The Science of Healing (Reiki, Energy, Touch, Hands-on)
4.8 (10 ratings)
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The Science of Healing (Reiki, Energy, Touch, Hands-on)

How Reiki works - Therapeutic Efficacy of Reiki-Energy-Spiritual Healing and Healer History from Mesmer to present day
4.8 (10 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,087 students enrolled
Created by Barry Mapp
Last updated 3/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Know the history and the science of healing from Mesmer to the present day
  • Choose whether a particular healing modality would be something you'd like to learn
  • Recall some of science experiments that have been carried out with healers
  • Understand some of the limitations of the Newtonian Science Paradigm
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  • Ideally students have an interest and are curious about "hands on" Healing
  • Students do not need knowledge about Science in order to understand this course
  • Students need to be able to view videos with an internet connection and to understand spoken English

Hands-on Healing has probably been around since humans first graced this earth (if not even before that) and healing through touch is a given ability for us all, though culturally this ability is lost and therefore requires a reconnection. For some people it is still passed down through the generations, others find their own way to healing but for the rest of us we usually need to reconnect to this ability through a spiritual practice (like learning Reiki for example). 

Since the birth of ‘science’, healing techniques have annoyed the eminent physicians of the day who often feel they have a monopoly on ‘healing’ and thus they call upon ‘science’ and scientists to label all the other healers as ‘charlatans’ (I must confess that I used to be one of those scientists!)

So this short course seeks to make some sense of 'hands-on' healing. Today, I have helped many people overcome mental, emotional, painful or physical conditions using a simple hands-on technique. So like all other healers, I believe the effects to be real and more than placebo. This of course is not enough for Newtonian Science which is not accepting of our subjective experiences (nor it seems of positive patient outcomes) but rather it requires ‘proof’ that something over and above our human imagination is at work here (and if it were just human imagination at work here wouldn’t it be good for science to discover how to turn on this health benefit?)

In the course, I take a look at what Healers have done since the time of Mesmer to get their practice validated ‘scientifically’. I also take a look at how scientists behave, how healers themselves behave and how the other interested party (the ‘church’) behaves in these exchanges.

I show how research has been done to both explain and validate ‘hands-on’ healing but this research is rarely replicated. Replication is important for science as new ideas only get accepted when many studies start to confirm the same thing. Many of these studies would be relatively easy to replicate but few scientists seem curious, willing, or able to step up to the plate. (Some definitely feel the wrath of their profession when they do actually get involved in such studies).

So when a scientist tells us “there is no evidence…..” then they are wrong and in this course I present some of the evidence that is available. 

There is evidence, the problem is there not enough of it and no large scale trials have been done to my knowledge. As there is no profit in techniques that are not patentable, and large scale trials are expensive, I believe it is the role of Government in these situations to fund the necessary research. Although there is not profit to be made, there are certainly healthcare savings to made, so if the research is successful Government purse strings would be enhanced (although the pharmaceutical backhanders would certainly disappear).

Who is the target audience?
  • Students considering learning a 'healing' modality such as Reiki
  • Reiki students (and other 'healers') who would like to know about the emerging science of healing
  • Any student who is curious, or maybe sceptical, about receiving a 'hands on' healing treatment
  • Any scientist who is curious, but may be sceptical, about 'hands on' healing
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An introduction to the course
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This introduction will whet your appepite to get started on the course

Preview 03:11

Here we quickly run-through the course

Preview 02:19

In this video we talk about how science has never taken healing seriously

Preview 03:17

This lecture suggests that often whatever we are studying we need to challenge our existing theories and beliefs

Scientists, Healers & Churchgoers - all need to challenge their own thinking

A Newtonian Science explanation for Healing

Newtonian Science Hypothesis (for Healer Effects)
Healer and Healing Definitions
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In this lecture we cover a definition for 'healing'

Definition of 'Healing'

In this lecture we cover a definiton of 'Healer'

Definition of a 'Healer'

The terms healer and healing are used in a much more specific way throughput this course and this lectures spells this out

The meaning of Healer and Healing for the purpose of this course

It is possible to identify two types of healing depending on whether the healer is energised or depleted after doing healing

Two types of healing: Depletive Healing and Non-Depletive Healing
Science and Scientism
3 Lectures 22:02

Thomas Burnett is currently an associate editor at The Biologos Foundation. As a science writer, he hasalso worked for the American Scientific Affiliation, The National Academy of Sciences, and American Association for the Advancement of Science. Here is his view on science v scientism

Science and Scientism - a view from Thomas Burnett

One way of distinguising science from scientism is how the scientist uses their theory and models

Science and Scientism - my perspective on this

This lecture explores the healing method used by Mesmer in the 18th Century

More on Mesmer
More on the Science
6 Lectures 21:07

This lecture compares the old science paradigm with the new one

A new Science approach to Science

A list of 13 scientists who have contributed to our scientific understanding about healing. This list will eventually be upgraded with video compilation of each of the contributors (hopefully by the end of 2016)

Important Early Contributors to the science of Healing

An outline about the experiments carried out by Bernard Grad using seeds.

What Grad did with seeds and why other scientists should repeat this work

How methods like ECG and EEG measurements can help to demonstrate that healers are having real effects on heallees physiology

Indirect measurement methods that demonstrate Healers have effect on patients

An introduction to Biomagnetic Fields and the invention of the S.Q.U.I.D. device

SQUID - directly measuring pulsating low frequency electromagnetic vibrations

7 questions

An opportunity for you to join in the discussions - Why don't scientists repeat the experiments that will confirm the effects of Healers?

Why won't scientists repeat these experiments? Let's have your opinion on this
Conclusion and Bonus Lecture
2 Lectures 00:46
Course summing up - and what next?

BONUS Lecture - Links for additional material
Webinar Section (special bonus) Barry Mapp interviewed on the Science of Healing
6 Lectures 40:12

Michael De Groot begins the process of interviewing Barry Mapp about the Science of Healing

Preview 03:06

Webinar Interview - Michael De Groot shares his stories of 'healers and healing'

In this part of the interview Barry talks about the science underpinning 'healing'

Q1. What is the Science? (Webinar Healing Interview)

In this part of the interview Barry talks about the difference between a healer and a non-healer

Q2. Difference between (hands-on) healers and non-healers

In this part of the interview Barry talks about Mesmer

Q3. Mesmer was a Healer and a Scientist?

Q4. Is there room for both traditional medicine and healing?
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