

This lecture takes all of the data you've collected on yourself and illuminates an evidence-based direction for hacking your life's Trifecta. Here are the key summary points for this lecture:

  1. 87% of workers are dissatisfied in your work (2.6 Billion people worldwide)
  2. Many people do not have a life purpose and mission
  3. Your Lifehack Trifecta (Strength, Purpose, and Mission) forms a path for you to follow.
  4. Your Lifehack Trifecta provides you with infinite options for earning income, finding fulfillment, and changing the world – your way

Step 5. Defining the Purpose and Life You Want

This quiz focuses on recalling a key fact about defining your purpose and the life you want.

Step# 5 Defining the Purpose and Life You Want
1 question

This lecture explains the importance of having goals, but focusing equally on consistent behaviors that accomplishes goals. Here are the key summary points for this lecture:

  1. Only a small percentage of people consistently accomplish their goals
  2. Negative thinking must be addressed and eliminated before goals are set
  3. Goals must be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timebound
  4. Goals must have consistent and disciplined behavior or the RAS won’t see them as important, find evidence, and build a believe that your goals “MUST” happen.

Making clear choices, setting goals, and forming disciplined behaviors

This quiz tests recall of key facts associated with this lecture.

Step# 6 - Making choices, Setting Goals, and Forming Disciplined Behaviors
1 question

This quiz tests your recall about the SMART process.

Step# 6 - Making choices, Setting Goals, and Forming Disciplined Behaviors
1 question
Find Your Mission and Course Summary
4 Lectures 20:30

Once you've found your strength and set your GPS called purpose, you can enter the freeway of good works. This is where you and other like-minded people, merge similar and complementary strengths, on the drive to the big city called mission. We are all here to serve a need greater than ourselves. We spend a life time seeking our place in the universe and this is it. You find the thing you love to do, you develop a purpose, and amplify that purpose (with others), as a mission. It's not enough to just give a few dollars or hours. It is imperative that you give significantly to those causes or needs that resonate in your heart, because you were sent to serve your tribe with a purpose and the world with your mission.

About Mission

This lecture explains the importance of paying it forward or giving to those less fortunate than yourself,  to increase the happiness in your life, share your gift of expertise with the world, and leave a legacy of good works small and large. Here are the key summary points for this lecture:

  1. We were born to serve others with our purpose, as a mission
  2. Giving helps now and leaves a legacy of good works for later
  3. Your Lifehack Trifecta requires life long giving, which helps us remain sensitive to our tribe and others' needs
  4. Choose to give a little or a lot, just be consistent – someone is counting on you
Paying it forward as service to mankind

This quiz focuses on the single most important fact in this lecture.

Step# 7 - Pay it Forward as a Service to Human Kind
1 question

This lecture summarize the key concepts of the course, so you walk away with an understanding of what important to remember and do to hack your life's trifecta:

  1. Make sure you use your mindfulness/meditation techniques to ward off stress, prioritize your life, and make clear headed choices about how you will live your best life
  2. Make sure you trust your strength results before choosing a path and supporting it with continuous development (degree, job change, certification, volunteer work, etc.) - stay aligned with what resonates with your skills and heart.
  3. Make sure you are RAS-aware when negative thoughts enter your mind. Your brain is a neutral operator that only focuses on what you deem important. Make positive things your focus and your brain will find evidence of it, build a belief around it, and you will soon see it reflected in your reality.
  4. You are the master of your destiny, which means selecting a useful function for your purpose and ensuring that purpose supports your chosen lifestyle is TOTALLY up to you!  If you become better, so will your life. Improve your expertise, add more value, and the sky is the limit for what you can achieve!
  5. Select a mission, when you are ready. It is important that you pick something that resonates with you, your story, and what is important to your growth as a legacy creator in society.
  6. Check your "Before Score Average" to determine if you will attend the in-depth course or pursue coaching (you will receive 20% off both options)

Course Summary

BONUS: Certificate Instructions
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