Sales Coaching - All you need to be a great sales coach
3.8 (47 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
205 students enrolled
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Sales Coaching - All you need to be a great sales coach

Build a high performing team, smash your targets, reap the rewards! Great techniques for you to achieve stunning results
3.8 (47 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
205 students enrolled
Created by Tony Armstrong
Last updated 7/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Sales coaching - issues to consider when coaching
  • Adjusting your coaching input
  • Categorising your decision-making
  • Communicating your coaching programme
  • Coaching remotely
  • Structuring sales coaching accompaniment days
  • Gaining more from a 121 Sales Coaching session
  • Your Sales Coaching focus
  • Proactive coaching
  • Sustaining a coaching culture
  • SMART guidelines for effective Sales Coaching
  • Making time to be the Sales Coach!
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  • A passion to improve sales results through your people!
  • A computer with internet

An Overview: (course last updated 5th August 2017)

Sales Management Coaching is vitally important for every business. If we can improve our sales team's average performance, then we will reap the rewards exponentially. So, understanding the main areas and being able to implement them as a Sales Manager will enable you and your sales team to become more effective, and achieve better results.

Learn how to create the right environment for effective Sales Coaching with your Sales team. What are some of the business coaching issues to consider and how do you overcome them? In this course are many practical hints and tips that you can apply straight away - to improve your sales team's performance and smash your targets!

This valuable course consists of eleven 'short and sweet' videos and is further supported with 18 downloadable guides in total highlighting what's needed to be an effective sales coach. It forms a comprehensive package, providing you with all the tools you need.

It helps you understand the key principles around the sales coaching function and as an established or aspiring Sales Manager, you will learn how to coach your sales team using simple, yet proven techniques.

What will you gain from this course?

Not only will this programme ensure that individuals within your sales team see the value of the coaching input that you give to them – both individually and as a group, but they will also be able to implement the actions that you have agreed between you and realise far more sales success through their selling activities.

What's inside?

11 Videos of varying lengths and in bite sized chunks – enough to give you what you need to be an effective Sales Coach, when combined with all the additional guides!

As an added bonus, some ideas on how to save time for yourself as sales manager, so
that you can actually make the time to do more sales coaching with your sales team - are also included!

In summary:

A series of videos around sales coaching that when combined with all the supporting guides and downloadable resources/guides/tools will help you excel in your coaching role and maximise the results from your sales team.

A practical coaching toolkit that can be tailored for you and your business - and one you can use straight away!

Who is the target audience?
  • New and Existing Sales Managers – worldwide.
  • Those who have been thrown in at the deep end of Sales Management (with little or no support from their company on how to ‘do’ sales management)!
  • Super Sales People who want to step up to the next Sales Management role.
  • People who find themselves in a Sales Coaching role!
  • Sales Managers of all experience!
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Curriculum For This Course
20 Lectures
Welcome and Preparation!
3 Lectures 23:28

My aim is to mix up studio videos, with field based ones too, meaning you get practical advice in lots of different formats!

Preview 03:35

A warm welcome to this programme! Watch the video and download the additional resources.

Preview 02:50

This is an essential business model BMD Global uses with every single client...

Why? ....Well all of our Exceed9 programmes are based on, what on the face of it looks like a really simple concept, yet at the same time, is immensely powerful when you relate it to your business.

From a coaching point of view it gives you an instant structure to use when giving performance reviews to your salespeople, so in that regard, it's also a great coaching aid for you too!

Invest a little time in watching the video and let me know how it relates to your company and your sales coaching role itself - using the Udemy platform!


A Fundamental Business Model - As it relates to everything!
Getting Started!
5 Lectures 20:50

By the end of this whole course, you will have a comprehensive Sales Coaching Toolkit, which will enable you to have an immediate impact and an increase in sales results generated by your team.

Throughout the entire programme, videos are kept short and sweet, but are then supported by many additional downloads and other materials - so that when they are all combined together, you will have a great deal in your armoury to select from and to become a most effective sales coach

In this first module, 'Coaching the Issues' Tony positions coaching and highlights the challenges that we face us as sales coaches, when working with your sales teams and some things to be aware of!

There is also an additional download that removes the 'myths' of what the key differences are between the 'buzz' words of coaching and mentoring - which often get confused!

Tony has also added a downloadable action plan that you can complete for each section as you go through the process - meaning you as a Sales Coach can have all your actions listed in one place.

So, please remember to review the accompanying PDF downloads with this section!

As a key takeaway from this module when you have finished it, write down just three priority actions that you will take to position and improve your own coaching delivery with your sales team.

Good coaching!


In this street video - I talk you through a valuable way to structure your coaching day. Download the accompanying tool (word doc) that will help you make sure you and your salesperson gain the maximum benefit from your time together!

Preview 03:48

This is the second of two videos that relate to the Coaching Day Support Tool. Please see the additional resources for it if you didn't download the word document in the last lecture! I have added it again here!

Remember the importance of asking your 'coachee' at the start of the day where they are now (in their mind) and where they would like to be by the end of the day!

It is their measure (so don't worry about the actual number itself), but it's all about helping them focus on one skill area and developing their awareness of how it feels when they are struggling on that certain aaspect.

They are more likely subsequently then to focus on their own responsibility to change that behaviour, so that they feel better and more confident about it as a result of your coaching input as their Sales Manager!

Field Coaching (2 of 2) - A few top tips!

Everyone in your team is different!

Not only are they different personalities, but they are also people with mixed levels of experience too. Some in your team have been around since the dawn of time it seems, others may be brand new to the group.

In any event, they all need some level of coaching support from you - despite what some of the 'old salts, who have been around the block a bit' team members will tell you. After all, we never stop learning from cradle to grave, do we?!

It is important then that we recognise the need for us to adapt our management coaching style, depending on the levels of competence and commitment of our people. Competence - means ability (a mix of their knowledge and skill). Commitment - means willingness and motivation (to do the task we ask of our people).

Tony gives you some specific techniques in the accompanying PDF download that goes with this section!

As a takeaway, write down on a sheet of paper the individuals in your team and their D (Development) - Levels, from 1 to 4. Consciously commit to adapting your coaching approach with each of them, using the 'language' that is needed highlighted by your judgement of their Development Level and not use the style that you would normally use as a default!

Categorising Your Team

Okay - so you are in charge as Sales Manager/Coach...right?!

It's important to work with your team of course, but in Tony's video, he gives you some simple ways of communicating 'how' you want to collaborate with them on key areas of your decision making!

In the accompanying PDF download that goes with this section, there is also an opportunity for you to analyse how effective you are at delegating and for you to write down your own action plan to improve it!

As a key takeaway action from this module, a great idea is to write down all the main areas of your Sales Management job....

Which of these activities will you choose to delegate, as part of coaching and developing your sales team?

1. Often

2. Sometimes

3. Never!

Once you have done this, then go through the same process, but this time with elements that you wish your team to collaborate on with you as their sales manager (e.g. strategy/sales planning/product development etc).

Categorising Decision-Making
The Launch
10 Lectures 44:05

Launching your Coaching programme, doesn't have to be a 'Big Bang' announcement!

As a Sales Manager, moving toward being a more proactive Sales Coach (may be for the first time) can be a little daunting - so Tony recommends a more subtle approach!

There are some simple ideas in the video here - but they work 'real world' when you get these techniques into the way that you manage your team day to day. Little effort, but high reward for you as leader of the team!

Take a look too at the PDF download As a Sales Manager - What Skills Do I need? It illustrates some of the other skills/areas you also need to have in place, to be most effective as a Sales Coach.

As a takeaway action from the attached download for this module, review what is already in place within your organisation and decide for yourself what two or three areas you can focus on to change as a result of this analysis.

Then decide for you personally - What's most important for you? What can you realistically implement right now? How will you know when it is successful? What are you going to measure specifically to help you identify when you have reached that new outcome?

Launching Your Coaching Programme

Working smarter and not harder (especially if your teams are geographically spread), means that you can still coach your people and give them the level of support that they need/require, even though you may be miles away! All of these principles absolutely apply too when coaching your sales people face to face of course!

In this video, Tony touches on some quick and easy ways to maximise your coaching delivery and the importance of coaching being a 'two way' process - recognising that your salesperson does need to do some work beforehand as well!

There are some very powerful and useful top tips contained within the accompanying PDF Delivering Positive Coaching Feedback, which he highly recommends and will help you with some practical techniques to be a fantastic Sales Coach!

As an individual action plan for you write down three or four skill areas that you will use from now, when coaching to help you become even more effective as a sales coach! Evaluate how they work for you and let us know how you have got on by using the Udemy messaging forum!

Preview 01:34

In this video, Tony talks about the value of coaching your salespeople when out in the Field with them and some simple ideas to make sure you get to see their 'sales reality!'

Have a look at the accompanying PDF 'A Coaching Sales Acronym' which will give you some objectivity in your feedback when coaching. Again, the tips included within it are designed to help you give the most balanced feedback your team will ever receive, using the principles of it!

As an action plan, concentrate on giving your feedback in this way and note down the effectiveness it is having with your people. By all means share with us the impact and outcome you have had with it using the Udemy forum!

Selecting Your Joint Visits

I thought I would upload some 'sales coaching thoughts from the car' and plan to continue building these live and dangerous and uncut videos to add value to the more 'polished' section videos.

This means that you get the full works - Video from the studio; Video from the Field and it's all underpinned with the various downloadable planners and reading material that goes with this programme too!


Kind regards


Live & Dangerous - Preparation? Some uncut thoughts from the Field!

Yes, we know! - when ARE you going to get time to DO all this coaching activity?

An old cliche maybe, but as Sales Managers we should try and work ON the business, not IN the business! Meaning put more effort into coaching your guys and galls and you WILL reap the rewards by them increasing their sales as a result of your input!

But how do you make the time to do all that? Well, Tony has a couple of suggestions for you in the video, not just on coaching specifically, but also on how you can be more focused on your own time management as a manager. In that way, you will free up some time for you to be able to apply the skills and tools in your Exceed9 Coaching Toolkit with your team!

If you have a look at the accompanying PDF download 'Time Management .. ideas for busy Sales Executives,' you will see he has also added a number of time saving ideas for you to free up some of your schedule to make the time to do more coaching!

Remember - Work Smarter..not Harder!

Making time to Coach

OK - it is important to recognise that everyone in your team needs on-going coaching - yes, even the ones who are on top of their game, says Tony in this video!

The challenge if we are not careful is that we allow ourselves as sales managers to be influenced by strong views from those in our team who insist that coaching just isn't for them! Often this comes from the high performing and on target salespeople - or the ones who have been around for years (and maybe are older than you!)

So, with this this video is a useful one pager PDF download called ' Setting the Scene for your Coaching Session,' for you to look at - giving you some ideas on phrases you can use to position the coaching input you want to give your people!

As a takeaway, practice one of these that you feel will work for you in many different situations and deliberately work it into your coaching approach with your people (perhaps with one or two of the more resistant ones, when you are ready!).

Also included is a PDF download called 'Coaching Feedback - Getting Agreement' which will really help you 'navigate the minefield of resistance,' that you may encounter with some of your team! This download will even give you some practical ways to pre-empt any difficulties in the first place and save yourself all the hassle!

Everyone needs Coaching

In this video, Tony talks about a number of things you can do to be a really effective coach. Some simple ABC techniques here to help you - Always be Coaching!

With this module comes a PDF download Case Study called Watersplash Coolers for you to review and then to decide how you yourself would give feedback to 'Tony De Angelis,' as a sales coach in this 'typical' selling situation! If you'd like to watch a cartoon version of it, then please go to the next lecture!

Please feel free to let us know through the Udemy forum what have been the main takeouts for you - having gone through this process.


Being Proactive with Coaching

In the previous section there is a PDF download text of this case study.

We have just updated it with this cartoon version, so you can read it; see it; and hear it too!

Most important thing? How will YOU coach Tony DeAngelis to be a better salesperson?

See the cartoon..Watersplash Coolers - What do you think?

Imagine if you could harness the power of coaching across your entire sales team, where you don't have to do so much of it yourself!

Check out the PDF download which will give you an array of ideas to help you manage the process and demonstrate an innovative way of coaching all your people.

Your key takeaways will be many and various, once you have gone through the process of mapping your own sales team using the ideas featured on the download - enjoy!

Preview 02:29

In this extended video, Tony talks about an array of ideas on how to prepare, undertake and follow up on a coaching session with your salespeople - ensuring maximum impact and results.

Please view the PDF download that goes with this too!

All the very best! Tony

SMART Guidelines for effective Coaching
Your Coaching Implementation Plan
2 Lectures 08:34

In this final module, Tony discusses your own individual Coaching Implementation Plan and shares with you a couple more valuable tools to help you get cracking!

He has also added his own message on an MP3 file here too, which you can listen to.

Please feel free to contact him via Udemy for your personally signed 'Exceed9 Sales Team Toolkit Accreditation Certificate of Excellence,' which you can use for your office wall or workstation!

Good coaching!

Coaching Toolkit; Your Plan and a Final Message from Tony Armstrong

This is interesting from a coaching perspective!

Remember all your people will be at different stages of competence, which may well require you to take a different 'coaching tack' when trying to improve your people.

This is also in hard copy - so please download it from the additional resources area when you want to.

All the best


Additional Material - The Four Stages of Learning
About the Instructor
Tony Armstrong
3.9 Average rating
56 Reviews
354 Students
2 Courses
MD BMD Global & Acclaimed Author of The Exceed9 Methodology

Tony Armstrong, Managing Director of BMD Global and Champion of The Exceed9 Methodology is widely recognised as one of Britain’s most dynamic, entrepreneurial and pragmatic business leaders and has an outstanding reputation of delivering real measurable improvements in results for many companies across a very broad spectrum of business sectors.

This ranges from truly Global and International businesses to UK plc’s; SME’s and sometimes smaller, Owner - Managed businesses.

His expertise and that of his team at BMD Global is always applied in a very practical way for each and every client company – and programmes of support are then tailored to them specifically. This proven approach delivers a fantastic return for every client and now he wants to share it with others on a global platform through the power of the internet and Udemy!

Classically trained, with a genealogy that links him back to the Honourable C S Rolls of The Rolls Royce Motor Company, Tony worked his way up in a Corporate Commercial environment within UK divisions of Barclays Bank plc – gaining vast experience in senior sales roles with Barclaycard Merchant (Retail) Services and latterly Company Barclaycard.

Selling these services to corporate entities such as GE; Axel Johnson; London Stock Exchange; Porsche; Microsoft and British Oxygen, Tony has developed key sales and management skills through real world application and honed at the ‘school of hard knocks’ in all areas of commerce!

Having taken the natural step into Business and Management Training, Coaching and Consulting, well over fifteen years ago, Tony has learned his ‘craft’ in the fiercely competitive market place of training and development and has built a up a team of people within a business that is second to none in this area!

BMD Global is therefore a company that’s always lean and hungry for business, with a focus on innovation and practicality - specifically three areas: In - Company Training; Hi Performance | 1:1 Field and Support Coaching | Business Strategy Development. Very often there is a delivery 'blend' of all of the above and at every level across a client’s business, in line with their aims and objectives.

Tony still gets out there with clients to this day. Even in the field with client sales people in their 'live' selling situations - acting as their Area Sales Management Coach. This means salespeople benefit from 'real world coaching and mentoring support,' that gets results.

And if ever challenged with... 'So Tony, when was the last time you actually coached anyone or sold anything?' The answer, more often than not is usually.....'only yesterday!'