The Yoga Of Success: 10 Steps To Attracting Abundance!
4.0 (137 ratings)
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The Yoga Of Success: 10 Steps To Attracting Abundance!

Learn how to attract more resources and abundance as mind/body teachers doing what you are passionate about!
4.0 (137 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
4,281 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • Bust old, limiting and sabotaging ideas around success, money and self-worth.
  • Figure out what your life's work needs to be so you're loving the work you do.
  • Craft that knowledge into a specific career path.
  • Find creative ways to Do It Yourself, without delay.
  • Design a powerful brand and personal/professional message.
  • Provide yourself with passive income streams that pay you--even while you sleep!
  • Empower yourself to direct life into something you're passionate about, instead of remaining stuck.
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Whether you want to make a great living in the mind/body field, or create another stream of income for yourself doing anything you love, this simple, mega-effective course is for you!

I make six figures a year teaching yoga and wellness, traveling all over the world, and basically designing my own fantastic schedule.

Yeah....I can't believe it either!

When most people find this out, they say the same thing:

"I wish I could make that much doing what I love!"

Well, I'm here to tell you how.

I didn't start out with anything special, besides a natural interest in helping others. I didn't have money, training, Internet savvy or special favors. I did, however, have a corporate job I hated, and very little energy left over to put toward my dreams.

It took me about 10 years to live into these 10 Steps to Success that I, along with two other world-changing, success-building experts, are about to show you, but allow us to save you a lot of time, and help you get really clear, super effective, and, if you dive into these 10 steps--more financially abundant--from turning your boring work hours into inspiring, fun, and adventurous life's work instead.

It takes very little of your time and can spark a huge shift in how you organize your time and energy, and how you view, and attract money.

Let my friends, social media and wellness expert Tyler McCoy and Ava Taylor Founder of YAMA Talent, the first talent agency for mind/body professionals, a key strategist on my team, and a master of message and branding, help you clarify what you were born to offer, and how to make more money doing it as a lifestyle.

We've distilled the secrets, both cutting-edge and ancient, that took us a decade to discover, into a supercharged 10 Step map that you can use to clarify, then live your dreams--and reap the benefits, financial and otherwise, from getting to the core of who you are, and what you're meant to do to express that into the world.

In this course, which gives you hours of targeted video inspiration, and then written homework to put the tools into action in your own way, you'll learn how to:

  • Bust old, limiting fear blocks and sabotaging ideas around success, money and self-worth.
  • Figure out what your life's work needs to be so you're loving the work you do.
  • Craft that knowledge into a specific career path.
  • Find creative ways to Do It Yourself, without delay
  • Design a powerful brand and personal/professional message
  • Provide yourself with passive income streams that pay you--even while you sleep!
  • Empower yourself to direct life into something you're passionate about, instead of remaining stuck.

...And so much more.

See our Intro video for more, and I hope you join us for this life-altering information. Your future self will thank you for spending one dinners' worth of cash on it!

Ours sure did.

Sadie, Tyler and Ava.

Sadie Nardini is one of the most recognized yoga and lifestyle teachers on the planet, catch her on TV show, Rock Your Yoga on nationally syndicated Veria Living TV, or nab her new book, with Random House, the 21-Day Yoga Body - November 2013. As the Founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga, and a prolific online presence with an audience of over 500,000 on Facebook and millions on YouTube, Sadie is one of the leaders in building a virtual audience.

Tyler McCoy is an international yoga and lifestyle professional that travels the world sharing his expertise, and is formulating Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga's next incarnation with Sadie. He is a visual artist who specializes in video and photography, and has been instrumental in building Sadie's visual brand. His cutting-edge social media knowledge is in high demand from those seeking an understanding of how to create more passive income.

Ava Taylor, Founder of YAMA Talent, the world's first management company, consulting firm and booking agency dedicated to nurturing yoga teachers and businesses. An avid yogi and a tenacious, creative entrepreneur with her finger on the pulse of the rapidly expanding yoga industry, she is well connected, and the go-to strategist for top professional yoga teachers, studios and brands looking to be relevant in the yoga marketplace. Notable clients include: adidas, Anue, Hanes Hosiery, Lole, Gaiam, Ganesha Performance, MBT Shoes, Minute Maid, Montage Resorts, NESH, Shining Shakti, smartwater, Yoga Journal, Dakrasheta, Dr. Oz, flavorpill, Harper's Bazaar, Hay House, Lionsgate, Martha Stewart's Whole Living, Pregnancy Magazine, My Yoga Online, The New York Times, Random House, Exercise TV, Fit Vid and Veria Living TV as well a dozen influential yoga studios around the country.

Committed to running an ethics based business, her personal mission is to be a catalyst for better living, and to bring the tools of wellness to communities of all kinds. Ms. Taylor has been featured in the New York Times and sits on the Board of Advisors for Veria Living TV, and The Lineage Project which brings mindfulness practices to At Risk youth in NYC.

Who is the target audience?
  • People who want to make a living doing what they are passionate about
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Curriculum For This Course
13 Lectures
1 Lecture 01:32
Hello from Sadie, Tyler, and Ava!

Let us help you save time and energy in these 10 steps we have created just for you!

Get a pen and paper ready to take notes, and let's get started!
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The Steps to Success
10 Lectures 01:46:06

Step #1: Dissolve your money discomfort.

  • Be aware of the stigma attached to money.
  • Reflect on your resistance to money.
    • Self-worth issues presenting as money resistance?
  • Hone in on your craft.
  • Be open to the fact that you deserve money.
    • Value yourself and your skills.

"My landlord does not take karma."

  • Realize you need to sustain and nourish yourself.
  • Once money issues are resolved:
    • What are you worth?
  • Your price points:
    • Should make you feel giddy and perhaps a little bit uncomfortable
    • Accessible to target audience
    • You can make a living doing what you love. You CAN make your dreams come true.
  • Improve your relationship with money.
    • Make your relationship with money more functional instead of dysfunctional.
    • Think about money as energetic exchange: you are giving your skills and potential healing to clients and since they can't return that, money is the exchange for what you give them.
  • When you feel restriction, say to yourself "I can." Then act like it.

Unsure how to find out what your market value is? Ask! Have a tea with 3 of your peers and ask them what type of rates they are commanding for the offering in questions. Start a money conversation - that is healthy, open and supportive. We have found great success leveraging the knowledge of our peers rather than operating independently.


Don’t be afraid of numbers, or your current stories.

No judgment: just the Black & White facts.

In your journal, write about the following:


Take an honest look at last year’s finances and your revenue streams - the areas where your money is coming from.

Are you happy with the amount of money you are making now?

Is it allowing you to create and contribute to the world the way that you want to?

If it isn’t, how much money do you need to make your dreams a reality?

Come up with a number. Write it down, put it somewhere you can see it, and keep it in your intentions.


Write down your current worldview and beliefs around money. Where did they come from?

Now, re-write any diminishing parts of your story.

What does it look like to live that story instead?

Start doing just that whenever you have a chance.

Preview 11:32

Step #2: Add value, and money will follow.

What are you offering? Is it different? Is it useful? Can people use it to better their lives?

People are attracted to:

  • Experience; how they will feel
  • Results: what they will get from it

Put yourself in your client's shoes. Would they want or need what you’re offering? How?

  • Be authentic. Talk from your heart, not from your bottom line.
  • Ask others how they benefit from you.
  • Communicate clearly in any marketing how you can add value to others’ lives .
  • Become the expert, deepen your craft and art.
    • Grow and expand to your highest good
    • Strive for excellence
    • Continue to study


Get your journal, and also reach out to your community:

Ask your students some questions to lead you to more clarity about your purpose, and your benefits. Try a mix of both new students and students that have been following you for awhile.

Some questions you might ask:

What drew you to my class in the first place?

What do you experience in class and what are your biggest takeaways/results?

What keeps you coming back/why might you not come back?

These answers are the beginning of a list of all the ways you improve people’s lives and add value, or things to work on if you feel they are appropriate (everyone has an opinion, but you might not want to change your offerings just because a few people don’t resonate with it. Others will).

How can you expand upon this list?

Is this list reflected explicitly in your messaging as a teacher, and in your marketing materials, bio, etc?

Growth & Development - Remember to be a student!

Continued growth and development is a crucial component to anyone who wants to be great at their art and their craft.

Do at least one activity a month that is for your enhancement, professionally and/or personally. These do not need to be formal trainings, per se - they can be as simple as taking another teacher’s class, or spending time refreshing your knowledge from books that you haven’t cracked open in a while. Take a look at your calendar and make conscious space and time for your own growth.

Step 2: Add Value, and The Money Will Follow

Step #3: Brand your weird.

What are you uniquely qualified to say, and in what way?

  • Your path has shaped you the way you are for a reason.
  • Be specific about your personal take on what you want to offer.
  • Rock your expression and be yourself.


  • It's ok to have people polarize you ( I love her--I hate her) because you don't want people that don't get you hanging around taking up space in your life anyway.
  • And if you’re speaking your deep truth, it will attract many people--and repel others. There is not a whole lot of ‘meh’ in-between.


Write this down on a sticky note and place it somewhere visible in your workspace. It is harder to be you than you think when setting about the business of branding and marketing to stick to who you are and how you want to present yourself. Use this note as a reminder that the best branding is to be more radically you.


Branding is inherent--a way to describe who you already are, not fabricated - at least in our spiritual world.

Sometimes as teachers, who have come such a long way and done so much work, we forget the value in the story of our own progress, the things we have learned along the way - the moments that have shaped us, our battle scars and our battle cries.

Grab your journal.

Today: Take a look at your current bio.Is it telling your true story?Are you omitting vital details about your path that have created the one & only you?

Rewrite your bio, your story, to include more of you.

Be vulnerable, transparent, powerful. This is where your true brand lies.

WATCH - TedX - Erika Napoletano - Rethinking Unpopular

Step 3: Brand Your Weird

Step #4: Get Clear.

  • Look into your heart, soul search.
    • If it's not a yes, it's a no.
    • Really think about what you want to do with yourself.
    • Don't waste your time on things that make you feel contractive, small.
  • Your expansive, exciting truth becomes your core message.
  • People buy "why you do" not "what you do."
  • Don't wait to share your "why," because you will never feel completely ready--but you can chip away at it;
    • Make lists of steps to get you to your success.
    • Move, otherwise it won't get done.
    • Do what you can and roll with it.
    • "Done is better than perfection."


Are your marketing materials a laundry list of details about your teaching style, or the reason why you have devoted your life to teaching?Are you communicating what you do or why you do it?

Get your journal.

WATCH - TedX Simon Sinek- How Great Leaders Inspire Action

Write down your personal mission statement, your Manifesto:

  • What drives you to do what you do?
  • What have you been through that led you here?
  • How do you believe that what you have learned can help others?

Can you put your why into one or two sentences?

Extra points for sharing your why with a peer for feedback.

READ - ‘Lean In’, a book by Sheryl Sandberg

Step 4: Get Clear

Step #5: D.I.Y. Do-It-Yourself

  • You don't need a lot of resources to start up your next project.
    • Barter- you always have something someone else needs.
    • Exchange and parlay it into more.
  • Realize nothing can stop you from making your dream happen.
  • Think of ways you can creatively utilize your current resources to help you get started.
  • Don’t despair when you see a “wall” in front of you.
    • Excuses are one of the most poisonous blocks.
    • Go through the fear and find a way around the “wall.”
  • Just do it! Don't wait to start until you have all the resources in place. Taking the steps to your dream will bring you more resources as you go.

HOMEWORK - Playing to the best of your ability:Start where you are!

Take your journal.

Make a list of what you would do with unlimited resources to grow your business. Money is attracted to vision.

How can you get what you need or an element of what you need on a budget that you can afford? Write some obvious action steps that you can tackle right now.

So, you’d like to live in France but are not financially able to pick up and start over at this moment.What can you do THIS MOMENT?

  • Save some money each week.
  • Take French lessons.
  • Google ‘apartment or house swap, France.’
  • What else?

Then just do them.

Step 5: DIY - Do It Yourself

Step #6: Make relationships, not business transactions

  • Hard sales techniques born from greed or the primary intention to make a lot of money off of people are going to come across as impersonal and cold.
  • View people as people. They are sacred--helping you to live your best life. Stay grateful to them. They are not to be used for low-quality states of consciousness like fear, lack, greed.
    • Have meaningful dialogue with them; people like to be heard.
    • Connect with your audience via social media, newsletters, in person.
    • Respond to your audience when they write to you or communicate.
    • Be a person of service. Serving your community is healing.
  • People want to give back to you when you invest in creating a meaningful relationship with them.


Create the WOW factor. A true personal connection goes so far and means so much in this digital age.

Get out your journal.

Brainstorm some simple WOWing ideas. Some might be:

  • Sending a handwritten note
  • Posting inspirational quotes or things your audience can use
  • Taking the extra 5 minutes after class to listen to a student's needs
  • Passing along an important book or piece of inspiration, letting people know you were thinking of them
  • Otherwise giving a gift of attention or something else that you expect nothing for in return
  • Anything you think will create an element of WOW and build an authentic and lasting following

Now implement these with the same attention you'd give to any really important relationship in your life. See how this grows your Tribe.

Step 6: Make Relationships, Not Business Transactions

Step #7: Get socially smart

  • Social Media is crucial for success. It's the next classroom
  • Work to get comfortable with technology
  • Create an online presence
    • Expand your reach with the Internet
    • Use the Internet to share your message with many more people than you can connect with in person
    • Use tools you are comfortable with, or get comfortable with them
  • Learn to use your tools effectively
  • “Top 5” to focus on:
    • Facebook
    • Youtube
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
    • Pinterest
  • Be consistent with your social media and commit to it.
  • Put your message on a mass audience mission
  • Steal, but don’t copy- don’t try to be someone else
  • Difference between personal and business online pages is that the business one is also used to serve others. The personal one is all about you.


Technology can be daunting. But it's totally possible to learn it well enough to serve your purposes. If you don't know about these sites, reach out and ask friends who do to teach you how to use them. Google it; see how other people in your field are presenting themselves online.

Take your journal.

Write down the aspects of each of the Top 5 that would be useful for sharing your message.

Compare 3 teachers or thought leaders (we love pulling inspiration for social media from non-yoga influencers) whose career you admire or resonate with. What do you like /dislike about their social media presence and which platforms are they using? Which platforms do you enjoy the most? What makes YOU feel personally connected to these leaders?

Choose the tools that work for you based off of this analysis.

Step 7: Get Socially Smart

Step #8: Get organized/ Build a team

  • When things get too busy, get help
  • You can't be the best of yourself if you do everything. Find people who do what they do best, so you can get back to the things you do best
  • Treat your creation as a business and address all areas of it
  • Know your "Big 4":

1. Strategy- Where you're going, what you want to make happen and what's next

2. Operations- Time management and structure

3. Marketing- How you're presenting yourself to potential clients

4. Financials- be honest and transparent about where your money is coming from.

  • Delegate tasks
    • Reallocate your time, figure out what you don't have time to do.
  • Discipline equals freedom


Getting and staying organized is a hugely complicated task for all people, especially us artistic types typically drawn to teaching yoga. Don’t feel bad about it, but don’t fall victim to it either! And, remember, time management is a practice.

In order to treat your business as a business, you have to make time to work ON it - not just IN it. As a small business owner, it probably feels like you do not have any time to spare. The following exercise will help you see where you may be leaking time that can saved or reallocated towards working ON your business.

Get out that journal again!

Write down everything you do for 7 days. Yes, we mean it, everything. From waking until rest.

Then, pause and reflect on your week. Where is the majority of your time being spent? Are there any time slots in your week that stand out, or seem out of whack with the rest of your week?

Are there places where a small change can equal a large increase in free time?

I (Ava) once had a client who ran a yoga studio, and was feeling that she could not get enough done in the day. We did this exercise together. As I reviewed 7 days, I noticed that she was leaving the studio everyday at lunch to go home & walk her dog - which inevitably led her to dilly dally at the house, maybe watch a talk show and then cruise back to the studio 3 hours later. Since she was already walking the dog herself in the morning and at night, I asked her what she thought about getting a dog walker for the midday walk? Well, of course she’d never thought of that and quickly made a call to the local college to post a want ad for a dog walker. For $50 a week she was able to create 15 more hours a week of precious focused time to work on her business.

We have much more control over our circumstance with regards to time than we think.

We very often allow our schedules to be dictated by the schedules of others, or we stick to what we are given schedule wise instead of asking if there are options.

Think about what truly will work best for you when scheduling your private yoga sessions, even your weekly classes and weekend workshops. If you see an opportunity to be more efficient, then ASK for what you need. Sure, other people might not do it perfectly, but tweaking their work is MUCH more time-savvy then doing the whole thing yourself.

Releasing the control over micromanaging everything is necessary--not only for your sanity but it gives you the chance to create your ideal schedule that will allow you to be most efficient with your time, and make space to work on your business, or even take that vacation if you want.

Step 8: Get Organized/Build a Team

Step#9: Get Passive

  • Creating passive income is crucial for small businesses.
  • Collect active moments (film the things you do).
    • Sell them online if they're good and useful enough
    • Sell them in studios
    • Post some shorter content or portions of your long content
  • Think of opportunities for self duplication


Get your journal.

Check out online course sites like, and others (Google online education or courses) and brainstorm something useful you could create that other people might find useful.

List 10 ways you could film or write an e-book or otherwise duplicate your efforts into a passive form that clients can buy.

Ask tech-savvy friends to help you with the process (delegate!).

Step 9: Get Passive

Step#10: Money loves structure and freedom.


  • Think of ways to contain and grow your money.
  • Create a bank account and savings specifically for your new projects.
  • Create money map to structure your money (homework).
    • Be consistent with money.
    • Invest it towards your business


  • Spend some on improving yourself and your life.
  • Help others with it.
  • Have fun now. Don't wait until you retire to live.
  • Money is like energy, easy to leak (be cautious).


Get your journal.

Since you are already in the know from our exercise in Lecture 1 about exactly how much money you are currently making and how much more you would like to make, let’s take a deeper look at those additional monies you need to live your dreams - we want to make sure that those dollars are going towards a balanced mix of structure and freedom.

Write your Money Map: This is a list of what you're going to need money for, and how you'll use it, as you make it. This is an ongoing list, one you can change and add to anytime, so you may want to write it in a separate journal.

1) Open a journal so you have clean right and left pages you can see together.

2) Number your thoughts and plans about money structure on the left.

3) Number your thoughts and plans about money freedom on the right.

As you make the list, consider:

Is your goal for those monies all going to cover bills, and repay debt?

Does your Money Map include opportunities that reward you in the NOW, and opportunities that allow you to reinvest in order to allow business to grow?If it’s all work and no play with your money - go back to the drawing board - there is a way to manifest all your dreams or progress towards them all at the same time.

Return to this list again and again and use it as an intention-setting meditation at least once a week.

READ - The Four Hour Workweek - Tim Ferris

Step 10: Money Loves Structure and Freedom
Course Outline Handout
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Yoga of Success Handout
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NOTE: If you want to go deeper:
1 Lecture 02:12


You've completed the course. That rocks!

YOU rock.

Make sure to check back here at Udemy and also stay in touch with us at our own sites, and get the newsletter at

We're continually posting the latest and greatest inspirations, techniques, workouts and more that you can use to keep you on the right track to manifesting your dreams out loud.

Hope to see you soon!

Sadie, Tyler and Ava

About the Instructor
Sadie Nardini, Founder, Yoga Shred & E-RYT 300
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World-Renowned Authenticity, Anatomy and Yoga-Fitness Pro!

Sadie is the founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga, and The Yoga Shred, a powerful mix of anatomy-based yoga and fitness movements that gives you twice the benefits from any workout with her--in less time!  

She travels internationally bringing a real-world mix of eastern and western techniques to her yoga and lifestyle teachings. Yoga Journal calls her a “star instructor” for her ability to inspire real transformation in body mind and heart.

Her TV show, 'Rock Your Yoga' is playing across the USA and Internationally on the new Veria Living Network.

Sadie's 20 years of study in the yogic arts, energetics, eastern and western philosophy, nutrition, anatomy and Ninja training, attract students of all styles seeking to draw the powerful energy of Center into their yoga practice and their lives. 

Sadie’s signature Core Poses amplify the benefits of any practice, as she directs her students to access and express themselves from that deep connection.

Her fierce personality, accessible teaching style, down-to-earth yoga tips and centered-living tools are regularly covered by the national media including Elle, Glamour, Self, the New York Times, CNN, Yoga Journal. She’s a regular blogger and columnist for national magazines like Yoga Journal, Martha Stewart’s Whole Living Magazine, the Huffington Post and the Elephant Journal. 

Sadie is also the author of the life-shifting books, the 21-Day Yoga Body (Random House, 2014) and “The Road Trip Guide to the Soul” (Wiley, 2008).

Sadie is a prolific presence online with free videos on her You Tube channel, 19 million views and hundreds of thousands of regular subscribers, as well as millions of fans on Facebook. 

She lives in Los Angeles.

Tyler McCoy
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Yoga instructor, Wellness & Lifestyle optimization Expert

Tyler is a renowned lifestyle acceleration expert and co-creator of Core Strength Vinyasa Style Yoga with Sadie Nardini. He travels internationally bringing a synchronistic powerhouse of teachings developed to maximize your potential physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Through his broad exposure to the top yoga masters in the world as well as teachers of spirituality, and lifestyle optimization, he has coalesced over 15 years of intensive study to super-charge his offerings. These lessons help students to access their own greatest and largest Self-Vision.

His courses have been top-sellers on Udemy and other websites, and he is on faculty at Kripalu and Yoga Journal Live! conferences. He has written publications for Elephant Journal, and had his photography published in various sources, including the cover of Sadie Nardini's 14 Day Yoga Body.

His down-to-earth and fiercely authentic style invites students to relax into their own deepest empowerment and find a path to their own deepest joy, fitness, and life-love.