Become an Expert in Health and Wellness
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Become an Expert in Health and Wellness

Learn about true health and wellness based on current scientific data and how to achieve both. Part 1 of 12 Modules
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Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
6 students enrolled
Last updated 5/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Clearly define Health and Wellness
  • Create a simple 30 day action plan for your health
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  • Just bring a pen and paper and an open mind - be ready to be challenged and stretched

In this first class of The Wellness Solution, "Health and Wellness Defined" you will learn what true Health and Wellness are and how to begin implementing easy strategies to improve your own health. Each module will give you easy home based strategies for eating better, getting fit, losing weight, what supplements to take and which to avoid, how to do a cleanse, stress management and much more.

More about all twelve classes:


This wellness & rejuvenation program aims to transform your body & mind to a healthier, more confident, energetic & attractive you.

Did you know that 98% atoms that make up your body will be replaced yearly? We lose and replace millions of cells every second. Our wellness program is designed to maximize this replacement process so that you are transformed to a healthier, more energetic, more attractive and confident you. You will be amazed at the difference.

Here are some of the things you will learn:

The Wellness Solution

Begin Your Wellness Transformation! All you need to know about beginning your health transformation in an easy to follow program you can begin immediately.

Creating your Personalized Wellness and Rejuvenation Plan! You can easily measure where you are starting and where you want to go with your health. If we have kids we all want to be active with them for a long, long time. Starting now implementing your health goals will make sure that happens.

Customizing your Fitness and Nutrition Program! Many people don't know where to start. Well, we let you know easy steps to start exercising and eating right. Not only will you improve your health, you will enjoy the process.

Avoid the Hidden Toxins Endangering you Wellness Transformation! How environmental toxicity and nutritional deficiencies have likely been sabotaging your health and wellness. It is much easier to change these habits than you think!

Do you Need Supplements and Medications to Treat Diseases? Did you know you can save thousands of dollars by knowing that you don't need to take every vitamin promoted as the “next best thing"? Did you know that by improving your health your body may not need that medication anymore?

How to Eat Healthy and Love Every Bite of it! It isn't very hard to change those eating habits to he healthy. You will be surprised at how good healthy foods can be.

Get Rid of those Toxins without Starving Yourself It's like changing your oil. We need to get rid of those bad things that accumulate in our body. We'll teach you how to do it and make it easy.

Stuck Finding Healthy Recipes? We got you covered! Preparing healthy recipes you and your kids is easier than you think.

How would you like to improve your fitness in only 15 minutes a week? There are many exercise 'gurus" out there. We will teach you the easiest and best ways to improve your fitness.

Are You Stressed? What Should You Do? How would you like to manage your stress with a 1 minute mind exercise? You will feel better, think better and improve your productivity and performance.

How Would You Like To Improve The Function of Every Cell, Tissue and Organ of Your Body? We will teach you how to recognize when you are not functioning correctly and what to do about it.

Achieve all Your Dreams, Wishes and Goals! A few simple steps can start you on the path to get everything you want in life.

Who is the target audience?
  • Those seeking clearer understanding of what true Health and Wellness is
  • Those seeking a simple home based Health and Wellness program
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Curriculum For This Course
The Wellness Solution - "The Truth about Health and Wellness" Course 1 of 12
8 Lectures 54:19

An introduction to Dr Lonquist and Dr Haitz as well as an explanation on the difference between true health and just feeling good.

Preview 07:03

1. Feeling good

2. Having Energy

3. Functioning at 100%

Health is?
1 question

In this lecture you will learn what true health and wellness are and how to define each. It's hard to know if you have achieved health and wellness if you can't describe it or know it when you see it. We will help create this level of clarity for you. We will also explore what the absence of health and wellness looks like and how it's taking a toll on our world. There will also be a chance for you to measure your wellness and give it a score in the next module. This score will change and improve as you move through the other modules and begin to implement the tools in each section.

Preview 09:00

Develop clear understanding that we live our lives out in the 3 dimensions; Physical, Biochemical and Emotional. Learn why we need to function fully within each to be truly healthy

"Health and Wellness Defined" Three Dimensions of our Lives and Wellness

3 Dimensions
1 question

Learn about the current state of health in the US as it compares to other countries. Also learn about the leading causes of death in the US and why many are very prevetable.

"Health and Wellness Defined" Current State of Health in the US

Learn about the current state of health in the US and type 2 diabetes in particular.

"Health and Wellness Defined" Current State of Health - Diabetes

More discussion about our current state of health in the US and why chronic disease is so devistating to our health care system.

"Health and Wellness Defined" Causes of Death in th US Lecture 6

Recap of our conversation so far and more discicssion around the current lifestyle crisis we are facing

"Health and Wellness Defined" Recap and Lifestyle Crisis

This lecture concludes our first 1 lecture class, "Health and Wellness Defined." We have provided a 30 Day Goal Worksheet for you to work on over the next month. You will want to set some specific goal for improving your health and wellness in the Emotional, Physical and Biochemical dimensions. Good luck and see you in our next class, "Are You Healthy? Let's Test it!" In this next class we will guide you through how to actually text your own health and wellness at home with simple yet accurate bio-metric tools. Don't miss it!

"Health and Wellness Defined" Conclusion and 30 Action Plan
About the Instructor
Greg Haitz
4.5 Average rating
14 Reviews
118 Students
4 Courses
Health Expert and Coach, Lead Capture Guru

Dr Greg Haitz has been in practice for 10 years in Western Colorado. He operates a busy wellness based practice with a focus on lifestyle as it relates to health and subluxation formation. He became an affiliate Creating Wellness Center through CLA in 2007 and has enjoyed teaching his patients and the community how to live better through chiropractic care, stress management, fitness and proper diet. Dr Haitz has a passion for teaching and has a gift for marketing, practice growth and thinking outside the box. He started Chiro Kickstart to help new chiropractic grads as well as seasoned doctors that need a boost. He believes that systematizing the chiropractic practice so it runs like the "Starbucks" of chiropractic is essential for a success long term.

Dr Daniel Lonquist
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6 Students
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Wellness Doctor

Dr. Daniel Lonquist has had a passion for fitness and health from a young age. This has been reflected in his personal lifestyle, graduate studies, and career choice. Prior to completing his doctor of Chiropractic degree at Western States Chiropractic College in Portland, Oregon, Dr. Lonquist attended the University of British Columbia, the University of Alberta and Simon Fraser University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology, the study of human movement and performance. Before moving to Colorado in 1996 Dr. Lonquist practiced in Vancouver, British Columbia where he also served as a member of the Chiropractic College Licensing Board. Dr. Lonquist has continued his postgraduate studies in Colorado earning a specialty in the treatment of spinal trauma and certification as a wellness practitioner. Currently he is the only practitioner holding this honor in all of Western Colorado. When not working with patients to improve their health and wellness at his busy practice he keeps physically active with a cross section of sports such as skiing, tennis, running, hiking and racquetball in particular. He's also an avid reader and committed to staying informed on the latest research in health and wellness.