The Profit Model
4.8 (8 ratings)
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The Profit Model

How Build A Highly Profitable Online Business From Home
4.8 (8 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,313 students enrolled
Created by Nick Peroni
Last updated 8/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Build a highly profitable online business with my 5-step model for success in any niche.
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  • No prerequisites to this course are necessary. It will of course be less of a learning curve if you're already familiar with online marketing, but my course will show even the most new person how to get started and be miles ahead of the competition.

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The Profit Model is an ebook and video training series with over 12 hours of content that teaches you how to start from nothing with a zero dollar marketing budget and build a highly profitable online business from home using online marketing.

I will teach you a simple 5-Step model that I've used to build my business from 0 to $500,000 in online sales in only 2 years. This is something anyone can use for any niche, business, or idea.

This course will walk you through everything you need to get your online business up and running, or if you already have one, show you how to restructure it for massive profits in growth. The Profit Model is a "done-for-you" system, meaning I have done all the work for you, proved it, and am giving it to you in this easy to follow course.

If you have dreams of building your own profitable online business from home, then you need look no further than The Profit Model!

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is meant for anyone looking to leverage the internet to build an online business from home. I will show you a full action plan and model that can be applied to any business for maximum growth and profits. This is NOT for people looking to make a quick buck or find some sort of magic pill.
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Curriculum For This Course
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The Profit Model Ebook
1 Lecture 00:00
Discover how to transform your passion into the online business of your dreams with The Profit Model's simple 5-step formula to success in any niche.

Inside The Profit Model you will learn the exact system that has propelled my business from 0 to over $500,000 in online sales in the last 2 years, starting from nothing with a $0 marketing budget, and working from home.

This book is packed with case studies and examples from my own business, and will walk you through everything you need to know to get started on the right path for success. No matter where you're at now, whether just starting or struggling for years, this 5-step model will work for you and your business, and will set you apart as one of the top 10% of entrepreneurs online today.

I've spent thousands of hours and thousands of dollars accumulating all this information and distilling it into exactly what you need for success in an easy to read and extremely clear path to action, making this a "done-for-you" system to the online business of your dreams.

This stuff has worked in my life and business, and for countless others around the world.

Inside you'll discover:

  • The #1 Mistake Most Online Marketers And Entrepreneurs Make And HOW To Prevent It And Become Part Of The Top 10%.
  • The Best And Most Fool-Proof Way To Find Tons Of Hungry Buyers That Will Eat Up Whatever It Is You Want To Sell.
  • How To Set Yourself Up For Success So That Failure Is Not Even An Option And Profits Are Guaranteed.
  • The Best And Quickest Way To Understand If A Niche Is Profitable Enough To Become A Profitable And Sustainable Business.
  • The Mystery Behind Why Some Entrepreneurs Make It And Others Never Do, And Why You'll Now Become One Of The Those Who Do.
  • The Biggest Opportunity For You To Make Massive Profits From Anywhere In The World, No Matter Who You Are Or How Much Money You Have.
  • Insider's Crazy Secret To Building A Business Fast And Profitable Without Ever Taking On Debt, Loans, Or Investments.
  • The Best Way To Build Leverage And Authority From Nothing, And Become An Expert In Your Niche In Half The Time!
  • A Clever Way To Turn Cold Traffic Into Scorching Hot Leads That Want To Give You Their Credit Card Information And Buy Over And Over Again.
  • How To Become A Trusted Authority And Have Big Name Partners Searching You Out To Work With You And Your Business.
  • Get 5 Powerful Free Traffic Methods That Can Get You Started With A Zero Dollar Marketing Budget And On Your Way To Big Profits.
  • The Real Truth About Online Marketing And Everything You Need To Know To Quickly Rise To The Top of Your Market.
  • This Mostly Overlooked Concept Of Traffic That Can Change Everything For You And Finally Make Getting Traffic Easy.
  • How To Design An Offer That Will Have People Lining Up To Buy Your Stuff And Literally Bringing In More Leads Than You Know What To Do With.
  • The Secrets To Growing And Leveraging Your Business In A Way That Brings More Opportunity, Success, And Freedom To Your Life.
  • The Single-Most Important Factor To Building A Highly Profitable Online Business From Scratch In Any Niche.

And so much more!

No more frustration, confusion, or fear of the unknown. The Profit Model will guide you on the right path to success starting today!

My business is well on the way to the big $1,000,000 mark within 3 years of operating- a notable statistic that less than 1% of entrepreneurs ever reach. And I don't tell you that to impress you, but to impress upon you the power of this information.

Once I discovered it and applied it to my business, everything changed for me. Now I give it to you so that you can build the online business of your dreams too!
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The Profit Model Video Series: Beginner
6 Lectures 01:33:51

Building the foundation of your business is arguably the most important part. If you want to know why 90% of people fail in business or never reach that six-figures mark, it's because they never take the time to set the proper foundation to build upon.

The first part of this module is about your niche. We'll go over everything from understanding what makes a niche profitable, how to define your niche and make sure you understand your market, why the money lies in pinpointing a sub-niche, and how to make sure you are setting yourself up for longevity and big profits.

Preview 16:54

The second part of this module is all about something I call your "business why". It's probably not what you think, and I believe it's the single most important part in defining yourself as a successful business positioned for massive growth in your niche.

I will explain to you the psychology of perception and how to use it to your advantage, how to set yourself apart in any market you enter, and show you how the big players of the world are using their business why to create massive followings of loyal fans.

This factor alone will help you enter the top echelon of entrepreneurs.

Building Your Foundation- Part 2

In the final part of this module, I bring everything together with your business strategy. Tony Robbin's calls this part of business one of the most overlooked factors of business life.

It is part of what separates the successful from the unsuccessful, and what fueled our massive growth from nothing to $500K in online sales in only 2 years.

You'll learn the difference between tactics and strategy, understand what your business model needs to look like, and be in a position to achieve whatever business goals you have.

Building Your Foundation- Part 3

In this module, now that we have our foundation set and understand what makes a successful business flourish, we'll start going into some of the mechanics of online marketing.

Online marketing is a skill set that is widely misunderstood today. I will break it down into 3 definable action steps that help you focus on income-producing activities in your business.

You'll learn the truth about online marketing, what most people are doing wrong and why they're not succeeding, and how you are going to be different and positioned for success.

All 3 C's are defined and explained in this video.

The 3 C's of Online Marketing- Part 1

In the second video I will give a practical walk-through of how The 3C's of Online Marketing are going to become the underlying principles behind everything we do.

The Profit Model is an automated business system that puts your growth on steroids, and it all starts right here with understanding and indoctrinating these 3 core income-producing activities into your foundation.

At this point we are still in the foundation of your business, but when you finish this video you will understand the true essence of online marketing as a skill set that can be applied to build massive success in any industry. Furthermore, you will have clarity and focus moving forward.

The 3 C's of Online Marketing- Part 2

In the final module of the beginner's section of The Profit Model, I'll break down the 3M's of Marketing Mastery. These 3 principles focus on the marketing facet of online marketing, a distinction that will set you light years ahead of most entrepreneurs when you understand.

The 3C's of Online Marketing sets the foundation for the mechanics involved in building a successful business through online marketing, but The 3M's of Marketing Mastery focus on the essential philosophies of effective marketing in today's world.

By the time you are done watching this module, you will understand the exact process, ingredients, and balance that make up the perfect marketing recipe for any business.

The 3M's of Marketing Mastery
The Profit Model Video Series: Intermediate 1
15 Lectures 03:53:26

In the first module of the Intermediate 1 section of The Profit Model, we're going to start talking about your "Money Site" and how to build the central hub of your business.

Your Money Site is where your Core Offer will be hosted and where all your traffic will lead, and it's essential to understand how to craft an effective structure for your online business.

While there are many options available to build a business online, I am going to walk you through the steps of a rock-solid structure for success and profits. I'm going to explain why your Money Site is like having your own real estate on the internet, and how to make sure you build that real estate for maximum value and appeal.

Your Money Site- Part 1

In the second part of The Money Site module, I will draw out and give practical examples of what your money site will look like and the exact steps you need to take to build it.

I'm sharing my exact recipe and knowledge of the same site I've built that is responsible for well over $500,000 in online sales. I'm going to take you step-by-step into the reasons and purpose behind everything, and how to make sure you are building a place that will bring in traffic and make sales.

By the end of this module you will know exactly how to get started building your own money site for your business.

Your Money Site- Part 2

This video is the beginning of one of the largest and most essential training modules in this entire course- Lead Magnets and Landing Pages.

This first video will start talking about what a Lead Magnet is and the role it plays in online marketing, and as part of The Profit Model in building your business.

I will talk about why having a Lead Magnet is crucial for success in today's marketplace, and start going over some of the essential parts that go into an effective lead magnet your target market will love.

Lead Magnets and Landing Pages- Part 1

In this video I will continue to go over the essential factors that make a powerful lead magnet for your business. I give 5 keys to success in crafting your lead magnet, which will also speak volumes about understanding your target market and what drives sales to your business.

Next I will start talking about the types of lead magnets there are and giving real-world examples that you can apply, copy, and use to craft your own lead magnet.

Lead Magnets and Landing Pages- Part 2

This video picks up on the types of lead magnets available to you and your business, and will continue you walking you through powerful examples and ideas. I will also take it a step further and give you some awesome techniques for listening to your target market and finding inspiration that will help you craft the perfect lead magnet for getting tons of leads in your business.

Now that you're understanding of lead magnets is complete and you're armed with the knowledge to create a powerful lead magnet for your online business, I will transition into landing pages and how these two work together as the gateway to your business and making lots of sales.

I'll use a diagram to show you what most marketers/entrepreneurs are doing wrong today with their online marketing, and explain how this step is going to put you in the top 10% of marketers.

Lead Magnets and Landing Pages- Part 3

This video begins our look at Landing Pages (also called Capture Pages and/or Squeeze Pages), and how they integrate with your Lead Magnet to get you leads in your business.

I will go over 5 key focus points that make up a powerful landing page for your business, and explain how this all fits into The Profit Model as part of your automated machine to bring in leads that will eventually become sales.

I'll also start analyzing the structure of building a landing page for your business.

Lead Magnets and Landing Pages- Part 4

This video will further analyze the structure of a landing page, giving 3 more focus points that really zero in on the nuts and bolts of what makes a landing page such a powerful part of your business.

I will show you how all of this integrates into your Profit Model, it's exact function in creating leads, and explain how it sets you up for your Core Offer, your Follow Up Series, and of course making lots of sales and profit.

I will diagram how it fits into your Money Site, and you'll really start to see the whole picture of this automates machine that is going to build your business.

By the end of this video, you will know exactly how to build an effective Landing Page to house your Lead Magnet.

Lead Magnets and Landing Pages- Part 5

This video continues to expound upon the big picture of how your Lead Magnet and Landing Page will become the crux of your Profit Model for your business, and how it all works together to create a well-oiled machine.

I will go over examples and give you practical resources for building this section of your Profit Model, how and where to set up your Landing Page, and the essential parts you need.

This video will finish the module by detailing the final steps of putting your Lead Magnet and Landing Page into operation.

Lead Magnets and Landing Pages- Part 6

This video is a quick add-on to clarify one last idea that will help you in getting everything set up and understanding how this module applies to your business.

Lead Magnets and Landing Pages- Part 7

This module is all about creating the Core Offer for your business, which is the main thing you will have for sale to your target market.

This video will start by going over the principles and philosophy behind creating a value-driven Core Offer for your business that your target market will love.

I talk about the different categories of core offers you can have in your business, the different types within those categories, and the difference between creating your own offer or being an affiliate for someone else's offer.

I will also give you an excellent and proven technique to create a Core Offer that is guaranteed to sell every time.

Finally, I'll introduce the Sales Page and begin to explain how we are actually going to set up an automated way to sell our Core Offer within The Profit Model.

Your Core Offer- Part 1

This video will go into the sales page in depth and break down the different parts and essential elements into creating a powerful sales page for your business.

I'll go over the psychology of selling your Core Offer through a sales page, talk about highlighting the benefits of your offer, and get into the some of the effective selling methods to set you up for success.

Your Core Offer- Part 2

This video will go over Sales Copy and how to sell through words, images, and testimonials on your sales page. I will get into some advanced concepts about getting into the mind of your ideal customer, and show you exactly how to craft an offer that will sell over and over again.

I'll talk about how this all fits within your Money Site and the overall structure. And I will walk you through the powerful concept of selling through story-telling, and how you can apply this advanced concept to any business to walk your ideal customer through a progression that sells your offer without really "selling".

Your Core Offer- Part 3

This last video in the Core Offer module will talk about how to deliver your offer after someone purchases. I will define the main characteristics of Branding and Packaging your offer in a way that sets your business apart from the competition.

I'll show you how the whole process comes together in a way that can be automated, and break down the two sides of business to keep things as simple as possible in marketing and fulfilling your Core Offer.

Then I'll wrap this module up with a practical guide to taking payments, setting up your gateway for people to purchase from you, and resources to get you started monetizing your offer.

By the end of this module you will have the next part of The Profit Model completed: a powerful and value-driven Core Offer that your target market needs and will want to buy, set up through an automated sales page to take payments and make you money over and over again.

Your Core Offer- Part 4

The final module of the Intermediate 1 section of The Profit Model is all about Upsells, Thank You Pages, and Downsells in your business.

This first video will start with Upsells and talk about why they are crucial to making massive profits in your business. I will show you what makes an effective, value-driven Upsell that compliments and enhances your core offer. And I will give you real-world examples and types of Upsells you can use in your business.

I'll also talk about some amazing tactics for making your Upsell something your customer wants to buy.

Upsells, Thank You Pages, and Downsells- Part 1

This video will talk about Thank You Pages and Downsells, and how they integrate into your Profit Model for maximum effectiveness.

I explain the benefits of a Downsell, how and when to implement them into your business, and explain why they are a powerful option for businesses that want to save sales.

And finally I give you a clever way to combine your Upsell into a Thank You Page. I explain the psychology behind this, why it's an effective method your customers will respond well to, and show you how to implement it into your structure.

Upsells, Thank You Pages, and Downsells- Part 2
The Profit Model Video Series: Intermediate 2
12 Lectures 03:03:09

Traffic 101 begins the Intermediate 2 section of The Profit Model, and is the largest module of this entire course. And that's for good reason- Traffic 101 is an amazing module to get you off and running with a mix of powerful free and paid traffic strategies to fuel your Profit Model and build your online business.

This first video is going to start by explaining the psychology behind what getting "traffic" means, and give you some guiding principles into understanding traffic for your online business.

I'll start to show you how traffic works, explain why it can be much easier than people think, and show 3 principles to find that absolutely best and most profitable traffic for your business.

And I will also talk about about a mostly overlooked truth of traffic that will help you become an excellent marketer.

Traffic 101- Part 1

This video will start to talk about some free traffic strategies- beginning with social media.

Social media is an amazing and easy way to get floods of traffic to your business. It is widely talked about today, but mostly over-complicated and misunderstood by people who miss the point when it comes to this type of traffic.

I'll go over the biggest social media traffic sources and talk about how you can use them effectively to get your business off and running at no cost.

This video will mainly focus on Facebook, and how to market through Pages, Groups, Friends, and Events with attraction marketing. I'll give some tips and tricks, and offer insight into what works and what doesn't.

Traffic 101- Part 2

In this video I will talk about social media marketing with Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube. These are 3 huge traffic sources that along with Facebook can drive you tons of leads.

I explain the differences between the 3 different platforms and how they relate to certain businesses and audiences.

I'll show you how to use Instagram marketing effectively to reach audiences for no cost. Instagram is a booming market that reaches over 300M people, and is still a widely untapped resource. I'll show you exactly what the "gurus" are teaching inside their Instagram marketing courses and how you can use this strategy for great results.

I'll cover LinkedIn marketing and the basics behind this powerful traffic source that is considered to bring in the best type of leads through social media. I'll cover the different methods of marketing on LinkedIn, and show you how you can get started with this platform.

And I'll also start talking about Youtube marketing and how you can use the #2 ranked site in the world for traffic to start gaining exposure and leads for your business.

Traffic 101- Part 3

This video will finish up talking about Youtube marketing and how to optimize your Youtube videos for traffic.

The next free source I'll talk about is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I'll explain why SEO is such a powerful strategy that any serious online business should have in it's arsenal, and tell you how it fits in perfectly with The Profit Model we're building for your online business.

I'll go over some of the essential components to an effective SEO strategy, and explain everything in a way that will show you how easy SEO can be even if you've never even heard of it before. I'll also give you some amazing tips and tricks that will set you up for success and put you light years ahead most online businesses.

Traffic 101- Part 4

This video will continue with our free traffic strategies with Content Syndication. This is a powerful strategy that integrates with SEO and Social Media to turn your Money Site into a lead-pulling machine.

I'll walk you through some advanced concepts of Content Syndication and break down how it works in a diagram, while also giving you some amazing tactics to gain exposure and build your online presence.

Then I'll start talking about the last (and one of my personal favorite) free strategy- email marketing. This is not going to be what you expect. I'll show you how to use email marketing in a way that can build your business WITHOUT a list of subscribers.

Email marketing is how I personally built my business in the beginning when I had no money to market, no list, and no credibility yet. I'll show you exactly HOW I did that and talk about why it was so effective, and how you can use the same strategy in your business.

Traffic 101- Part 5

This part of Traffic 101 transitions into Paid traffic strategies for growing your business. As I say in the beginning of this module, you want to use Free traffic to make money when you have no budget, and then move into Paid marketing to make more money when you can afford it.

The first two strategies I'll start by talking about are Facebook ads and Google Adwords. Between these two sources, you can reach enough traffic to grow your business well into six figures of sales and beyond.

I'll talk about Facebook ads, using the powerful and intuitive Audience Insights tool, and how to reach any target audience you want on Facebook for very little money.

Then I'll start talking about the very misunderstood Google Adwords, which can be one of the most profitable and effective ways to get traffic and leads if you know how to use it properly.

And I will explain how you can use money to make more money with both of these sources when you understand how paid traffic and customer value works.

Traffic 101- Part 6

In this video I'll cover Banner and Display ads and show you why this can be such an effective way of marketing when you have a budget. I'll explain the process behind this form of marketing, and give you a great source to get started.

Next I'll start talking about Retargeting/Remarketing and explain how this powerful strategy can maximize the amount of leads and sales you get in your business. I'll give you two more sources for getting started on this strategy without much money, and walk you through the process of making it work for your business.

And finally I will start talking about how you can buy direct clicks (Pay Per Click marketing) to your business with a powerful site that has traffic brokers in every major niche. This is an amazing way to remove the guesswork from traffic and get as much as you need right from an excellent source.

Traffic 101- Part 7

In the final video of this module I will continue talking about PPC marketing and then go over the concept of a Solo Ad. Solo Ads are one of the oldest marketing methods, but surprisingly also one of the most confused by many people. I'll go over the basics and talk about how it can be an effective way to build any business, and where you can find vendors in your niche.

And as I wrap up this module, I'll relate everything back to The Profit Model and continue to build upon what we've learned already so you can see how this automated machine is all coming together in a powerful way.

Traffic 101- Part 8

The second module of Intermediate 2 is List Building 101. This module will complete the full cycle of our Profit Model by talking about building a list of subscribers and how to follow up with them.

I'll start by explaining what a "list" is for your business, what it means to get subscribers, and how all this fits into The Profit Model and your success. I'll debunk a well-known myth about list building, and set your focus on how to actually make money with this strategy.

Then I'll start to go over the psychology behind effective email marketing and how you are going to build a list of loyal customer that support you and want to purchase and then continue doing business with you.

List Building 101- Part 1

This video will outline the structure of how email marketing will work within your business to follow up with your leads and turn them into customers.

I will break everything down into pieces in a very easy to understand diagram with timeline of action that shows you how to structure a follow up series for your business.

This is all about understanding the parts of The Profit Model and how they all start to come together. I go back through everything to put the whole picture together: from getting traffic to your lead magnet, to capturing that lead, presenting them your core offer, and following up with them through email marketing to turn them into a fan and customer of your business.

We all experience this process with our favorite online brands and stores, and now you will know exactly how to get your own leads, build your own subscriber list, and create a powerful follow up series for your subscribers.

List Building 101- Part 2

This part of the module will continue to break down the follow up series into a science that is clearly illuminated for you and how it will work within your business. I'll get further into email marketing, what it is, and how it works.

I'll talk about segmenting your list into buyers and non-buyers, how to gauge interest and know how to talk to your subscribers, and the role of emails in everything we do.

I'll also start going into the autoresponder service and explaining how to set this up to your advantage, the different functions and options, and using autoresponders successfully.

It's important to understand that this will module will break everything down in a way that anyone can come in and become a master by the end, and even people who already know about list building will come through this much clearer and more focused on how to make money with your list after watching.

List Building 101- Part 3

The final part of this module will pull everything together in a way that makes you an amazing email marketer. I'll talk about the purpose behind the different parts of an email, and really get into the step by step process of sending an email and turning that into a sale.

By the end of this module you will understand how powerful and effective this is in building your business. You will also now have the entire picture of The Profit Model and how the Follow Up Series is the final part that makes this system run with amazing efficiency and ongoing automation.

All the pieces are in place now, and you will be able to build a Profit Model for your business that will set you apart and take your business to massive profits.

List Building 101- Part 4
The Profit Model Video Series: Advanced
5 Lectures 01:03:05

Now we have made it through the entire Profit Model and you understand all the parts that make up your online business, I'm going to talk about Automation, Leverage, and Authority.

And this module really helps to put The Profit Model into perspective for you. We're going to take a step back and look at the entire picture of what we just covered, and I'm going to illustrate for you exactly how all the pieces function together.

In the beginning I told you that some of the key advantage to The Profit Model are the ability it gives you to start from nothing and create an automated business that gives you leverage in your niche and turns you into the authority.

This module is going to further explain those concepts. And now that you understand what makes The Profit Model, this first video will be extremely enlightening to you.

We'll start with showing you exactly how The Profit Model uses all its components to set your business up on true automation, and what that means for you.

Automation, Leverage, and Authority- Part 1

This video will transition into Leverage and show you how the Automation you've established in your business is going to leverage you far above the competition.

Remember that this stuff is not theory, this is real world explanation of exactly how I engineered this, how other marketers and entrepreneurs have engineered this, and how you now can too.

I'll show you how Leverage works, how it intertwines with Automation, and go over the fundamental principles in understanding what it means to leverage yourself for success and maximum profits in your industry.

Automation, Leverage, and Authority- Part 2

The final video of this module will complete the cycle of what we're talking about with Authority.

I get into some deep concepts in this video about what it means to be an Authority in your market, how to establish yourself as the expert, and the necessary steps to really embody that type of success.

I'll even share some of my own personal experiences and really open up about how I've used this to change my life and get to the place I'm at today, in addition to building the business I now run and the type of numbers I've been able to create with The Profit Model you now have.

Automation, Leverage, and Authority- Part 3

The final module of The Profit Model is truly some of the most powerful business concepts being used by successful marketers and entrepreneurs today. In Business Growth Strategies, I am going to set you up for success now and into the future by making sure you understand exactly how you use The Profit Model for maximum effectiveness.

This is a module that goes over the concepts it takes to scale and grow a business from nothing to multiple six figures and beyond. I want to make sure that not only do you have The Profit Model and a system to build the online business of your dreams, but that you have the insight and knowledge of how to nurture it and grow it.

In the first video I'll cover 3 key ideas for business growth and success.

Business Growth Strategies- Part 1

In the second video of this module I'll cover 3 more key ideas for business growth and success, and wrap up the entire course on a note about how to go forward from here and get started.

The 3 ideas in this video are not only great for business, but for life and overall success in everything you do.

You're now armed with some of the most powerful strategies out there to build a business from the ground up, and you have The Profit Model to turn your idea into a highly profitable online business.

Business Growth Strategies- Part 2
The Profit Model Quickstart Checklist
1 Lecture 00:00

Whew! You made it all the way to the end... but that was a lot of content! This quickstart checklist will sum everything up in an outline to keep you on track as you build everything for your business.

This is a valuable resource for keeping you on course, and helping you identify areas you may need to go back and watch again as you build your very own Profit Model.

The Profit Model Quickstart Checklist
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Hi! Thanks for checking out my profile and my course The Profit Model.

I've been a full time, online entrepreneur for 3 years now. I've sold info products, physical products, and services. I've built websites, self-taught myself graphic design and sales copy, and studied with some of the best entrepreneurs and marketers alive today.

I am currently involved in many online businesses and projects, including coaching for a select group of students; but my most successful business to date is The iLOVE Team.

Together with my business partner and application of everything I teach in The Profit Model, we've done over $1M in online sales in the last 3 years!

As a marketer, my goal has always been to learn and document. And as a person, I've always loved to teach and help others achieve success.

I started from nothing 3 years ago, and now I run a million dollar company from home- I want to help others learn how to do the same. Because it's POSSIBLE for anyone.

So my course The Profit Model combines those two things. I took everything I've learned through trial and error over the last 3 years, and boiled it down to the exact steps ANYONE can use to build an online business from scratch to massive profits in ANY industry or niche.

And I mixed in all my personal insights, advice, and ideas from learning and building a million dollar business.

What came out is an amazing course that I hope you'll take advantage of.

I am blessed to be part of the top 1% of entrepeneneurs that have reached a million dollars in sales in their business, and now I want to share that with you!

Feel free to friend me or send me a message on Facebook or LinkedIn. I'm happy to answer any questions or network with other great entrepreneurs!