The Success Fix: 10 Steps to Transforming Your Life
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The Success Fix: 10 Steps to Transforming Your Life

Students will learn the 10-step process for creatively making positive and lasting transformations in their lives.
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Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
12 students enrolled
Created by Djelani Caoching
Last updated 7/2014
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What Will I Learn?
  • 1.tMake the mental, physical, spiritual and psychological space to for more positive change to occur in their lives.
  • 2.tListen in order to find their unique voice.
  • 3.tImagine the unique world of your dreams.
  • 4.tBuild a supportive community.
  • 5.tWrite a positive story for their life.
  • 6.tFollow their personal GPS (Goals, Purpose and Strategy.)
  • 7.tPractice the fundamental elements of their personal success.
  • 8.tSuper charge their intentions.
  • 9.tDress-rehearse their successes.
  • 10.t Practice Gratitude, Giving and Celebration.
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  • A journal for writing
  • Headphones and an ability to listen to audio recordings
  • An open mind!

The Success Fix is a creative step-by-step set of tools and techniques to facilitate change in your life. By practicing the ten-steps, you will learn how to realize your dreams and discover your unique expression, bringing more creativity, freedom, love, joy and abundance in my life. Students will complete creative activities in each of the 10 Step units. Activities include listening activities, writing and creative processes to promote positive change.

If you are committed and want to realize your awesome and amazing gifts, the creative processes found in each step will propel you into realizing more of your unique gifts! This course will help you to get unstuck! If it feels as if life is just passing you by and you have something that you want but have yet to realize, this course if for you. You will discover a reservoir of creativity, insight and power within yourself. You will transform your life!

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is intended for both creative individuals and those who do not consider themselves as creative. Artists, teachers, writers, techies and scientists will all benefit from this course. In the end, students will have learned tools for manifesting and creating outside of their comfort zones. Both beginners and advanced students will benefit from the diverse activities.
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Curriculum For This Course
17 Lectures
My First Lecture
2 Lectures 06:39

In this section, participants will learn about the course content, processes and Djelani's background. Upon registration of the course, participants will receive access to the Success Fix Forum where they will be encouraged to post their desired outcomes and goals of the course. This course, based on multi-sensory activities, suggests that participants complete diverse activities that promote transformation and change. Some of the activities include writing. Therefore, participants are invited to purchase a hardbound writing journal in order to complete the writing activities. The disciplines are also encouraged to listen to audio files to assist in the transformational process. So, they are encouraged to have access to good quality earphones. The course is based on the fundamental principle that everyone has gifts and talents but are sometimes blocked. Therefore, the course serves as a tool for becoming unblocked and creating transformation in each individual's life.

Preview 06:39

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134 pages
Step #1 Making Space
2 Lectures 32:37

Often, our lives are so cluttered with "stuff" that we have no room for the goodness of life. While we might want more things, more love, more joy, creativity, peace, freedom, abundance and successes in our lives, we have no room. Either our physical space is cluttered with things or our mental state is encumbered with scattered thoughts and ideas and/or our spiritual state is burdened with negative thoughts and ideas or our physical bodies are stuffed with emotions; we have no space for positive results in our lives. In this section, participants will learn how to identify and clean up the cluttered areas of our lives including the physical space in which we live, our bodies are mental state or our spiritual being. Participants are invited to complete activities which require clearing out spaces, participating in the online Success Fix Forum, and quiet contemplation. These activities can be found in the "supplemental material" section of this lecture.

Making Space

Find some quiet time and a quiet space with high-quality headphones and listen. Listen over and over. After each listening session, take out your journal and write down your reflections.


Participants will review ideas for making space for more good in their lives.

Clearing the clutter
10 questions
Step #2 - Listening and Authenticity
2 Lectures 31:36

One of the most crucial and fundamental elements of becoming unblocked and achieving successes is developing a keen ability to listen. Through the activities in this section, participants are invited to periodically use the audio file to assist in the learning to listen process. Participants are encouraged to learn to "listen with the heart" as well as develop the skill of listening to others. Participants are also encouraged to complete writing activities that promote listening. As with the other steps, they are also encouraged to participate in the Success Fix Forum.

Listening and Authenticity

This audio file contains a tool for taking some quiet time to listen through guided imagery and relaxation in order to develop the skill of listening for the inner voice, authenticity and listening in the outside world. This recording is intended to be used over and over again as each listening session delivers different insights and realization. After each listening, it will be helpful to use your journal to document these thoughts, insights, realizations and revelations.

Preview 19:47

Participant will review and reflect on the material covered on Step 2.

10 questions
Step #3 Creating the Vision
2 Lectures 26:57

This section encourages the development of the ability to create an"inner vision" in order to then develop the skill of allowing the inner teacher to develop the skill of creating goals, purpose and strategies for achieving one's hopes, desires, and dreams. It is said that people who do not have a vision for their lives have an undetermined future. The purpose of this section is to develop the skill of creating the personal vision. Participants are encouraged to listen to the audio file for developing a vision. Writing prompts are also included in the "supplementary material" section. A section in the Success Fix Forum has been specifically set up so that participants can dialogue with others who are at the Vision stage of the Success Fix processes.

Creating the Vision

Using this audio file, you will be able to take some quiet time to listen to the guided visualization and relaxation exercise in order to catch the vision for your life. This activity is intended to be used over and over again. After each listening session, it is advised that you write down your thoughts, ideas, realizations and insights. As the course progresses, these thoughts and ideas will develop, change, transform and support you in your quest for getting unstuck and experiencing transformation in your life.

Listening Activity - Vision

What is the vision for your life? This activity reminds you of the importance of catching and maintaining positive visions for your life.

Creating a Vision for Your Life.
10 questions
Creating the Community
1 Lecture 13:08

You might say that individuals can be understood by the company that they keep. Creating and maintaining a supportive community in the process of becoming unblocked, serves as one of the fundamental pillars of lasting transformation. In this section, participants will develop the understanding for creating the supportive community. They will learn how to identify those members of their circle who support their progress and those who do not. Again, participants will complete various activities that support their understanding of building supportive communities such as the writing prompts, participation in the forum and quiet individual contemplation.

Creating Community

Luciano De Crescenzo said, " We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another." Associating ourselves with the right community is an important practice for maintaining the possibilities of creativity, abundance and love in our lives. Often we are blocked because of the negative energy that goes into maintaining negative relationships. In this quiz, you will be reminded of the truth of positive relationships.

10 questions
Writing the Script
1 Lecture 09:07

The stories that we tell ourselves and tell others create the world in which we live. In order to become unstuck and to begin living a life of creativity, abundance, love, joy, freedom and success it becomes necessary to change your story. We change our stories, we change our lives. In this section, participants will complete various activities to change their fundamental stories. Participants will complete journaling activities, forums, and quiet contemplations. Participants will learn how to practice telling a news story and becoming comfortable in the new world that they are creating.

Writing the Script

Words matter! The stories that we tell ourselves matter. This quiz reminds us to tell great stories in order to live great lives.

Change Your Story
10 questions
Following Your Own Personal GPS
1 Lecture 07:14

To start any journey, we must have the right vehicles and mapping for getting to where we want to go. The same is true for creating and maintaining successes in our lives. We would not start out on a great journey without a great navigational system. In this section, participants will learn how to create GOALS, PURPOSE and STRATEGY. Participants will learn about S. M. A. R. T. Goals, finding and creating their purpose and building a strategy for achieving their goals. This section involves writing processes to create the GPS system. This section also includes a listening activity on the audio file that can be listened to over and over again to help support the process of creating the personal GPS. Participants are also invited to participate in the forums and also maintain times of quiet contemplation.

Following Your Own Personal GPS

This quiz is to review your process for getting to where you want to get in life.

10 questions
Practicing the Notes
2 Lectures 36:26

Great symphonies are built upon smaller musical phrases and the harmonizing of basic notes. No great symphony is performed without the performance of all the small parts. Great dreams are built upon the accumulation of excellent habits and attention to details of habit. In this section, participants will learn how to identify the small parts of their dream and that their life that support excellence in the demonstration of their genius, their talents, their brilliance and their gifts. Often, great artists never achieve their mastery because they get stuck with the small parts of life. Participants will identify these blocks and develop a practice for working through these blocks in order to support their achievements. The disciplines will complete written assignments as well as commit to daily practices of the "small parts" of their lives. This section focuses on developing habits. Participants are also invited to participate in the forum and to complete times of quiet contemplation.

Practicing the Notes

With this listening activity, you will be able to think about your goals, purpose and strategy while in a relaxed state.

Listening Activity

You will be reminded of the importance Practicing. Practice forms habits.

10 questions
Super Charge Your Intentions
1 Lecture 11:18

Highly successful individuals have learned how to identify, maintain and complete their goals. In this section, participants will learn how to identify their goals and then charge their goals into intentions and then supercharge those intentions in order to turn their goals into committed actions. Participants will learn how to activate and energize their intention with the "end-result" as their objective. Participants will learn how to underscore their life with musical selections to add to the intensity of their goals and intentions. They will also complete multisensory activities to anchor their attention through visual, auditory, and kinesthetic activities. Participants want again be invited to participate in the online forum and to complete quiet contemplations.

Super Charge Your Intention

Reason vibration and add vibrancy to your dreams.

Super Charge
5 questions
Dress Rehearsal
1 Lecture 06:17

Life requires that we live it! At some point, after we have practiced our excellence, identified our gifts, and built a strategy for achieving and demonstrating our gifts and talents, we must take our ask out on the road and out into the world. In this section, participants make commitments to go out into the world bearing their gifts, their talents, and their brilliance. Participants will participate in writing activities, "in the world" activities, participation in the forum and time for quiet contemplation.

Dress Rehearsal

What you do all the time is what you become.

Dress Rehearsal
5 questions
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Djelani Caoching
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Djelani facilitates people who are ready to make transformational change in their lives. He pulls upon many years as a education specialist, results facilitator, creativity and performance coach. He has traveled around the world through creative endeavors over the years, with specialities in West African Culture. He is currently completing his PhD in Culture and Performance at a major university in the United States. He has completed an MFA in Film Producing, an MA in Theater and a BM in Music. While he has extensive experiences in creative projects is a capable facilitator and coach with anyone who is looking to get "unstuck." He is adept at working with Dreamers of all ages, sizes, colors and shapes!