Better Photography for Beginners: Getting The Basics Right!
4.4 (28 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
653 students enrolled
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Better Photography for Beginners: Getting The Basics Right!

Take amazing pictures by learning how to compose, expose, see and shoot with confidence. Learn from a professional.
4.4 (28 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
653 students enrolled
Created by William Sinclair
Last updated 2/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Take photographs that will make people say, "WOW! I love that!"
  • Spot where your photographs are failing and discover how to improve them.
  • Make extra money with your new found on newly improved photography skill set.
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  • No prior experience is needed. This course on digital photography keeps everything simple and easy to learn without all the technical jargon.

"Very comprehensive and informative, this course has exceeded my expectations!!! The instructor is very engaging and makes it interesting and so easy to learn!! Thank you William!!" - Cindi-Rose Soutter

Despite how much I learned about cameras and all the technical stuff, my photography never improved until I learned to see the world around me as a photographer sees. And that's what this course is about.

If you're into all the technical things about photography then this course isn't for you. If you're into learning how to SEE the world differently and learn how to apply that to rock your world photography! then dive right in!

Check out the free previews if you're not sure and remember that you have a 100%, no questions asked, money back guarantee! Udemy is a safe, fun and productive learning platform, no matter who's course you take.

Don't be content to just take pretty pictures, ROCK YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY!!

"Loved this course! Easy to understand - and lots of great tips." - Kendra

"I found this course very helpful..." - Carol Turner

"Mr. William Sinclair is very knowledgeable and has put together a course on Master class in Photography for Beginners [and everyone else] which is very thorough and is very easily comprehensive to follow." - Patrick Rodrigues

"I loved this course! The instructor was knowledgeable and passionate about photography and it came through in his presentation. Great illustration of some of the rules of composition. Very helpful for anyone looking to get started or review the basics. I highly recommend this course." - Dr. Kevin Maples

"William has condensed over 40 years of experience into a course that will give you instant results.   Utilizing a phone camera to take great images is highly appealing, especially as DSLR's are expensive, bulky and not always at hand for that great shot!  This course is well presented in a simple, friendly and engaging style. It is packed full of information that until now, never quite clicked for me.  Among the great visuals, and clear instruction are tips and tricks that you can start using today. Including, How by changing your location and perspective you can re-frame your quick snaps into a professional looking photographs. There is also advice on:  How to compose an image How to control your camera How to get that creative shot How to play with exposure and DOF Even how to make money from your new hobby!  This course is super encouraging for those who have never shot an image before. I can highly recommend this course." - Robin Slee

So, Who Else Wants To Easily Learn Great Photography?

Are You Into Photography? 

Do you enjoy photography but some things just confuse you?

What If You Could Take Photographs That Made People Say, "WOW! I LOVE THAT!"

"Most beginning photographers don't even know that they are failing!"

If you want to learn how to take better photographs, even with your iPhone or smartphone, and you don't want the hassle of learning all the technical jargon or plowing through books or manuals, then this Photography Course for beginners is for you!

  • Take better pictures right now
  • Impress your boss, your friends, AND YOURSELF with your new skills.
  • Improve your photography related hobby by improving your photo taking skills.
  • Give your family and friends your amazing new photographs as gifts.
  • Make extra money selling your prints or using your new photography skills.
  • Enjoy a new outlet for your creativity.
  • Enjoy a hobby that can excite you yet also relax you.

Photography is not about all the technical stuff, it's about seeing. Seeing what's around you, subjects that captivate your heart and capturing a breathtaking memory of it to preserve forever.

In this course, I'm going to coach you on how to develop your eye through the essential and basic, step by step, building blocks of great photography. I'll hold your hand until you're ready to fly.

These are the same basic essentials that professional photographers use every day to capture the world around them in stunning images. It's easier than you may think.

After taking this course, you will have the knowledge and skills needed to take amazing images of whatever YOU love to photograph! You will also have the knowledge to make extra money by selling your photography without all the hassles of marketing.

We are going to talk about:

  • How to develop your eye to see like a photographer sees - this is crucial.
  • The techniques you need to create visually compelling photographs
  • Understanding light and how you can use it to create mood and definition
  • How to put it all together to create the WOW FACTOR in your images
  • And SO MUCH MORE! Nothing is left to chance.

Complete 100% Money Back Guarantee. If it doesn't work for you - Return it!

If you're still not sure, start by watching the free preview lessons. They're free.

Who Am I?

Hi, I'm William Sinclair and I've been involved in the photography industry for over 40+ years and I've taught many people over those years how to improve their photography. I'd love to help you.

Are You Ready?

If you already know this is something you want to do....

Then, let's get going!

Join the others who have already started taking this course and have used it to improve THEIR photography and even their photography related hobby!

Remember, you can't use what you don't know :-(

What kind of pictures will you take after you take this course? :-)

So, Let's Get Started! Click on "Take This Course" now.

Who is the target audience?
  • This photography course is for beginners who want to learn how to take beautiful photographs of their favorite subjects.
  • Intermediate level photographers who have never been formely trained and who want to develop their eye for taking great photographs.
  • This is a great course for those who are into scrapbooking or any hobby that uses photography. Learning to take good photographs can only improve your scrapbooking or photo-related hobby.
  • Great for Seniors or new retirees either looking for a relaxing yet fun hobby or to improve what they already know about photography..
  • This course is for ANYONE interested in learning how much fun photography can be and without having to plough through books and manuals.
  • Learn how to take amazing pictures with your iPhone or SmartPhone camera!
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Curriculum For This Course
42 Lectures
Begin Here
4 Lectures 14:52

Successful photography begins with your successful completion of this course. This introduction lays out the what and the why.

Preview 05:28

This is where the rubber hits the road. Discover what we are going to covering together throughout this course. This lecture sets the stage for the rest of your learning.

I'm a strong proponent of keeping your camera on Automatic while you learn great photography. It frees you up to learn creativity in how you see, without getting bogged down in all the technical jargon.

The Key Essentials To Mastering This Course With Ease

Here is an overview of the equipment you'll need to master the skills in this course. You may be surprised!

What equipment do you need?

This is where the rubber hits the road. This is where I give you proof of the fundamental principles I teach you in this course, by showing you my own images. These photographs use everything I teach you here. By the end of this course, in fact by the time you've even taken just a few of the lectures in section two, you should notice a radical improvement in your images as you begin to take better photographs by applying these principals.

The Pictures I Took Using The Principles In This Course. You will be able to too
The Secrets Start Here! The Essentials of Photography.
10 Lectures 01:08:36

Your photography is going to change forever for the better. This section is crucial to that change happening.

Why This Section Is So Crucial To Improving Your Photography!

Discover the different types of cameras available and which one is the right one for you.

iPhones to DSLR's - Types of Cameras and How to Choose

This crucial lecture reveals that the most important asset in your photography arsenal is not your camera, it's your eye. Photography is about seeing - Seeing what's around you, what moves your heart, and learning to capture that forever in a stunning image.

This lecture helps you see better as a photographer and shows you how your camera sees differently than your eye does.

The Eye of the Photographer

Learn how to compose all the elements in your frame to create a visually compelling image. This one of the most important Essentials in photography to learn. This lesson alone will set your photography apart from everyone else.

Preview 10:33

Here, you and I go out into the field (a lake to be exact) and I show you, as you look over my shoulder and through my lens, how to take a subject that's not following the composition "Rule of Thirds" and move your camera to get a fabulous shot.

I not only show you "live" but I also show you the three final images that came from this field trip. So, get your shoes on and let's go!

Preview 03:17

Discover what it's like when you can not only see better, but also when you learn the P.C.S. technique of focusing critical attention on your subject.

The Secrets of Focusing and Why You need to Trick Your Camera

This is an area where most photographers fail in capturing breathtaking images. Here, I teach you how to get perfect exposure every time, even when your automatic camera seems like it's trying to fight you. You finally get to take control of your photograph.

Exposure Made Easy - if you know this secret

Have you ever noticed how professional photographer create stunning images that are captivating in color and mood? That's because they have learned to understand light and what it does in your image.

Light is the most important element in photography and in this lesson I teach how you can harness it in your images, allowing it to paint and create breathtaking photographs.

Light and Why It's so Essential to Understand it

Depth of Field, created by the aperture of your camera, is probably one of the most difficult concepts to understand. That's because it's usually explained in technical terms. My experience has shown that photographers aren't very technical people, they are primarily creative people.

So, in this lecture, I break down depth of field in easy to understand terms and how you can use it to tell your story of what you saw when you captured your image.

Storytelling Using Depth of Field

You love photography. That's partly why you're here. So far, you've learned some of the basic essentials of photography for beginners.

Now it's time to sew it all together!

This is the part I love the best and I'm sure you will too. Taking pictures!

The Best Way To Get Better Photographs: The Secret You Already Know and Love!
The DSLR Camera Explained. Finally, remove the mystery of how they work for you.
17 Lectures 34:38

Can you take great pictures on a point and shoot? Is it worth having in your kit bag?

The Point And Shoot Camera Compared to the DSLR

If you can't get your hands on a DSLR camera or don't really want to, here is a camera that is an awesome "midstream" alternative and why. Also, here is what to watch out for.

The Midstream Camera Compared to the DSLR

DSLR's can be extremely complex. This lecture literally draws out, in simplicity how a DSLR camera works on the inside and what it's actually doing when you press the shutter button. Knowing this will help you not only understand but also use the DSLR better. This will lead you toward taking better pictures.

The DSLR Camera and How It Works. The complex DSLR explained in a simple drawing

This lecture builds upon the previous lecture on the inner workings of the DSLR by showing you, hands on, the physical components of the DSLR. A better understanding, usually leads to better photographs.

The Physical Parts of the DSLR Camera Explained

This lecture actually shows you, hands on, what physically happens when you press the shutter release button.

The DSLR Camera - Movement of the Reflex Mirror Shown

Exposure is probably one of the most complex parts of photography to understand. In this lesson I have simplified the process, giving you the basic "need to know" information only that will move your photography knowledge forward. Understanding exposure will help you out in the field, whether you're using manual, a priority shooting mode, or fully automatic.

This lecture also proves that you don;t have to be a good spellr to be good at photography!

The EXPOSURE TRIANGLE - The Three Components That Affect Exposure.

In this lecture I apply what you learned in the previous lesson on exposure to the physical settings and controls on your camera.

EXPOSURE and Your DSLR Camera Settings.

In the previous section, you learned the essentials of Depth of Field and how you can use it creatively to tell your story. In this lecture, I show you a control on your DSLR that helps you to see the effect the aperture setting you selected on your camera (or that the camera is going to select for you) will have on the depth of field in your final image.

Your DSLR Depth of Field Preview Button.

Here is the secret control that will help you to achieve long exposures. Great for night shots, fireworks, making flowing rivers and waterfalls appear silky smooth etc.

Your DSLR BULB Setting. - Long Exposures for Night and Silky Soft Water Effects.

Because of their larger sensor and optics, DSLR cameras are ideal for shooting great HD video. Here's the control that does it for you.

Your DSLR Video Mode. Taking HD video on your camera.

In this lecture I explain about the main features of a zoom lens and what to look for.

The DSLR Zoom Lens Explained.

Usually the built-in flash in DSLR is inadequate in most situations. Here's why, if you plan on using flash, you should get a dedicated flash.

Using a Dedicated DSLR External Flash with your camera.

In this lecture I talk about the advantages of using a separate flash and some of its features and benefits. Should you get or use bounce flash? Here's the difference between bounce and straight flash.

External DSLR Camera Flash Considerations.

Unintentional camera shake is not your friend. It could cause blurring in your image. Here's what to do about it.

How To Avoid Camera Shake that causes blurry images.
1 page

What's the minimum shutter speed you should use for a given lens to avoid blur in your image? Here's your guide.

How The Focal Length of Your Lens Affects The Minimum Shutter Speed You Choose.

Is the DSLR the best camera above all other cameras to own? Find out here.

Is the DSLR the Better Camera to Have?

This guide will tell you what lens you should use in each situation, depending on what you like to photograph.

What Focal Length of Lens Should I Use?
Field Trips
2 Lectures 12:23

The forest that kissed the lake was bathed in a sea of fog when I poked my head out of my bedroom window early that morning. The sun hadn't even risen yet. It was a perfect time to jump up, grab my camera and take you down to the lake to experience shooting a sunrise through the fog!

Field Trip 1 - Sunrise in Fog

My son-in-law allows his friends to store their antique vehicles in his huge backyard. On this field trip I show you, through my camera lens, how to fully explore your subject and find images to capture in the most unusual places. All you have to do is look.

I also show you the before and after photographs of the trip.

Field Trip 2 - Explore Your Subject
Bonus Material - The Extras
7 Lectures 47:40

Macro, or close-up, photography is a very captivating genre of photography as you examine the world at larger-than-life proportions. Here, I show you some of the important things you need to know if this genre excites you, which it does for many photographers. I also show you some of the things you need to avoid in order to capture amazing photographs.

Up Close (Macro Mode)

In this bonus video, learn ten tips and tricks that will improve your photography instantly. You'll discover everything from learning to photograph children and adults, to when the best time is to capture an "official" portrait of your pet. You'll also learn when the best times of day are to shoot and when not to and why.

Dive into this video and get creative.

Tips and Tricks Part 1

We live in an online world and people are hungry to see your photos, whether that's your family, your friends, or the whole world!

Here, I show you how to set up an online photo gallery that's free. Everything is "drag and drop" easy to build. I show you where to go, what to do step by simple step, and how to get your pictures "out there".

I also cover why, as a photographer, you may want to have your own gallery as opposed to hosting your precious work on Social Media Sites.

Create a Free Online Photo Gallery and Amaze Your Friends, Family and the World!

Creating a photo book to either hand down memories to your friends and family is getting more popular by the day.

You can make photo books of your kids or grandkids, of you latest vacation adventure, or even create a "how-to" book on your favorite subject.

Whatever you choose, this video from Shutterfly, will show you how simple and how much fun it is to create these affordable "print on demand" books.

Making Photo Books as Memory Keepsakes

Once you take this course, even while staying on automatic, you will have the skills to create images that you can sell. People currently buy images from me online that I shot with my iPhone!

Plus, your skill level will be such that you can even hire yourself out as an event or portrait photographer, where people pay you cash for your service.

What would you do with extra cash? Buy more equipment? Pay for your next vacation? It's up to you.

In this bonus video I show you what I do to make extra cash.

Making Extra Cash with your Photography for Yourself or More Gear!

There are so many schools of thought as to whether you should run your images through a program like Photoshop or something even simpler.

These are my thoughts and they are valid.

Should I Edit My Images?

What's your most burning question? The cool thing about these courses is that they are interactive. You get to voice your opinion, to have your say, to ask questions.

This is your opportunity to ask me what you would like to know, or maybe even what other course you would like me to develop.

See the video for details.

What's Your Most Burning Question? What would you like to learn?
Summary Of What You Learned - The All in One
2 Lectures 05:45

Summing it up!

Summary of the Lessons You Learned

Now That You're Done!
About the Instructor
William Sinclair
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918 Students
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Committed To The Success Of Others.

Will Sinclair is a media specialist, produces a podcast that is now in over 24 countries, is a photographer, videographer, DJ, musician, songwriter, published author, web designer, audio engineer,  and absolute learning junkie who thrives to share his knowledge and empower others.