The Simple Guide To Starting Your Own Podcast
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The Simple Guide To Starting Your Own Podcast

A step by step beginners guide to building a powerful professional network with your own podcast
4.5 (4 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
71 students enrolled
Created by Fred Williams
Last updated 2/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Create a Podcast that will accelerate your career
  • Create a Podcast that will grow you an unbeatable professional network
  • Create a Podcast that will allow you to become an expert in any industry
  • Earn money with a Podcast
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  • Students just need the desire to start their own podcast show

Creating a podcast changed my life. It made me more employable, it helped me start my own life as a consultant and it gave me a strong professional network that continues to support me and provide me with all kinds of opportunities.

At the end of this course, you'll understand how to create a podcast that has focus and structure. You'll also understand how it can be used it as the ultimate marketing vehicle for yourself, whether you want to break into a new industry and become an expert, further your current career and strengthen your network or simply start a new project and see where it goes.

In the course I'll show you my own case studies of success and failure. You will see why it's important to choose the right niche for your show (and your personality), and why you should treat your own personal back story ('about' section) as well as your own house.

We'll also discuss planning interviews and guests, how to attract hard to get guests to your podcast and how to develop a unique hook that will make your podcast stand out from the competition.

Finally, we'll look at promoting and marketing your show especially when you're on a tight budget and at the very end you'll find examples of how you can make money from your podcast.

I designed this course for people that are bored of standing in line with their resumes, waiting for things to happen. If you want to accelerate your career, become a recognised industry expert and create a powerful professional network then you're in the right place!

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for students who want to create a podcast to advance their career, network and overall prospects. It is a course designed for complete beginners so if you're already quite savvy with blogging, marketing and podcasting you should not take this course.
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Curriculum For This Course
49 Lectures
Course Introduction
2 Lectures 01:21
About The Instructor
1 page

How Creating A Podcast Can Change Your Career
6 Lectures 15:23
A quick look into how having your own podcast can give you credibility, especially when it comes to your career. In this example I discuss going for a job as a 'content creator' at a publication such as Wired magazine. If I go to such an interview and talk about my passion for small business (for about 10 minutes) or start by telling them I've recorded over 10 hours worh of interviews with small business owners, which approach do you think the interviewer will find more impressive. Having a podcast to showcase your area of expertise can give you a big head start when it comes to landing that future job or standing out from the crowd.
Preview 01:08

'Publishing something Digital is really valuable today' - In this extract from a Breaking Biz interview, John Quilter aka 'The Food Busker' explains why having your own online asset (whether a YouTube Channel, Blog or Podcast) is your most cost effective way to show who you are and what you do. Having this online presence is today's version of 'due diligence' where you can show off your skills, overall value and even test business ideas.
The Value Of Publishing Digital Content

Hear an extract from my real life interview with Software giants Intuit. Having my own podcast helped push me through to the next round and it was a big factor in beating my competition.

Case Study: Real Life Audio Clip From My Interview With Intuit

Learn what happens when you get an opportunity and fail to use your initiative. In this lecture, I discuss my meeting with multi millionaire Marc Worth and how I failed to capitalise on his offer. You'll see what I should have done (and if I had a time machine I would use it). I reflect on this missed opportunity by explaining what would have worked if I'd simply used my common sense. This lesson can be applicable to any kind of new business opportunity you're presented with.

Preview 05:32

In this lecture you'll see how a casual chat with a friend (from my Breaking Biz network) in Paris, allowed me to create a basic template I could use to sell into my existing client base. This 20 minute conversation ended up making me £2000 for just 10 hours of my time. By simply making some notes on my iPhone, I was able to return home and turn those notes into a real life business proposal for 5 of my clients. This lecture again demonstrates what happens when you're prepared to take action and use your initiative, instead of waiting for things to happen by magic.

Preview 04:46

Your first activity asks you to think of some real life events and how they could have become real opportunities.

Activity 1
1 page
Identifying Your Niche, Name & Hook
5 Lectures 25:05

We all know someone who thought a podcast of them and their friends talking about things would turn out to be a big hit. The problem is, people very easily forget that the rest of the world might not be as interested. When you commit to creating a podcast, whether to enhance your career, make some money OR have fun - it's essential to prepare beforehand. You will save yourself weeks and months of work, adjusting the format of your show, making improvements and so on. Of course you will always be trying to improve things but if you just start recording without giving it any thought you are 100% doomed to create a podcast that no one wants to listen to.

Why Your Preparation Is Essential To Creating A Great Podcast

This quick audio clip explores whether you should create a podcast about your 'passion' or whether it's more beneficial to choose a different topic in the long run. Students will hear an audio extract from Professor Cal Newport who strongly believes that following a 'passion' is bad advice.

The Passion Trap - How Steve Jobs Was Misunderstood

In this lecture students will understand some basic questions to consider before choosing a niche (subject area) for their podcast. It's very important to have a sense of 'focus' on your podcast and not create something that jumps randomly, as if you were having a conversation in a bar. People will subscribe to your podcast for the specific value it can provide them, and they won't be interested in hearing about your random interests or thoughts (unless you're already famous and have a huge online following).

What To Consider Before Choosing Your Niche

In this video we take a look at the table I used to help me decide which niche to create my podcast around. Students will understand the exact process I used before deciding to focus my own podcast on the topic of entrepreneurship. Before starting my own podcast 'Breaking Biz', I had a few ideas for other shows but eventually I sat down and tried to think clearly about which subject area would be more likely to enhance my career prospects and professional contacts.

The Niche Checklist - The Table I Used Before Starting My Own Podcast

In this lecture we'll explore how long someone should take choosing a name for their podcast and reveal why the 'hook' of your show is possibly the most important decision you will make.It's very common for people to spend all their time thinking up a great name for their project (whether it's a podcast or a blog). In actual fact it's much more important to understand what it is about your podcast that will make it stand out from the competition and encourage listeners to keep returning.

Choosing A Name & 'Hook' For Your Podcast

A simple quiz to test whether students have understood the message of section 2.

Activity 2
1 question
Creating Your Own Story
3 Lectures 01:09

When you have your own podcast, it's very easy to worry about being self promotional, especially if you're quite shy by nature. You may have all kinds of fears inside your head, such as people laughing at you online and telling everyone your podcast is terrible. Sure, this can happen but ultimately most of these insecurities are in your head. If you want people to take your podcast seriously, you have to take it seriously yourself. That doesn't mean being boring and acting like you're incredibly important, it just means opening up and allowing the audience to know who is responsible for what they're listening to. If you want to enhance your career, build a network and create opportunities for yourself it's no good hiding behind your website. Tell your story, sell yourself and build trust.

Don't Feel Insecure, Let Your Listeners Know Who You Are

Should you take time creating your own back story in the 'About' section of your podcast? Absolutely. Find out why it will make all the difference. Self promotion is often hard and can make us feel uncomfortable. The temptation is to try and let our work do all the talking but it's important to take some time over this area and demonstrate that you have confidence in your podcast. People can sense when you don't fully believe in waht you're doing and it can reflect badly on your work.

Why Your Story Matters
1 page

A real life story from a date I had with a fellow blogger. The story underlines why you shouldn't be ashamed to promote yourself or your podcast.

The Girl Who Kept Her Blog A Secret
3 pages

A quick quiz to understand why we create a back story ('about' section).

Activity 3
1 question
Technical Overview
5 Lectures 03:56

Do we need to waste time and money messing around with the same equipment used by award winning podcasters? Not really. This audio clip aims to convince you that spending too much time seeking out the best equipment or studio is actually counter productive. Lots of people will tell you it's necessary but this just isn't true. You can create a perfectly good podcast on a shoestring budget.

Debunking The Myths About 'The Best' Equipment

A simple checklist of the very few things I actually use to make Breaking Biz.

The Equipment & Software Used To Make Breaking Biz
1 page

In an interview on my podcast 'Breaking Biz', Elle Denning from Jumpanzee gives her advice for people creating their first website. It’s actually straight forward advice that anyone, business owner or not, should follow to avoid wasting money. It’s so easy to overspend on a website, but if you prepare in the right way you’ll not only have a website that focuses on the right things, you’ll also have more budget left over for marketing, sales or maybe that coffee machine you’ve been dreaming of…

The Simple Advice To Prevent You Wasting Money On Your First Website

A handy reminder on what to consider before you build your website. Following this document will save you both time and money as it highlights common mistakes and demonstrates some simple logic that will end up saving you both time and money.

Save Time & Money: Website Cheatsheet
2 pages

Most people will automatically choose iTunes as their default podcast directory, but it's not the only one available. Learn more with this document.

The Top 3 Podcast Directories For Your Show
1 page
Planning Interviews & Guests
7 Lectures 13:01

Listen to me make fun of myself as I reflect on the awful email I sent to Marketing guru Noah Kagan, employee no.30 from Facebook and now the founder of legendary AppSumo. You'll understand how a bad email can waste your time and someone elses. This is how to NOT attract a guest for your podcast show.

The Worst Email I Ever Sent To A Potential Guest

A final reflection on how bad emails are a huge waste of your time.

Important Reminder: Why You Need To Take More Care With Your Emails

Keep things simple. Finding guests is easy, but it takes some persistance. Use this document as a handy guideline. It's very simple but it exists because of how many people have emailed me looking for advice on attracting guests to their own podcast. The truth is, there's no real magic involved and a lot of people will say yes if you just take the time to find them.

How To Find Guests For Your Podcast
2 pages

Anyone who interviews people a lot will know what it's like when they have a boring guest. When you're in the early days of your podcast, it can be easy to think you just have to put up with it and publish the episode. In this lecture we briefly discuss what the options are when that terrible moment arrives. We reflect on how important it is to take some responsibility ourselves, making difficult decisions and getting a bit creative.

What Happens If My Guest Is Boring?

It's easy to lose control of your time (and life) when you become a slave to your interviewees. This will help you understand the 'batch' system which makes managing your life as a podcast host so much easier.

Scheduling Interviews To Make Life Easier
3 pages

A special treat as you can hear one of my very first attempts at an interview. In case you can't work out what's so bad, I also add an explanation in afterwards! It's a recording of my very first attempted interview and my lack of clear planning and confidence is incredibly obvious.

Example Of A Terrible Podcast Interview

With this simple activity we will understand why it's important to overcome our own self doubt and understand how to communicate with potential guests.

Activity 4
1 page
Promoting & Marketing Your Show
12 Lectures 33:44

Guest blogging can be a simple but effective way of growing your podcast audience and enhancing your position as an expert on a particular topic (i.e. your podcast niche). In this lecture we look at the simple way of locating relevant blogs to feature on and determine the best practice when it comes to doing your research.

Why You Should Consider Guest Blogging

Once you've targeted all the right blogs (or podcasts) that you want to feature on, you need to make sure you approach them in the right way to increase your chances of getting a 'yes' - it's not enough to copy and paste an email to the whole world and expect them to come running, you must show your value and make sure you're thinking of the other person's audience, not just your own agenda. Guest blogging is of course, a great way to sell yourself and drive traffic back to your own website/podcast/product but this has to be done in the correct way.

How To Pitch For & Submit A Great Guest Blog Post

You only get an 8 week window to feature in the iTunes 'New & Noteworthy' section, so it's worth preparing properly. In this lecture we go over some simple advice to give you the best possible chance of having millions of iTunes users viewing your new podcast.

How To Get Featured in iTunes 'New & Noteworthy'

There are no magic tricks here, just long standing methods that are known to aid organic growth of a podcast. You'll understand why being consistent with your output is so important and that it's not a crime to ask your audience to help you grow. Finally, we touch upon the supposed 'dead' tactic of email marketing and understand why this is such an essential part of your strategy going forward.

3 Simple Tips To Grow An Audience

In this audio clip we'll hear about why communicating to your audience via email is more valuable than trying to reach them on social media. This isn't about saying social media doesn't have a purpose, instead it's a reminder of why you're much more likely to find a more responsive audience when you communicate them in the more personal style of an email vs the 'hit and hope' style of social media updates. Haven't you wondered why big companies spend so much money on social media advertising JUST so they can obtain your email address?

Email vs Social Media

In this lecture we will look at the basic overview for creating an email list. We start by looking at the service providers, then discuss why it's important to have a compelling offer for your audience. Following on from there, we'll look at what information we should ask for (email vs address/phone) and then take a look at the best areas on a website to place our email capture form. No one can guarantee which area of a website will deliver incredible results, but there's common knowledge and of course the understanding that all of us will simply need to test and learn!

The Simple Guide To Starting An Email List

Building an email list is a great way of marketing your show, products and services but is there an etiquette involved? Absolutely there is. When someone is willing to give you their personal information, you have to take it seriously and respect the relationship otherwise you might quickly become known as a spammer. Here's some simple guidelines to help you understand the basic expectations your audience will have when they subscribe to your email list.

How To Build Trust As An Email Sender

A handy document to remind you of the simple rules that you should follow when you build an email list.

PDF: How To Build Trust As An Email Sender
2 pages

This is the PDF document I send to subscribers on Breaking Biz, in return for them giving me their email address. As we have previously discussed, it's important to offer something to your audience if you expect them to give you their email.

The Simple PDF Document I Use To Capture Email Adresses
9 pages

A small and simple document to show you why a regular newsletter can be a powerful weapon for your podcast.

The Benefits Of Having A Newsletter To Promote Your Podcast
3 pages

None of us start with a huge advertising budget, but having guests on your show can give you a great opportunity to drive listens to your podcast.The key is to ensure you're creating an interview that's so good, your guest will be desperate to share it amongst his/her network. The better connected your guest is, the more likely you are to drive traffic back to your podcast and website.

Maximise The Network Of Your Guests

A case study detailing how I managed to get 10,000 listens to one episode without spending any money.

10,000 Downloads With Zero Marketing Spend
Making Money From Your Podcast
9 Lectures 20:08

When it comes to making money from your podcast it's worth thinking about the kind of life you want to live. You might be creating a podcast to escape from the office and become a consultant (like I did). I didn't want to sit in a cubicle, and I also didn't want to spend too much time staring at my laptop constantly trying to make money through the thousands of internet marketing tricks that exist. I just wanted more control over my timetable, and the chance to go out and explore new businesses and make new connections. I also use the Amazon affiliate program and now create courses for Udemy, but how do you want to make money from podcasting? In this section we'll explore a few techniques.

Forget Get Rich Quick Schemes & Think About Your Lifestyle

Understand how episode sponsorship works with this simple guide inspired by author Tim Ferriss, who has had excellent success using episode sponsors for his popular podcast 'The Tim Ferriss Show'

Making Money With Episode Sponsors

A simple email template for approaching brands to sponsor your podcast.

Example: Emailing A Brand About Sponsoring Your Podcast
1 page

A look at the Amazon Associates program which allows anyone to easily embed product links into their podcast/blog/website. We'll discuss the different ways you can use Amazon Affiliate links on your website, including product reviews and top 10 lists. Finally, you'll see a small experiment I conducted with a blog post on Breaking Biz (results will be updated as they come in).

Making Money From Amazon Affiliate Links

An extract from my recent interview with John Lee Dumas, host of Entrepreneur On Fire. In this clip, you'll hear John explain how his podcast audience helped him create his awesome book 'The Freedom Journal'. It's a clear demonstration on the value you can create when you create your own podcast show.

Use Your Podcast Audience To Help You Create A Book - John Lee Dumas

Following on from the audio clip in which we hear John Lee Dumas talk about how his podcast became 'the game changer' , we focus on how he was able to create The Freedom Journal thanks to his audience and how you might do the same with your podcast. The process is a lot simpler than you might think, almost as simple as asking someone if you can help them with anything...

How You Can Use Your Future Listeners To Create A Product

Not everyone wants to make money sitting in front of a computer at home. Some of you will want to get out into the world and transform your existing skill set into a consultancy service. This is exactly what I did once I created the Breaking Biz podcast and in this short lecture we'll summarise how a podcast can quickly and easily turn you from office worker into consultant.

Using Your Podcast To Become A Consultant

In this very simple (fictional) example we look at how Jennifer used her new podcast in order to leave her full time job and become a consultant.

Consulting Example 1: Jennifer The Sales Machine

In this very simple (fictional) example we look at how Ryan used his new podcast in order to leave his full time job and become a consultant.
Consulting Example 2: Ryan The Fitness Guru
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