The Apple Watch - Review And Learn About Wearable Devices
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The Apple Watch - Review And Learn About Wearable Devices

An Apple used to be an Apple, but now it's a Watch! Discover what Apple is up to. Take a bite, read and let #taw digest.
3.6 (20 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,216 students enrolled
Created by Martin RAL
Last updated 8/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Discuss the different benefits of wearable technology features, especially with regards to the Apple Watch.
  • Understand Apple's marketing strategy when they launched the Apple Watch.
  • Apply this information to product design, app development, or just choosing and buying a product for yourself!
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  • An interest in gadgets, technology or fashion.
  • There are really very few requirements for this training because it is introductory.
  • Some very basic understanding of watches (the names of the different parts, such as strap and crown).

About The Apple Watch

The Apple Watch - #taw is not the first wearable product; but, it is changing the game!

In this training, you are going to find out about the features that make the Apple watch unique, and how it compares to existing products. This training is video based, with supporting text, audio and images. This multimedia support helps students to grasp new concepts rapidly and is based on educational research focusing on so-called learning styles. In a nutshell, this is a simple way for people to learn things rapidly without stress or strain. As you watch these videos, you will gain an insight into the innovation which Apple brings to the table.

In just over 30 minutes, you will get an in-depth insight into this new product and how it fits into the marketplace.

Learning About Innovation

Apple is a revolutionary company, and they have had a massive impact on most aspects of the consumer electronics industry. They are rarely the first company to invent a new technology; but, what they do really well is work out how to make software and hardware easy to use and appealing to customers. Here are a few examples of technologies that we all have seen Apple turn mainstream:

1: Point and click operating systems - Did Apple invent this technology? No, Xerox did! But it took Apple to make it useful and user-friendly. Since then, all popular modern operating systems have been graphical.

2: Portable mp3 players - Again, apple didn't invent the technology, but they definitely made it mainstream. The iPod was a revolutionary product, much more useful and user-friendly than the devices which existed prior, which had barely made a dent in the cd player market!

3: The smartphone - Smartphones had been around for years before the iPhone, but the advanced features were difficult to use and people rarely even bothered with them. They just bought them because they looked cool. That all changed with the iPhone, and overnight "app" became a common word. There are countless other examples.

The point is that if you want to know anything about successful product design, gadgets, or tech, you can learn a lot from Apple!

Market Insights

One special lesson I hope you will gain is an understanding of the influence that Apple has on the consumer electronics industry. This is a valuable insight for consumers, marketers, and technologists. Apple doesn't always get it right (remember the Apple Newton?) but they are right more often than not.

This is no accident - they have an excellent team of professional designers and developers who know the requirements of their customers inside out, and they have an almost uncanny ability to read the marketplace. Even when you use a competitor's product, you will often benefit from features which were introduced by Apple. Therefore, there is great value in watching everything this company does because you can benefit from their insights and research in many different ways. We are fortunate to have a marketplace that supports both the innovative features that a commercial company such as Apple can develop, and also the altruistic work of open source developers (such as the Android developers). Although both of these business models are diametrically opposed, the synergy between the two is generating a lot of cool innovations for both end users and software / hardware developers alike. I hope you enjoy learning about these new innovations as much as I do!

For App Developers

If you are planning to learn about app development, then you need to have a good grasp of the capabilities of a device and the expectations of the users. This type of basic information is often skipped in favor of complex technical details in courses aimed at developers, so my suggestion is that you start here before embarking on a more technical course.

This training is appropriate for people with any level of background knowledge. This is not in itself a technical course, so if you have no interest in learning about how apps are made, that's fine too!

This is great information if you are interested in gadgets, technology, marketing and product launches, or product design! Or even if you are only interested in The Apple Watch - #taw because you think it looks nice, you enjoy innovation or you need another watch.

Knowledge is power - it's up to you what you do with it!

Who is the target audience?
  • This informative material is perfect for the masses.
  • Consumers interested in the latest technology or fashion.
  • Those participators of sports or concerned about heartbeat monitoring.
  • Individuals interested with Apple products.
  • Product designers seeking inspiration.
  • iOs developers who want to understand what makes the Apple Watch unique.
  • Elite businessman, businesswoman and entrepreneurs with money to spare for top end products.
  • Any knowledge gained may be deemed too simple for people who are already very experienced with the Apple Watch.
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Introduction to Apple - the watch revolution!
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Preparing yourself for your first bite into this new variety of apple.

Welcome and Introduction - #taw

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When it comes to The Apple Watch
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Apple is well known for developing innovative new products which dictate the direction the entire industry follows. In the case of the Apple Watch, they're tackling the wearable device market for the first time. They face tough competition from the already established Android watch - does Apple have what it takes to steal the show in coming out with #TAW ?

What is the Apple Watch?

The release of Apple's first wearable digital device has excited dedicated fans for ages. In this section, you'll look at the roll-out plan the company has adopted to get this product onto the wrists of its most committed followers.

The Apple Watch Release

With so many people holding their breath for the launch, Apple was in a position to name virtually any price it wanted. In this session, you will see how Apple chose to price their new item.

How Much Does the Apple Watch Cost?

A lot of noise has been circulating online about the new features packed into Apple's latest offering. In this video session, you'll be looking under the cover and examining what you get for your money.

What are the Specs of the New Apple Watch?

Any computing platform lives or dies by the quality of its apps, and the default apps bundled at launch set the precedent. Does Apple's new watch have what it takes to succeed? Discovering #TAW apps.

Which Apps Are Included With the Apple Watch?

With Apple products, everyone expects excellent features and design. You have looked at the features in depth, it is time to examine the design.

What is the Apple Watch Design Like?

Apple has taken a familiar watch element and given it a virtual overhaul. In this video, you are going to take a look at the digital crown, a simple input device which Apple believes will be a real game changer.

What is the Digital Crown?

With social media applications and messaging apps becoming a major part of our lives, it makes sense to streamline their workflow. In this video lecture, you will be looking at the steps Apple have taken to make these functions easier to use, and you will examine the role the Conversation Button plays in this workflow.

What is the Conversation Button?

The Apple Watch offers millions of different configurations and options for users. In this video session, you'll discover how owners can customize their watch face to express their individuality.

What is Different About Apple Watch Faces?

How good are you at remembering Faces?
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A lot of the pre-release excitement for #TAW (The Apple Watch) centered on the watch bands. In the world of wearable computing, watch bands are a detail which is often overlooked. As a detail oriented company with a reputation for design and quality construction to maintain, this was never an option for Apple – you will take a look and see what makes these bands different.

What is Special About the Apple Watch Bands?

There is more to #taw then meets the eye!

Is the Apple watch all about time?
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It's all about power!

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock...
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