Answers about the Reality of Noah, the Ark and the Flood
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Answers about the Reality of Noah, the Ark and the Flood

See how life survived the most catastrophic event in history by experiencing a real-life, modern replica of Noah's Ark.
5.0 (4 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
72 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • Over 2 hours of engaging documentary-style lessons.
  • Be able to discuss Noah's life, the Ark, and the Flood in all of its reality and grit.
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  • Set aside all of the fairy-tale elements, and be ready to take a fresh, Bible-based view of the Great Flood.

Throughout history, Noah's Ark and the Global Flood have been the focus of famous artwork, scholarly discussions, written works and public dramatizations. While some have accurately upheld the Genesis account, many more have not. In order to distinguish the truth about Noah's Ark, and to clear the fog of confusion surrounding it, Branyon May (Ph.D.) plainly addresses the facts and clearly demonstrates “The Reality of Noah's Ark" with stunning visuals and concrete examples to strengthen your faith.

With the integrated use of visuals and text, this course will walk you through the events leading up to the flood and answer many questions like "How could all of the animals fit?", "Could Noah have really built the ark?" and "Was there really a global flood?"

Who is the target audience?
  • Anybody curious about Noah and the Ark, or evenly skeptical of it being a true-story should engage this course.
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Curriculum For This Course
10 Lectures
Noah was a real man of God. How did he live in such a sinful world.
4 Lectures 39:34

Through this course, the reality of Noah's Ark will be addressed in a thorough and logical way.

Often times, the story of Noah's Ark is portrayed as "cartoonish". This pivotal event in human and Biblical history deserves our mature and open-minded analysis.

This course will address the historical, biblical, and scientific implications of the Ark and flood.

Preview 02:02

This lecture takes you on brief trip up to the biblical time of Noah, in order to understand why God was asking him to build an Ark.

As in any life story or biography, the major events, accomplishments, and struggles are the focus, and from these accounts we learn about a person's character and perseverance. Yet from even the everyday details or passing references, we can learn much about a person's attitude, personality, and influence.

First, we have to consider how the world had fallen into such awful conditions. The entrance of sin into the world by Adam and Eve was both regretted and remembered by the first couple. For Noah, it was the wickedness of the world in his generation that would define the attitudes and actions of his life. The earth was corrupt before God and was filled with violence (Genesis 6:11). As a result of this environment, a call to action came to Noah at the apex of his life, and it came directly from God, “Make yourself an ark” (Genesis 6:14).

The world before Noah. How did it become so sinful?

This lecture takes a closer look at Noah's character, and the events he faced leading up to the Flood.

Was Noah sinless in his actions or choices? By no means. As every man that has ever lived, Noah also sinned and fell short of God's glory. But was Noah able to stand before any man, any judge, any court and in the face of his accusers be without blame and above reproach? ...Absolutely. Noah was a man of integrity who was fair and just in his dealings with anyone. The overall character of Noah's life is recorded and described as one who “walked with God.”

Was Noah's life easy? See Noah as a man who walked with God.

This lecture takes you step-by-step through the Biblical account of the Flood and through God's promise to never again destroy the earth by a flood.

Noah and his family had spent many hours inside the Ark, working and preparing, but this time they would enter the Ark permanently leaving their beds, homes and land behind. It was a profoundly different entrance. Not to mention that once onboard the procession of animal life followed. Animals of practically every variety came creeping, crawling, slithering, hopping, marching, bounding, waddling and flying by pairs and sevens into the Ark.

In the second month on the seventeenth day the rains began to fall, and on that day God, himself, closed the door of the Ark. Its passengers, man and beast, were now safe and sheltered. So God released the downpour opening the windows of heaven, and caused the great fountains of the deep to break forth from below.

The Flood of Noah's day - the most catastrophic event in Earth's history.
Noah's Ark was real, but "How big was it?"
2 Lectures 24:20

This lecture analyzes God's very precise details to Noah, specifically putting the size of the Ark into real, modern-day comparisons.

When you think about the reality of Noah's Ark, you might have questions about its size, its construction, or its cargo, because you've probably seen those cartoon-like Ark pictures showing a quaint little boat, a pudgy little man and a handful of animals packed in and even hanging over its sides. These caricature-style pictures are often shown to our kids in books and videos, but what was Noah's Ark really like?

Have you ever asked, “Did Noah and his sons really build the Ark? Did they really live on it with all those animals for months? Or, how about the BIG question, How large was the Ark? How long? How tall? How wide? Well on these questions, we don't have to be left wondering.

Preview 08:53

Often times there are wild misconceptions about Noah's Ark. Two common misconception are: (1) "Noah's Ark IS the largest floating vessel to have ever been built." and (2) “Hasn't man had a long evolutionary history, with a gradual growth of both intellectual and physical capacities?”

This lecture will provide an in depth, Biblical response to each of these agruments.

Modern-Day and Historical Ship Comparisons
The Reality of the Ark's Animals
2 Lectures 24:40

This lecture examines both scientific and biblical evidence to answer the many questions about selecting and gathering the animals that were on Noah's Ark.

When considering the Reality of Noah's Ark, you've probably heard some of the skeptical questions like, “How did Noah and his small family find and trap the animals? Then how did they transport them and house them all back on the Ark? Because, aren't there hundreds of millions of animal species existing on the Earth?" Or, maybe you've heard the question, "How could Noah have traveled all the way down to Australia to catch two koalas, then across to North America to trap two grizzly bears, and then down to frozen Antarctica to fetch two penguins?”

Though these questions are common, here is the problem... the scenario described is entirely false and it's based on misrepresentations of both the scientific and the biblical records. In studying the reality of the Ark and its animals, we have to first base our understanding on the details included in the Bible's account.

The Ark carried lots of animals, but what kinds of animals had to be on-board?

This lecture uses modern studies and biblical details to answer the BIG question: "Was there enough space on the Ark for all the animals?"

Despite skeptics who claim that millions or hundreds of millions of animals were required on the Ark, both the biblical record and the scientific data firmly reject such a notion. The Ark was an immense vessel with a capacity perfectly suited for the precious cargo it would carry.

Was There Enough Space on the Ark for all the Animals?
The Reality of a Global Flood
2 Lectures 31:10

Very rarely have floods covered an entire province, district or state, let alone even a single country, and in terms of their duration several weeks or a few months are usually the longest they last. The ray of hope for survivors and those who are seeking to render aid is that eventually the floodwaters will subside, the storm will pass and the devastated region can be restored.

While these are the circumstances we observe for floods today, what about the Great Flood found in the Bible. Are we to equate the effects we see in these regional floods with the proportions of the Genesis Flood? When considering the reality of the biblical Flood, you've probably heard some people ask, “What kind of flood was it?” “Wasn't it just a LOCAL flood, maybe one caused by rising sea levels in the Black Sea?”

This lecture will take an in depth look at the Biblical perspective of a global flood.

Was the Flood Global?

When we consider the magnitude of the Flood to the same degree that the Bible has described it, we must acknowledge that the Flood was an absolutely cataclysmic and history altering event. For humanity, God used the Flood to wash away wickedness and to renew man's spiritual mindset. For the natural and physical world, the very scope of the Flood's waters was also a completely renewing force. The Flood affected every single living thing, both plant and animal of every size; every inch of land was subjected to some form of geologic activity; every body of water that existed prior to the Flood, whether stream, river, pond, lake, sea or ocean, was combined together into a single global sea.

This lecture provides findings around the world that are external to the Bible, that show the implications and evidence of a global flood.

Implications of a Global Flood
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