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About This Course

Published 2/2015 English

Course Description

Still wondering why the Law of Attraction isn't working for you? Stuck in a rut at work, struggling to find love, falling short of your dreams? You can change all of this and create a POWER Plan to live the life of your dreams. It's all about infusing the Law of Attraction with action and accountability and you'll get both in a fun and supportive environment.

  • IMPORTANT: Get direct feedback and support from a Live POWER Plan Life Coach when you submit a Online Coaching Form*!

Plus, archives of webinars facilitated by our founder, Lia R. Dunlap, CCHT are available in the *BONUS section and will teach you how to master every step and break free from self-sabotaging behavior, overcome fear and lack thinking. Each webinar will guide you to make the necessary steps to change your life for good!

Maximize your success when you utilize each of these program components:

  • Over 39 Video Lectures & 13 Weekly Discussion Topics
  • LIVE Coaching Feedback & Support
  • Members Only - discussions, support & feedback
  • Progress Charts & Goal Creation Worksheets
  • Real World Case Studies via Video/Audio Archives
  • Success Oriented Self-Hypnosis Audios

Important Updates:

  • Online Coaching Submission Form
  • New VIDEO & Audio Self-Hypnosis File(s)
  • Additional Case Study(s)
  • Watch Your Coach on the "Hot Seat" for a Q&A Interview
  • Editable Goal Creation Worksheet Forms
  • Downloadable Weekly Goal Tracker
  • ULP (Unique Life Purpose) Video Training

Course updates as of March 2016

Register today and begin turning your excuses into results and your dreams into goals! Join the ranks of past POWER Plan graduates like:

Mark [Entrepreneur]– Who increased his business sales by 400% in a single year!

Amanda [CSA Farmer] – Who created a life that aligned with her values and dreams.

David [Corporate Sales] – Who found both love and a new job. He also began exploring his creative side

Julie [Nurse] – Who, at age 42, found her new husband and became pregnant with her first child.

REGISTRATION BONUS! This program will continue to be updated regularly with new support materials and actionable tools to help you achieve lasting results. Register today to lock-in your spot to access all future updates, including access to 1-on-1 professional Life Coaching with our founder, Lia Dunlap, CCHT with no additional investment!

Remember, with a 30-Day no questions - MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - you have nothing to risk. However, by fully applying the tools, steps and concepts in The POWER Plan to your life you could MASTER THE LAW OF ATTRACTION and change your life for good in LESS than 30 days!

What are the requirements?

  • The POWER Plan book is recommended and referred to throughout the program. It contains an easy to use detailed workbook that coincides with the weekly lecture and is available in digital or hard copy format on Amazon.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Master the Law of Attraction in Six Simple Steps - by the end of the 90 Day course you will have achieved the confidence and results driven tools needed to positively change your personal, professional or spirituals life. You too can...
  • Increase your income 400%
  • Find the love of your life
  • Have the baby you've dreamed of
  • Boost your self-confidence
  • Become an Entrepreneur
  • Land your dream job
  • Deepen your spiritual connection

Who is the target audience?

  • If you are sick and tired of wishing your life away and are ready to unleash the POWER to create your dream life this course is for you.
  • The weekly videos for each session range from 2-13 minutes a piece. Please allow at least 90-minutes per week to view the entire series of each weeks videos and supplemental materials.
  • This course is best suited for people who are serious about making change, open to taking risks and ready to give up making excuses for good.
  • While this class is primarily for adults it can and has been followed by young adults (over 13 years) with proper parental support and supervision.

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
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Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: The POWER is in The PROOF

Read how one man took advantage of The POWER Plan steps to change his life and increase his business to six figures in one year.


Watch how one student started shifting her entire life into high gear and even used The POWER Plan to manifest her heartfelt dream of having a child.


Meet Adam and discover how this young financial expert rates The POWER Plan process step by step.

Section 2: Introduction to The POWER Plan - Mastering the Law of Attraction in 6 Steps

A brief introduction to Lia R. Dunlap, CCHT, The POWER Plan founder, Life Coach and Hypnotherapist.


I'm often asked, how did you get started in all this? Well this is a quick history of how The POWER Plan began.


A general overview of the nuts and bolts of the program.


A mandatory review of the rules and expectations of all parties involved in the program. It is important everyone understand not only what is expected of them but what is available to them as a POWER Plan partner.


Detailed instructions about all six steps of The POWER Plan program. Including a breakdown of benefits and best practices for success.


A quick discussion about goal creation versus dreaming. Includes tips for avoiding the trap of falling into "someday" land and steps to create a concrete plan for success.


A discussion on not only the POWER of our beliefs but the origin of those beliefs. Includes a brief interactive experiment about the mind body connection.


An in depth overview of the hypnosis process involved with The POWER Plan. Includes a discussion about the importance of shifting negative beliefs. Please use the supplementary material to jot down any of the negative beliefs you feel may be holding you back on the road to success. We will use this worksheet during the online group coaching sessions.


A reminder of all the program tools you will need before you begin. Including the BONUS supplemental items you will want to complete before you start your 90-Day program. The components include Audio Files, Support Forums and Worksheets such as (but not limited to):

Self-Hypnosis Audio & Video Files - Access to a regularly rotated stock of supportive self-hypnosis audio files that can be listened to via web at your convenience.

Holistic Calibration Chart - You must complete this chart online via the link provided. A copy will be e-mailed back to you upon completion. Print and keep this copy for follow-up during online group/private coaching sessions.

POWER Up! The Law of Attraction book (Optional). Many people have found the weekly success tips in this book to be a beneficial addition to their tool box.

** REMINDER ** The POWER Plan - Master the Law of Attraction in Six Simple Steps Book is a hard copy compilation of the entire program, including the worksheets - if you haven't already you may want to order The POWER Plan book to keep track of your progress during the program. Please allow 4-8 business days to receive book in the mail.

Section 3: Fundamentals for Successful Change

The 1st week's topic is designed to help the viewer uncover any mental obstacles that may be holding them back from achieving all the success they desire. It's intended to lay the foundation for future weekly topics and encourage participants to reconsider their current or lack of success strategies. NOTE: The archive files of LIVE - Group POWER Plan sessions are provided as supplementary material for additional feedback and inspiration.


In this lecture we discuss the creation of your initial Goal List. Remember, the key is to create a list that means something to you with goal dates that are challenging but possible. Note: You will need to have completed your Master Goal List to complete this portion of the course.


This lecture covers the details for using the Goal Tracker/90-Day Success Tracker Worksheet. If you haven't already, be sure to download the tracker from the supplemental materials before watching this video.


This lecture explains the purpose and the importance of creating a weekly Focus Goal. Included are details about the power of creating an online community for support and inspiration. In order to participate fully in the program we suggest you visit the Divine Strategy site and register for the POWER Plan group forums and Facebook pages. Both of these options are available 24/7 to current POWER Plan participants and graduates.


This partially interactive lecture covers a primary component of The POWER Plan. This valuable tool will provide you the opportunity to take what once might have been sabotaging your success and turn it into amazing fuel to reach your goals. Be sure to have a stack of post-its or a notepad handy before you begin!


This lecture covers step by step instructions for completion of the homework required to complete the program. Please note: Remember to "turn in" your Focus Goal, Leap of Faith and submit any questions for the coach to review via Facebook : Group POWER Plan. Or you may submit these via the Udemy Questions section of this course, replies are usually posted within 72 hours. IMPORTANT: While we may not be able to get to all submitted questions/homework those who submit homework via the email all submissions will answered in the order received. Additionally, if you are planning to receive a certificate of completion for this course and/or use it for the prerequisite for future POWER Plan Life Coaching training you will need to complete all lectures for all 13 weeks of this program.


In week two we discuss the idea and power of beliefs. Specifically, how our beliefs shape our lives, where they tend to originate and what we can do to overcome negative belief systems. NOTE: A link to the archive files for week two will be available in the resource section for reference and inspiration.


BONUS – This self-hypnosis audio file is designed to help you boost your self-confidence and is highly recommended for completion of The POWER Plan course.


In week three we discuss the power of gratitude as it pertains to shifting our focus and creating a mental equivalence of abundance. The idea is to train your mind to focus on what you appreciate so that you can increase it's presence in your life.


In week four we discuss how taking calculated risks creates a synergistic partnership with the Universe. By pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone you are stepping away from routine and allowing new opportunities to be discovered. NOTE: A link to the archive files for week four will be available in the resource section for reference and inspiration.


In week five we discuss the importance of utilizing your authentic voice in the world. Understanding that the entire Universe conspired to create the unique individual you are so that it could further all of humanity helps us to respect our purpose and place in the world. NOTE: A link to the archive files for week five will be available in the resource section for reference and inspiration.


In week six we discuss the idea of breaking through our preconceived notions of what is possible. By expanding our minds and listening to our inner guidance we can begin to focus our thoughts, energy and actions on achieving the highest and best goals for ourselves.

Holistic Calibration Chart - This week is also the time for a mid-line Holistic Calibration Chart which is available in the attached resources.You must complete this chart online via the link provided. A copy will be e-mailed back to you upon completion. Print and keep this copy for follow-up during online group/private coaching sessions.

Section 4: Rebuilding Your Core Beliefs

In week seven we discuss the importance of learning to appreciate the intricacies of our truest selves. Learning to look for and utilize the talents and skills that come naturally and set us apart from the crowd. NOTE: A link to the archive files for week seven will be available in the resource section for reference and inspiration.


In week eight we discuss the importance of holding on to our personal vision of success despite the objections and distractions of external sources. It is imperative to set aside small thinking, past excuses, and strike out for greater awareness of what is possible.


In week nine we discuss how you can overcome hidden pitfalls to financial freedom and step into the flow of natural abundance. By determining your limiting beliefs and replacing them with active thoughts of gratitude and acceptance you will become a magnet for money. NOTE: A link to week nine archive files will be available in the resource section for reference and inspiration.


In week ten we discuss the power of divining tools and techniques that help you circumvent the inner critic and connect with the heart of your subconscious mind. By learning to tune in to a higher frequency you can fast track your actions and propel yourself into streamlined success. NOTE: A link to week ten archive files will be available in the resource section for reference and inspiration.

Section 5: Mastering Lifelong Success

In week eleven we discuss how to overcome the martyrdom habit and break a cycle of self-deprivation. Gaining insight into the mental traps that keep us stuck in servitude and recognizing the importance of self-care as means of being of better service in the world. NOTE: A link to week eleven archive files will be available in the resource section for reference and inspiration.


In week twelve we discuss how to untangle yourself from the missteps of your past and move into your future with confidence and ease. NOTE: A link to week twelve archive files will be available in the resource section for reference and inspiration.

Holistic Calibration Chart - This week is also the time for your final Holistic Calibration Chart which is available in the attached resources. You must complete this chart online via the link provided. A copy will be e-mailed back to you upon completion. Print and keep this copy for follow-up during online group/private coaching sessions.


In week thirteen we recap the steps and tools learned in the program. Providing inspiration and techniques to continue on a lifelong path of success creation. NOTE: A link to week thirteen archive files will be available in the resource section for reference.


BONUS – This self-hypnosis video is designed to help you boost maintain your progress with The POWER Plan course by building on the new concepts and skills you learned over the last 90-Days. It is highly recommended for completion of The POWER Plan course.

Section 6: Bonuses, Resources, and Mastermind Challenges
1 page

This is a PDF version of a Weekly Goal List that includes 7 spots for your Goal, Leap of Faith and Goal Date. You can print it out and use it each week.


One of the best tools we have at Divine Strategy is the Authentic Role Worksheet. This simple worksheet helps my clients look at their natural talents, god-given-gifts, personal inspirations and spiritual beliefs to create a framework for their own Unique Life Purpose. Below is a quick demonstration on how to utilize this 4 step process to create your own ULP. Watch the video then download the form and share your Unique Life Purpose with us in the discussion board.


This is a quick way to access all the past replays of LIVE Coaching Calls and Webinars.

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Instructor Biography

Lia Dunlap, CCHT, Life Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Author, Entrepreneur

Lia R. Dunlap is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and the creator of The POWER Plan life coaching program. She is proud to have over 17 years of experience helping people change their lives for good.

As an Entrepreneur and Business Owner she created Divine Strategy – Inspired Coaching & Hypnotherapy in 2009. By providing access to her products and services online, by phone and in person she hopes to serve the life enhancement needs of people locally and all over the world.

Lia is a Best Selling author and audio producer and has created a series of self-help books and audio CD's which are currently available online and at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Powell’s Books. Mrs. Dunlap has experience as a Group Trainer and Facilitator and often volunteers to share her coaching skills and life transforming knowledge with community groups and local business leaders.

Her clients benefit greatly from the broad spectrum of experience she has had as a Corporate Account Executive in Multimedia Sales and Production, Corporate Marketing and Branding, Copy writing and Ad Creation, and as a Counselor for Special Needs & SED Children, as well as, her experience as a Clinical Data Specialist for Medical Device Trials.

Lia is also a registered member of the International Board of Clinical Practitioners, an award winning poet, fire walker, spiritually-minded healer, perennial student, proud mother and wife. It is the combination of her broad experiences, skills, talents and personal knowledge that she brings to her coaching and hypnotherapy sessions that allow her clients to get quick and lasting results.

  • Registered Member of International Board of Clinical Practitioners
  • as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Originally trained by Hypnotherapy Training Institute
  • and Certified in 1994 by American Council of Hypnotist Examiners as a Hypnotherapist.

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