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Learn How To Become a JavaScript Developer from Scratch

Learn and master the fundamentals of JavaScript from complete beginner to expert. For those completely new to coding!
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Created by Robin Haney
Last updated 1/2017
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What Will I Learn?
Design and create programs using the JavaScript programming language
Understand the syntax and flow of JavaScript
Learn the foundations needed to begin programming and working in JavaScript
Gain a solid understanding of how variables are used in JavaScript
Learn how to use conditional statements to create programs with multiple outcomes
Work with strings and numbers effortlessly
Learn how to create functions to create reusable and flexible scripts
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  • Have an eagerness to learn!
  • Basic understanding of HTML is helpful but not required

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Last Updated: July 20th, 2016.

Have you always wanted to become an online web developer or JavaScript developer? With all the different programming languages out there it can be hard to find one to start off with yet alone find a good course that will show you how to learn the language effectively.

Because of all this I put together a JavaScript basics course that will show you as a complete beginner how to begin creating programs using JavaScript. This course is created for anyone brand new to web development, or simply for those who know HTML, CSS, or any other programming language but have never worked with JavaScript before.

My goal with this course is to make the best resource for learning JavaScript online, PERIOD. Because there is so much to learn, I will be continually adding new content to the course as well as updating older lectures to get rid of outdated content.

If you always wanted to get into programming then this course is right for you! Let's take a look at what you will learn throughout this course:

  1. An Introductory To Working With JavaScript
  2. The syntax and basics
  3. Working with Variables
  4. Understand how Strings and Numbers Work
  5. Using conditional statements to create multiple outcomes in your programs
  6. Creating and working with functions to make your programs even more powerful.
  7. Working With Loops in JavaScript
  8. Understand How Arrays Function
  9. Everything you need to know in order to get started with JavaScript development.

If you join the course now you will get LIFETIME access, that's right even when I update the course and add new content you will still get all the new content for FREE.

Since this course is new on Udemy the price will be low, I will be slowly raising the price however so grab it now while its still cheap!

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who wants to learn the JavaScript programming language
  • Anyone who wants to get started as a Web Developer online
  • Anyone who wants to create interactive web and web applications online
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Curriculum For This Course
Expand All 50 Lectures Collapse All 50 Lectures 02:32:15
Introduction To JavaScript
10 Lectures 30:27

In this lecture you are going to be given a very brief introductory to JavaScript as well as an introductory to what you will be learning throughout this course. There is a lot of material to cover and you will be doing a lot of programming throughout this course so it's important that keep moving on and studying the course materials.

We will briefly talk about the syntax of a JavaScript and give you a short outline of how the future lectures are going to be.

Welcome to the JavaScript for beginners course!

Preview 02:15

In this lesson we are going to get our hands dirty and YOU are going to create your very first program in JavaScript! Your going to probably be pleasantly surprised at how easy this is but don't worry things will get more advanced. For now you are just going to get a taste of what it feels like to program a few lines of code.

Preview 08:25

I've decided to create a list of some popular coding edits used for JavaScript development as well as many other popular online languages. I've divided this list into bot FREE and paid coding editors.

I've only shared with you the ones that I am familar using so if you would like to reccomend an editor that is not on this list please feel free to do so!

Preview 00:40

So you just created your very first program online and you got a kickass coding editor, I bet you are ready to go, but hold on. Let's look at JavaScript a little bit deeper and get a sense of how strong JavaScript really is and what others are doing out there in the field.

Of course you won't be able to make programs like these I've shown you here, YET, but eventually as you get more advanced there is really no limits to what you can do.

Preview 03:14

In this video I am going to show you how to access the downloadable files for each lesson as well as how to access external resources that I refer to in each lecture of the course!

Preview 01:40

A quick quiz going over the basics of Javascript and what you have learned in the first few lectures.

Javascript Basics
5 questions

So far we have been including our JavaScript directly into our HTML document which is fine but it's best to keep our JavaScript in an external file, just to keep things organized.

In this lesson I am going to show you how to create an external JavaScript file and connect it to your HTML document.

Preview 04:02

The JavaScript console can be used to help Debug our programs and fix any syntax errors that might be occurring in our programs.

We can also use the console to write handy notes or hidden messages that we can read when we bring up the console in our web browser.

Preview 03:54

Alright so you learned quite a bit so far, its time for a challenge! I have a piece of code here that has a few syntax errors in it. Your job is to sift through the code and get our program working.

To complete this challenge make sure that you download the external files for this lesson and give it a go! If you are having troubles don't get frustrated. Join me in the next video and I will show you how to complete the challenge no problem!

Preview 01:12

In this lecture I am going to take your hand and walk you through how to complete the JavaScript console challenge step by step.

Don't worry if you couldn't complete this challenge on your own, the most important thing is that you are learning and getting better.

Preview 02:48

Summary of our Introduction To JavaScript
5 questions

In this lecture I am going to show you how you can ask for help if you need any extra assistance while working in the course or if you need some extra help with the course content.

Preview 02:17
Using Variables and Storing Information
8 Lectures 20:26

Variables are pretty important in JavaScript and you will be using them a lot, trust me! This is why it is very important that you have a good solid understanding of how variables work.

In this section of the course you are going to learn how to use variables and how we can make our programs even more advanced.

What is a Variable?

In order to work with variables effectively you need to understand how to assign names to your variables. Now there are a few rules that we need to follow as we do this but don't worry, I will show you everything that you need to know.

How To Assign Names To Your Variables

We've worked with strings in this course already but lets dive a little bit deeper and learn more about them. We are also going to go over numbers as well and udnerstand why math is sooo important in JavaScript.

An Introduction to Strings and Numbers

Gathering input from a visitor allows your programs to become a lot more engaging for the user. In today's video you are going to be using the prompt(); command to gather text that a user inputs and use that information in your code.

How To Capture Input From a Visitor

Combing strings in JavaScript sounds like it might be a little bit tricky, but don't worry its actually not too bad. It's going to look a little bit weird at first but eventually you will be able to quickly look at this code and put it all into place.

Combining Strings Together

Let's dive a little bit deeper and work even more with strings. There is a lot to cover here so lets get right into it!

Working With Strings In Further Details

Are you ready for the JavaScript variable coding challenge?! See if you can complete the challenge on your own and join me in the next lecture to see how its done.

The Variable Coding Challenge

Let's go over step by step the solution to the variable coding challenge.

Solution to The Variable Coding Challenge

Quiz on Variables and Section 2
4 questions
Working With Numbers In JavaScript
5 Lectures 15:57

As a JavaScript developer you will be working with numbers a lot! In this lesson you are going to be introduced to numbers and how they work.

If math is not your thing do not worry, it's not as bad as you might think!

What Are Numbers?

We do math a little bit differently in JavaScript. It's important to know how syntax for basic calculations as well as how to add numbers together with variables.

How We Do Math In JavaScript

Numbers and Calculations
4 questions

The math object is a powerful tool in JavaScript that can do all kinds of basic and advanced math calculation. With the math object you can calculate pi, round numbers up and down and all kinds of cool things.

In this lecture you are going to learn how to use the math object in your programs.

Working With The Math Object

Are you ready for a challenge? The numbers challenge is going to be a little bit tricky but I'm sure you will be able to handle it no problem!

In this challenge you will be building a random number generator. Try to create the program yourself and if you need help join me in the next lecture and we will complete the project together :)

The Numbers Challenge

Here is the step by step guide to the random number generator challenge.

Solution To The Numbers Challenge

Review For Working With Numbers
3 questions
Working With Conditional Statements
7 Lectures 30:51

Conditional statements add a whole new layer of user experience as well as outcomes that our programs can have. Watch this video and be introduced to how we can use conditional statements to make our JavaScript programs more advanced.

What are Conditional Statements?

Comparison operators are what compare to values to decide whether our conditional statement is ether true or false. In this lesson we will go over some common comparision operators as well as some practice to help you along the way with building your conditional statements.

Comparison Operators

Booleans give us another value that we can work with in JavaScript. Remember strings and numbers? Booleans are just like strings and numbers. A Boolean is the value of a conditional statement which can ether be true or false.

Working With Booleans

We can add comments to our JavaScript code in order to help lease us notes or leave helpful information for someone who might be working with your code in the future. In this lesson I will show you how you can easily add comments to your JavaScript programs.

Comments In JavaScript

As your conditional statements get more advanced and you start to better understand how they work your going to want to start adding more tests to make your programs a little bit more flexible and functional.

In this lesson I am going to give you some simple examples of how you might add multiple tests into a single conditon.

Combing Multiple Tests Into a Single Condition

Your probably sick of working with conditional statements by now but don't worry we are almost done! It's time for another challenge. In this challenge you are going to make a quiz and add all of the information you have learned so far in the course.

Join me in the next video where I will walk you through the whole process step by step.

Working With Conditional Statements Challenge

Here is the solution to the JavaScript conditional statements challenge.

Working With Conditional Statements Challenge Solution

Review On Conditional Statements
3 questions
Working With Functions In JavaScript
6 Lectures 12:20

Functions can be used to make our programs operate better as well as to make bits of code more flexible and reusable. The core of JavaScript is using functions so its important that you know how to create your own and use them.

In this lecture you will get an introduction to how functions work in JavaScript.

What are Functions?

We can use functions to return a value and then store that value in the function so we can use it later on in our program. In this lesson I will show you how to return a value from a function for later use.

How To Return a Value From a Function

Just like returning a value from a function, we can also give information to our function and make them a lot more flexiable in how they operate.

Giving Information To a Function

The variable scope will explain to you how variables interact with each other when it comes to your program and your functions. There are two types of variable scropes called global variables and function variables.

Variable Scope

Here is the challenge for the functions section of this course. If you need help consult the solution video.

Working With Functions Challenge

Here is the solution to the functions challenge.

Working With Functions Solution
Working With JavaScript Loops
7 Lectures 27:25

In this lecture you are going to be learning what a loop is in JavaScript. Loops are used in JavaScript to repeat lines of code until a certain condition is met. You will be learning about all different kinds of loops and how we can use them in your programs throughout this section of the course.

The first type of loop that you are going to learn about is the while loop. This is a simple loop that is easy to understand and work with in JavaScript.

What is a Loop?

Now its time to spend a little bit more time working with while loops before we move onto do while loops. In this lesson we are going to create a program that prompts a user for a secret question, if they answer correctly then they are given access to the site! If they fail then after 3 tries they will be locked out and the program will stop running.

Working Further With While Loops

The second type of loop that you are going to learn how to use is the Do while loop. The Do while loop is very similar to the while loop you learned in the previous lectures, there is just one small difference. After you master the do while loop you are going to learn for loops that you can add to your JavaScript arsenal.

Do While Loops

The third type of loop that you are going to be learning about today is the For Loop.

Working With For Loops

In this lesson you are going to learn how to break out of a JavaScript loop by using the break command.

How To Break Out of a Loop

It's time for the JavaScript Loops challenge! In this challenge you are to create a random number guessing game where your program must first generate a random number and the user has to guess the correct number to win the game.

Good luck, and if you need help be sure to watch the next video for the complete solution to the problem.

The JavaScript Loop Challenge - Create a Random Number Guessing Game!

Here is the solution to the JavaScript Loops challenge of the course. Once you complete the challenge you will have to do a quick quiz. After that you are going to be learning about JavaScript Arrays!

Solution To The JavaScript Loop Challenge

The following quiz is going to test you on the knowledge you have learned so far in regards to working with loops in JavaScript.

Quiz on JavaScript Loops
3 questions
Tracking Multiple Items With JavaScript Arrays
4 Lectures 11:17

Arrays are used in JavaScript to store long pieces of information. In this lecture you are going to learn all about arrays and why they are important in JavaScript.

What is a Array?

Now that you know how Arrays work in JavaScript its time to learn how to access the items in an array so that you can actually use them in your programs.

How To Access Items In an Array

In this video you will be working with Arrays even further. We can add items to an array using the push and unshift methods. In this lesson I will show you how to use both methods to add items to arrays.

Adding Items To The Beginning and End of an Array

How To Remove Items From an Array
Where To Go From Here
1 Lecture 02:27

Congrats you just completed the course! I'm impressed, JavaScript isn't easy you know but you got a good solid understanding of the fundamentals. Now its time for you to educate yourself and learn even more, thats the key to being a great online developer.

In this lecture I will help you get an idea of where you should go next after you have completed the course.

Congratulations on Completing The Course!
Coming Soon
2 Lectures 01:20

Here is an update log and information regarding changes that I have made to the course. Anything that is currently being added will be included here so you can see upcoming lectures that will be added to the course in the future.

New Content Being Added To The Course

Information on how to contact and connect with me!

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