Muscle Building Course - The Secret of Muscle Mass Growth
4.2 (9 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
468 students enrolled
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Muscle Building Course - The Secret of Muscle Mass Growth

Complete Guide To Build Lean Muscle Mass
4.2 (9 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
468 students enrolled
Created by Viktor Vanecek
Last updated 3/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Get bigger and stronger
  • Put 25+ pounds of muscle mass
  • Be respected
  • Become a better version of yourself
  • Be self-confident and satisfied with yourself in every situation
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  • Gym membership
  • Motivation and commintment for change your body

If you have been experiencing in your life up to now only:

  • Inferiority complex due to the reason of being skinny
  • Mockery from others who were stronger and bigger than you
  • Being refused by women for which you weren´t big and strong enough
  • Feelings of fear of not being able to defend yourself in case that someone would attack you
  • Bad feeling of yourself everytime you looked in a mirror
  • Akward feeling of yourself when you wanted to go to a swimming pool

….then you are at the right place to get rid of all these feelings and disappointment once and for all.

I´ll guide you through the whole process of gaining the muscle mass, thanks to which you will never ever have to experience something similar as was mentioned in the points above. The best about that is, that you can start to gain muscles already right now. The only thing you need for it is the right information, that will separate you from those, who train without results and you will belong to the upper 10 % of people who gain the muscle mass effectively and are becoming bigger and stronger every day.

If you are longing to:

  • Be bigger and stronger
  • Put 25+ pounds of muscle mass
  • Be respected
  • Become a better version of yourself
  • Be self-confident and satisfied with yourself in every situation

…By entering this course The Secret of Muscle Mass Growth your wishes will become reality. You will finally reveal your genetic potential and you will become exactly the man, that has been hidden inside you maybe for years.

Imagine what would it be like to wake up every morning and see your six-pack in a mirror. Just imagine those looks of beautiful women or men staring at your shredded abdomen muscles while you are walking on a beach. Thank to this course you can turn these images into reality. You will feel more attractive and more assertive and your chances to impress the opposite sex will raise rapidly.

What will you learn in this course

In this online programme I will guide you step by step through the whole process of gaining muscle mass.

-I will teach you how the muscle gaining and CNS work, and how the genetics and CNS influence the muscle growth.

-I will teach you all the proved principes of the strength training

-I will teach you the proper form of 19 exercises, of which effectivity is much higher than of those that you normally see people performing in the gym

-You will expose 2 most effective training plans for muscle mass and strength growth.

-You will learn 7 top tips how to avoid injury during workout

-Pick up pro tips, how to improve the benchpress, squat and deadlift by 10 and more Kg within 1 month without steroids

-Pick up 10 pro tips how to naturally increase your testosterone level, of which the optimal level is critical for the muscle mass growth

-You will learn proved eating principles and you will know what exactly you should eat,when you should eat and how much you should eat in order to gain the muscle mass

-I´ll show you 8 types of nutrition supplements which pays off to take to make your progress faster,so you don´t have to throw your money away for another 90 % supplements ,which have no effect on your body.

-You will learn why is the regeneration for your body so important and I ´ll show you 7 tips how to improve quality of your sleep and by that to optimalize the level of the important hormones such as testosterone and growth hormone.

-You will learn 3 easy principles how to keep monitoring your progress so you can have a better perspective of how you improve

-As a bonus you will obtain 13 muscle building recipes samples and a printable workout tracker sheet for progress tracking in the gym.

I believe in this course so much , that it will help you and therefore I give you udemys 100% 30 days money back guarantee. So if you purchase the course and you won´t be satisfied with the results you will get with it or you will find out that this course is not for you, simply return it!

So there´s absolutely nothing you can lose, you can only gain!

If you need a complete Muscle building program and a way to Gaining muscle mass, I have just the solution for you.

My experience with muscle gaining

My clients I train usually online gain on average 10 pounds of muscle mass / first 1-2 month. Psychicaly ruined and physically weak persons are thanks to my advice and their determination becoming muscular and self-confident men.

Why is this course about gaining muscles different from other muscle building courses?

Just take a look at the authors who create courses about fitness and gaining muscles. How many of them have muscles or are shredded? Maybe 1 of 10 and I doubt even about that. Take a look at content of similar courses and at its structure.

Most of those are made that way, that you don´t even know where should you start and even the authors themselves don´t know that of course, because they don´t exercise and don´t have a clue about fitness.

So for what reason to buy a course about gaining muscles from someone who doesn´t even have muscles?

That doesn´t make sense.

You can clearly compare with other courses, that the structure by which is the course made is clear and cogent and has clear order, so already that speaks for itself that I know what I write about.

So my track is proven and I guarantee you, with my help you will reach similar or even better results only in just few months.

After watching this course you will:

  • Know the basic principle of gaining muscle mass
  • Know the most effective principles of strength training
  • Know the proper technique of exercises performance
  • Know the most effective muscle building eating principles
  • Know the most useful supplements which it pays off to buy
  • Know the connections between food,training and regeneration
  • To gain effectively and quickly gain muscle mass (25 + pounds of muscle mass )

Who is the target audience?
  • People who are not satisfied with their figure and finally want the change
  • All the people who have been working out for a long time and are struggling to gain the muscle mass
  • Anyone who needs to increase his physical strength, gain muscles, and also life energy
  • Individuals, who suffer from low self-confidence because of their physical weakness or small or minimal muscle mass volume
  • People who want to educate themselves in the realm of bodybuilding
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Curriculum For This Course
83 Lectures
Welcome to the most complete muscle building course
2 Lectures 13:00

This pilot lesson is about motivation to train and about taking fitness as a lifestyle and not a seasonal matter.

Preview 05:21

Before we get deeper into the issue, I want to give you an idea about what you will learn in this course.

What you will learn in this course
Basic and what you need to know before you started
4 Lectures 14:45

In this lesson you´ll understand, what role the genetics plays on the journey to the sporty figure, and also why some people gain muscles faster and others slower.

Genetics and how it influences your results

We bodybuilders take an interest especially in skeletal muscles and therefore in this lesson I will explain you how the motion of the muscles works and what the muslcles consist of. Further we will discuss the function of three basic muscle fibers, so you better understand how the weights and number of repetitions influence individual muscle fibers.

What are the muscles and why we need it

In this lesson you will learn about two types of enlarging muscle mass volume and I´ll explain you in detail how the muscle gaining process works and understanding of this process will help you to understand connections between training, food and regeneration.

Preview 03:45

You will learn in detail how we control our muscles using CNS and how the CNS using motoric units influences the strength and mucsle mass growth.

CNS how it works
Science behind the strength training
12 Lectures 01:14:57

In this lessons (part 1 - part 4) I will show you 21 Mistakes, you probably do. And believe me – approx. 90 % of people in fitness centers do them, and at least a half of fitness trainers! Do you see a lot of your patterns in the gym ? According to me, not really.

Preview 08:21

The 21 most frequent mistakes Part 2

The 21 most frequent mistakes Part 3

The 21 most frequent mistakes Part 4

According to my experience I know, that it does matter what hour I went to train, and that´s why I´ll explain you on the graph at what hour it is the best to go to train, to maximalize the growth of the muscles and strength.

The best time for workout

In order that the weight you lift has the maximal effect on the muscle mass growth, you need to know the difference between positive and negative phase of motion. In this lesson I´ll explain you the difference of these two phases, and how with what speed you should the individual exercise do.

Time under tension

Length of workout is another crucial thing which plays important role in your fitness journey. Probably you spend too much time in the gym but don’t worry, I will definitely show you what to do.

Length of workout

Next workout frequency or how often you should train to maximalize gains. Maybe you train every single day or maybeyou train only every 2nd day and you don’t know what exactly you should do, chill I will exactly tell you what to do in this topic.

How often you need train

In this section you´ll discover famous myths which certificated trainers believe in.

Workout myths

To keep improving, you need to keep giving the muscles new stimulus to make them grow and progressive training is just what you need. In this lection you will learn what should such progressive training look like.

Progressive training

Doing too little repetitions is just as contra-productive as doing too many repetitions and therefore I´ll explain you how many repetitions you should do for an optimal muscle growth and you´ll also learn how various ranges of repetitions influence on our body.


If your workout plan will contain endless amount of sets, well, you will be struggling with gaining muscles all the time, and therefore in this lesson you´ll learn, how many sets should the training plan have if you want to get a maximum out of it.
Preparing for train (what you need to know)
2 Lectures 14:19
In this lesson I give you best tips about preventing injuries so you minimalize probability to be out of scene.
7 pro tips how to avoid injuries

It´s pretty important to do good warm-up because when you will train in cold mode you will not be able to train as hard as if when you do a good warm-up. Don’t worry, there´s not any science behind this, you only need to do it for better and safety workout.

The best exercises and training plans for building muscles and strength
5 Lectures 08:45
You will learn my proven exercises which had most impact to me on muscle growth.
Only exercises you need for fastest muscle building

Proper form of exercises secures two functions:

  • Maximal engaging muscle fibers of the muscle being exercised
  • Minimalizing possibility of injury

...a just because of these two things you have to learn the technique of the exercises and in thefollowing lesson you will learn from the practical examples how you should correctly perform the exercises to give the muscles possibly best stimulus to grow.

Importance of exercises form

In this lesson you will discover best training types for building muscles and I´ll give you exact training plan which I use for building muscle.

2 most effective training types for building muscles

I will explain you the best training types for building muscles and I give you exact training plan which I use for building muscles.

Training plans for muscle building

During years I´ve been training I have discovered a simple technique for improving strength which is important for long term muscle building and for this reason I implemented this topic too.
Improve the benchpress, squat and deadlift by 10 and more Kg with 1 month
How to perform 19 most important exercises for muscle gaining
9 Lectures 44:20

How to complete a proper chest exercises.

Chest exercises

How to complete a proper back exercises.

Back exercises

How to complete a proper shoulder exercises.

Shoulder exercises

How to complete a proper triceps exercises.
Triceps exercises

How to complete a proper biceps exercises.

Biceps exercises

How to complete a proper abdominal exercises.
Abdominal exercises

How to complete a proper quadriceps exercises.
Quadriceps exercises

How to complete a proper hamstrings exercises.
Hamstrings exercises

How to complete a proper calves exercises.
Calves exercises
Hormones management
2 Lectures 10:02

Testosterone is by building muscle mass one of the most important hormones. Nowdays due to food which is full of chemicals, these chemical substances decrease the testosterone level in our body. Therefore I´ll give you 10 tips, how to naturally increase this testosterone level again, and thanks to that you will gain the muscle mass faster.

10 pro tips how to naturally increase the testosterone level

Estrogene is a hormone, which is an opposite of the testosterone. If you have too much of it, it will have a negative influence on muscle gains. You will learn some tips how you can avoid increasing the estrogene level in your body.

How to lower the estrogene level
All about food and drinking you need to know
11 Lectures 01:22:20

In this lesson you will learn 7 myths about food which needlessly slow you down on you journey to body of your dreams and I´ll explain you, why you shouldn´t believe them.

Food myths

Forget about the expensive food and recipes which are presented in magazines. You will learn how to gain the muscle mass with common food, which also you can afford to buy and which will supply all the needed nutrients for building the muscle mass.

Preview 18:07

If you eat too little you won´t gain a gramme of muscles and on the other hand if you eat too much you´ll gain too much fat. In this pilot lesson about amount of food you will learn how to easily monitor your calories intake to be clear about how much energy you daily receive from the food.
How much of it do I need to eat?

In this lesson I´ll explain you what is BMR and why is it good to keep track of how much calories your body daily burns. I will explain you how can you calculate with BMR your approximate energy outtake and that will influence your daily calories intake needed for muscle mass gaining.

How to appoint your approximate basal metabolism (BMR)

In this lesson I´ll explain you the basis of low-frequency and high-frequency eating and you´ll learn how you should stick to it to make your muscles grow.

How many times a day should I eat?

If you eat too little you will never succeed in gaining muscle mass. The basis of muscle gaining is to receive daily more calories, than you daily burn,and therefore it´s necessary to eat sufficient amout of food. I´ll tell you why are you not hungry at all and how to solve this problem.

Preview 05:06

To receive daily enough energy from the food is the basis of the gaining the muscle mass. As long as you don´t receive enough calories, your body won´t have much energy for synthesis of the new muscle fibers. I will tell you how you can easily and without calculating track the amount of received calories, what will help you with gaining possibly the most muscle mass and least fat.

How to counting calories and why you need it

In order to secure the muscle proteosynthesis, you need to receive before the training proper amount of proteins and carbohydrates. I´ll explain, how much proteins and carbohydrates should you receive and also from which sources is the best to receive these macronutrients. I will further also explain you when before training is the best time to receive these macronutrients and you will also learn what meals you should avoid before training.

What to eat before workout

It is important after the training to supply the muscles proper nutrients, by what you secure regeneration of the damaged muscle fibers and its fast growing, and therefore I will explain you in this lesson many of the macronutriens you should receive after the training and also from what sources you should add these nutrients to achieve maximal muscle growth.

What to eat after working out

In this lesson you will learn why and especially when you should eat an unhealthy meal so it has only a possitive effect on muscle growth.
Cheat meal – add calories

Only 3% of dehydratation of organism may cause 19 % performance decrease, and therefore it is important to supply your body a proper amount of liquid. You will learn how much liquid you should approx. receive to secure an optimal synthesis of the muscle proteins and by that maximalize your results.

Drinking regime
All about most useful suplements for muscle building and injury prevention
4 Lectures 26:47

In this lessons (part 1 - part 4) you will learn everything about nutrition supplements, where you make an opinion, which supplements are worth buying and which are on the contrary only a temptation with not much effect.

8 most useful suplements worth to your money Part 1

8 most useful suplements worth to your money Part 3

8 most useful suplements worth to your money Part 4
CNS and muscle regeneration
3 Lectures 08:18

You will learn everything needed about regeneration without which your muscles won´t grow. Only if your muscles will be recovered enough while your training, there can the muscle protein synthesis occur, and so the muscle mass growth as well.

All about regeneration you need to know

Not only the food and training, but also sleep is very important if you want your muscles and central nervous system to get the optimal regeneration. That is why you will learn how to improve quality of your sleep and by that to optimalize the level of the important hormones such as testosterone and growth hormone.
7 extra tips how to improve quality your sleep

In this lesson I´ll show you some another useful processes for muscle mass regeneration.
Another useful forms of regeneration and relax
6 More Sections
About the Instructor
Viktor Vanecek
4.2 Average rating
9 Reviews
468 Students
1 Course
Fitness trainer

My name is Viktor, I am fitness online coach in Slovakia, author 2-ebooks about muscle gaining and fat loss. I helped hundrets of people reach their fitness goals and I decided
that I will share all of informations with you. If I didn`t have to right information, I would be in the same situation like perhaps you are. And I looked like that after the first year of working out too- no change ! I was really angry with myself and also the world around me.
There was a time when I wanted to pack it in and reconcile to the fact that I will be skinny for the rest of my life.

Then there was a time when I told myself I am not going to give it up, and I was game for spending most of my money for buing various supplements, including those illegal ones.
Then I striked up a conversation with my friend`s friend, who looked like he has been working out for long.

And he has ! I found out he is VERY experienced. So he started leading me. He advised me the basic knowledge about strength training and the change was extreme. During first two month I put on 7 kg, according to photos and measuring of muscle mass, I even got the rid of some fat by the changing my training and food. From that moment everything changed – self-confidence, optimism regarding my progress, my point of view on the forbidden substances. I found out, that if you want to improve yourself in something fast and effectively, you have to have the “know-how.” You have to find for instance 20 % things which cause 80 % of the results.

So this was my little story. If you want to ask me something, do not hesitate to post comments in the right pane or send me a personal message here on the website.