The Success Blueprint - Missing Keys for Manifestation
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The Success Blueprint - Missing Keys for Manifestation

The Success Blueprint-building the bridge between Quantum & Newtonian reality & your dreams into a tangible physicality
5.0 (5 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
52 students enrolled
Created by Robert Simic
Last updated 7/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Turn fuzzy ideas into concrete success
  • Access your deepest desires, teach you how to build and manifest them, whilst enjoying the process
  • Access your passion so that work becomes effortless
  • Apply The Success Blueprint. It will work for you every single time, without fail
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  • You don't need any prior specific knowledge nor software understanding, you just need to bring a good, healthy attitude, backed up with a desire to learn and do the exercises in this course. Exercises presented will do most of the work for you and you will make the needed changes in your life.

The Success Blueprint is for people who'd like to bring their ideas, desires, goals into the physical reality. Based on NLP and understanding of our minds and our neurology, I will take you through the missing keys for success.

You will finally understand the psychology of success, uncover your deepest desires and then... you will understand how specifically to bring it all from the intangible world of Quantum reality, into the physical plane, the Newtonian Reality.

You will not be told to visualize forever and do endless affirmations. You will learn the Success Blueprint and apply it immediately, in any context of your life, for the real world results.

While this course is perfectly aligned with a very deep understanding of the Law of Attraction and alike... it's the untold story, a missing link if you will, of aligning yourself from within, while performing the right behavior on the outside. A behavior of successful people.

Here's a short description of the 3 modules covered and you can preview for free, the video introduction to each module for greater understanding of what is covered:

Module 1:

- I'll show you how successful people do it , so that you can apply it to yourself, when creating your life!

- You will understand what sets the top 1% apart, and learn about the differences that truly make the difference.

- Master the 4 universal keys that are needed for success, applicable in any area of your life.

Module 2:

- Reset and detox your thinking so that you can think clearly and focus on what is really important in your life!

- Determine what your hidden dreams and desires are, so that you can get in touch with your deepest purpose, as well as confront your deepest fears and self imposed limitations

- Understand truly what has been stopping you, so that you can be free to create, what you truly deserve.

Module 3:

- Discover your deepest purpose so that you can find the true source of your own, never-ending internal motivation

- Learn how to design big hairy audacious goals, so that you can easily turn them into your reality

- Learn how to finally think like a super successful person, so that you can easily become the conscious creator of your own reality

If what you liked what you read above, that means that you are ready for this course. Join me now, so that you can finally... create the life of your dreams.

Who is the target audience?
  • The Success Blueprint is for people who got tired of dreaming and not succeding. People that are tired of doing daily affirmations and "attracting" their goals. While the Success Blueprint is perfectly aligned with the Law of Attraction, it is based on NLP modelling of self made Billionaires today. We modelled their thinking and their strategies of manifesting their desires and brining them from the world of Quantum Reality (thought plane), to the world of Newtonian Reality (physical reality).
  • If you are frustrated, stuck and ready to turn your life around, this is for you!
  • If you feel your life is passing you and you are ready to take control, then this is for you.
  • If you just want to lose some weight, this is for you.
  • If you have a beautiful dream or a wild heart, this is for you.
  • If you want to become someone that is in control of their destiny , this is for you.
  • If you want to have freedom and live an inspired life, this is for you.
  • If you don’t have enough of time and you want to have much more freedom, this is for you.
  • If you don’t have any skills and you want to have the freedom, to live life on your terms, this is for you.
  • If you’re worried about not being successful, because you don't know where to start, this is for you. You’re going to discover how to successfully turn any idea into reality and ensure that you deliver at the standard that you want.
  • No dabblers; if you are not going to stick with this program to the end, this is not for you.
  • This course is not for the "get rich quick scheme" seekers. It contains guided exercises that will reboot your brain and so much more and you will have to show up and do your part. So this is not for you if you plan to just watch the course. Although I make it very easy for you to participate, action on your part is required.
  • Most people who buy ANY “success” training will not make any change with it whatsoever People no longer have the time and attention that they did in the past They want simple and practical solutions. Traditional success systems are sadly unable to deliver anything but hot air and hype, which creates a good feeling initially and then leaves you empty For my success blueprint to work, I need you to have a real desire to improve your life, no exceptions!
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Curriculum For This Course
31 Lectures
1 Lecture 02:17
8 Lectures 01:25:10

Here you will get to understand, what we will cover in this module, and also what would be the best way to approch Module 1.

Preview 14:33

Here I wil explain:

o Why are some people wealthy, and others not?
o Where do we learn how to create wealth?
o What are we going to do now?

We are going to Master the keys to success.

Why Are Some People Wealthy And Others Not?

In this video we will discuss:

o The overview of the 4 keys that unlock wealth and success

The 4 Keys To Success

In this video we will discuss:

o The first Key "Know your desired outcome/goal"
o How do succesfull people process information
o Know your desired outcome
o “Ends goals” vs “Means goals”
o Understand "Towards and Away from" goals

Come join me in the video!

Key 1

Here you will be introduced to the second key:

o All your outcomes are created inside-out.

o Why is it almost imposibe to achieve a goal outside in?

Press play "I am waiting for you...inside!"

Key 2

Here you will be introduced to the third key:

o Align your beliefs with your desired outcomes

To join me... just press play!

Key 3

The fourth Key: It's about labour

o Understand that out all of all of your activities, there are only a few of them that reallly matter

o Come inside... and find out how my relationship with labour may be a very unusual one?

Press play so that I can share some life changing ideas with you.

Key 4

In the conclusion we bring it all together:

o Why does success not come naturally?
o How does our neurology understand success?
o Understand why it is almost impossible to create sustainable wealth and success without installing the keys to success

Hit play to get the conclusion!

11 Lectures 01:00:07


The introduction explains the principles which support this module and what you can expect from the exercises in this module.

I invite you to watch it, so that you can get the big picture of this whole module, for easier orientation and familiarity that follows.

Just press play!

Preview 05:48

This is a three-part exercise that you can complete in succession. This exercise is aimed at clearing out the clutter, that most people experience in their minds. Even though very few people are aware that their mind needs a reboot from time to time, in order to function effectively.

This exercise works best if you do it routinely in the same way as brushing your teeth or bathing. People benefit most from doing this exercise on a monthly basis, so you can relax now... it is not something else to add to your morning routine. The benefits however are very powerful and include:

o More creativity so that you are able to solve problems faster and become more productive
o Lighter mood and more confidence
o Clarity of thinking and much improved focus
o More energy and the ability to get things done
o Feeling in control of your life and clarity around the priorities in your life
o Get to see what you really want in life
o Release anxiety, even anxiety that you are not consciously aware of
o Do a really deep dive into all the things that you want
o You will get in touch with your fears and resolve many of them
o This allows for real deep cleansing of your thoughts, memories and priorities

Join me in the video below...Please press play!

Things That You Need To Do

Things That You Want

Things You Are Affraid Of

It is so easy to lose track of all the things that we really want, and get stuck in uninspiring goals, that strip the quality out of our lives. Many people struggle to get out of dead-end goals and they feel stuck in the drudgery of life.

This is an exercise which allows you:

o To get your perspective on what you really want
o To understand, what is important to you... at the deeper levels of consciousness
o Many people will discover some of their most inspiring desires for the first time

This is a powerful exercise if you want to bring the passion and energy back into your life.

Care to join me? Hit "play" when... you are ready to watch.

Picture Your Awesome Life

Our lives contain various areas of activity and we often focus more on certain areas, to the detriment of other areas. Therefore, the view that most of us have is skewed. Because of this, we do not realize the impact of our neglected areas on our larger life.

In this section you will:

o Gain an overview of your life, so that you will have a visual representation of the areas that need more attention and se where you are over focusing
o Also notice any indirect influences that could be impacting you negatively
o Gain an understanding of how to approach your life more strategically, so that you can make little changes but create huge differences

Care to join me? Hit "play" when... you are ready

You Incorporated

This video may not be directly relevant to your situation, but I think it would be good for anyone to watch it anyway. Having debt yourself or not, I suggest you consume this video regardless.

Debt is a big problem in modern life and it is a monster that we must ideally face while it is still very small, but many don't. Therefore, this is one of those problems that grow in the background, outside of the consciousness of many people and they do not notice it, until it spirals' out of control.

o Don't get caught off guard - identify and eliminate your debt monster early
o If you have a debt problem; it's not too late: learn how to systematically remove it and create healthy finances

Learn how to consolidate and prioritize your debt, so that you can create a realistic understanding of your financial challenges.

Press play if you are ready to leave debt behind you!

Facing Your Debt

Negativity robs you of attention, focus and ultimately... your quality of life. This is a practical section in which you will learn:

o How to identify and eliminate negativity, so that you gain massive chunks of positive energy and productivity.
o How to manage people, environmental and internal distraction.
o Arrange your life in a way that could exponentially increase your productivity and success

Press play to learn more!

Eliminate Negativity

In a world where everyone's fighting for your attention and energy, while you are continually bombarded with advertisements, requests, emails, text messages, family requirements, etc. It is almost impossible to remain focused without actively managing your focus.

I will explain:

o How to identify and eliminate your distractions.
o How to minimize the effect of low priority tasks such as errands.
o How to keep time wasting temptations out!

Care to join me? Hit "play!"

Have you ever heard about the “zone”? The 'zone' is your own state of genius and here in this video, you will learn to access a state, which I have labeled 'the learning state.' Which is the process of accessing 'the zone,' your own state of genius.

This will allow you to:

o Employ whole brain thinking, and watch your creativity explode
o Let go of your anxiety, and experience the peace of being truly present
o Learn how you can turn off your internal chatter and enjoy the stillness
o Recharge your energy in a few minutes
o Let go of the painful experiences of the past, so that you approach new opportunity with fresh enthusiasm
o Destroy anxiety and be completely present and engaged, so that you can enjoy whatever you are doing now

Hit play and I will personally guide you through a simple and powerful, process of becoming present, and thereafter you are able to make it your own and access the learning state whenever and wherever you want.
Be Present

The lack of confidence is the culprit that stops people from having the success that they deserve and cheats people out of achieving their potential.

In this section you will learn how to generate your own confidence, so that you could access your unstoppable confidence at any time.

You will also learn:

o Understand what effects your confidence and overcome it instantly
o Stop niggling doubts in their tracks
o Attack any task with the unstoppable confidence that makes success your default destination

Care to join me? Hit "play" when... you are ready to watch.

11 Lectures 01:31:14

Here I will explain, what this module is all about and how it all fits together…

Preview 02:02

Here we discuss:

o How to identify what you really want?
o The high level components required to create your reality
o How skill and psychology work together?
o What is mastery?
o Success inside you
o How to understand your unconscious mind?

Please hit play, and join me in this video!

What Do You Really Want?

Here you will learn more about, what is important to your unconcious mind with regards to your outcomes and more specifically:

o The influence of clarity
o Why detail matters?
o How our unconscious mind is like a heat-seeking missile
o Integrate the exercises that you did in module two

Press play! So that you can have goals that are structured to insure success.

Your Unconscious Mind And Outcomes

You will get deeper insight into the unconscious components, which influence our goals and learn:

o How to access our unconscious goals and desires
o We have different and conflicting needs
o We all have the same basic human needs
o How do we express or goals in terms of our core needs
o You will complete an exercise which will allow you become aware of your deepest desires

Join me inside, so that we are able to consciously influence our unconscious mind to help us achieve what we want.
The Three Layered Goals

You will learn how to:

o Analyze and prioritize outcomes
o We will create your own one-year outcomes
o Integrate all long term desires with what needs to be done today

So that you don't waste time on outcomes that are not really important to you and rather reach our ultimate outcomes in the shortest possible period of time.

Please join me in this video to get you on track to your outcome!

Creating Outcomes

Here we have an overview of all the steps to take so to bring your successful outcomes into your reality.

o The Quantum world and the Newtonian world are two very different universes
o You will also learn how to get yourself into the right state every time

Most people I know just love this kind of content.

Please join me inside when... you are ready.

Bridging Quantum To Reality

Strength of purpose is the power that pulls successful people through when others are ready to give up.

o You will learn how to find your purpose
o How to strengthen and empower your own purpose
o How to become action orientated

Press play and let me help you find your ultimate purpose!


You will learn how planning is the tool that allows you to bridge the quantum gap:

o Metaphysical reasons for having a plan
o Common limiting beliefs
o How to chunk down like the masters
o The magic question

Press play and make sure that you get the outcome that you want... or even better.

Building The Plan (part 1)

Building The Plan (part 2)

Hit play to learn how you could instatntly work up to 80% faster!


Here you will learn how to:

o Identify your resources
o What can you delegate?
o Schedule this plan
o Analyze your results
o The importance of rewards

Care to join me? Hit "play" when... you are ready... to complete this course.
Final Steps
About the Instructor
Robert Simic
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52 Students
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Speaker, Author, Leading Expert in Change & Results creation

Robert is the founder of the Robert Simic Coaching Institute. His international success as a Coach and a Trainer is underpinned by his unique ability to unlock the potential of every student. He is a charismatic presenter who engages you with his heart as you grapple with the content.

His life story is an inspiration, starting with humble beginnings. He was born in Belgrade, Serbia - a politically challenged country. At the age of 22 he left Serbia looking for greener pastures. He worked in Europe – from washing cars in Greek islands to night shifts in Germany, until he decided to move to South Africa and explore his options there. He worked as an office manager and became an integral part of a successful company. In this process though, he traded his entrepreneurial attitude for certainty and a secure salary. The hope of a secure future was short lived when he was unexpectedly retrenched.

However, what seemed to be his worst nightmare became the wake-up call that began his quest for true empowerment. Robert confesses to having spent much of his life chasing security and significance until he discovered the gifts that come with being a truly empowered human being. Robert is deeply inspired to continue helping people breakthrough their perceived barriers and achieve their dreams with the knowledge he shares in his coaching, workshops and trainings.

In addition to his coaching and training, Robert has spent the last decade furthering his knowledge and skills under great minds such as the internationally best-selling authors Tony Robbins, Richard Bandler, Tad James, and Bob Proctor, all of whom have transformed the lives of millions through their books, seminars, courses and personal coaching. Robert is a seasoned trainer of NLP, Time Paradigm Techniques, Hypnosis, Mind Power and various Coaching methodologies. He started this journey, initially under ABNLP (American Board of NLP), ABH (American Board of Hypnotherapy), TLTA (Time Line Therapy Association).

Breaking through one limitation to another, refusing to settle for less and insisting on the highest and most effective resources known to us, Robert evolved in his personal capacity and so did his approach to Coaching. Robert Simic Coaching Institute was founded, matching his need to create a new kind of coaching institute, a place where he could once again push beyond the known boundaries and share his heart.

Having trained, coached and transformed 1000's of people worldwide, Robert is perceived as a leader in the industry as he continues to explore new ways to enhance the lives of others. He is deeply in love with his wife Biljana, his son Matea and his daughter Mia, who are the inspiration in his life.