Increased Clarity & Focus for the Creative Professional
3.9 (14 ratings)
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Increased Clarity & Focus for the Creative Professional

Clarify your Goals, Boost your Productivity, & Actualize your Creative Vision
3.9 (14 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,339 students enrolled
Created by Andrea Hayes
Last updated 11/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Cultivate time management techniques that will greatly increase your productivity and efficiency.
  • Find the self-control to overcome your strongest impulses and cravings.
  • Kick the negative habits and addictions that are holding you back.
  • Develop daily habits that will maximize your physical energy and stamina.
  • Cultivate the inner strength and determination to see your vision through.
  • Eliminate all the distractions in your life which move you away from the trajectory of your goals.
  • Develop daily habits that will maximize your physical energy and stamina.
  • Identify the areas of your life where you get derailed and cultivate techniques and strategies which will ensure you stay on track.
  • Watch your life become more clarified, purposeful, and focused.
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  • Students will need access to a computer or a smartphone with internet access.
  • No prior knowledge is needed to enter into this course. We start with the fundamental principles of self-discipline and review all the ways in which it will immeasurably benefit your life.

Do you have a hard time focusing? Are you easily side-tracked by the hundreds of random distractions that interrupt your day?

This course will teach you proven, powerful techniques for how to stay FOCUSED on your goals and how to STOP falling off track!

I will share secrets that will skyrocket your motivation levels and strengthen your inner resolve. You will learn how to stay on track no matter what, even when disaster strikes!

Through examining the mind-body connection and learning how our bodies best operate, you will learn the secrets of how to maximize not only your physical energy, but also your mental energy and cognitive resources. This will serve to extend your attention span and increase your brain power, so you are able to stay focused and accomplish more!

Together, we will work to identify the present obstacles in your life as well as anticipate future obstacles that may arise. You will formulate specific strategies to navigate around all your barriers to success and will be guided in the process of developing contingency plans that will help you manage any potential future risks.

In this course, you will design a creative vision for your life that will give you direction and purpose. It's crucial to have clarity of vision, because that vision provides the vector upon which the rest of your life will flow. From an elevated perspective, all aspects of your life should assist and support you in the direction of you greater life purpose. Like a streaming river, everything should be moving you towards that one singular vision.

Hold yourself to a high standard! Challenge yourself! When you rise to the challenge and start seeing progress in your life, you will experience a deep-seated sense of fulfillment and a renewed belief in your self, that you can genuinely accomplish anything you set your mind to.

Come with me, and let me show you the shortcut to success!

***BONUS*** I have included a FREE eBook at the end of the course for you to download! This eBook summarizes the content of the course and is a great resource for you to review the materials in the future as you need it. Enjoy!!!

Who is the target audience?
  • People who struggle with fatigue and have a hard time getting motivated.
  • Those who want to kick their negative habits and addictions.
  • People who feel constantly distracted and have difficulty focusing.
  • Those who want to maximize their daily routine to reach their goals as quickly as possible.
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Curriculum For This Course
25 Lectures
The Power of Focus
2 Lectures 06:02

The Inner Warrior cultivates a clearly defined and active vision of where he or she sees life in the future. Oftentimes, the people who struggle with self-discipline don’t necessarily lack willpower or have a poor work ethic.Most of the time, they simply don’t have a compelling enough vision to make their immediate sacrifice worthwhile.They haven’t invested enough emotional significance into the goal they are working towards and, as a result, don’t have the emotional leverage necessary to resist their cravings.

When water flows unbridled, it has a tendency to spread thin and lose momentum.When water is restrained by a dam, it generates a tremendous source of energy. Our energy is like water - we can wield it in a powerful way by narrowing our scope and honing in on what we truly want to create.

Preview 04:12

What is your biggest dream? Where would you like to end up in life? What is your metaphorical 'light at the end of the tunnel'?

When building the power of focus, the very first step is to develop an end goal; a life vision that excites you, animates you, and inherently motivates you! Developing clarity of vision is essential, because that vision is going to provide the vector upon which the rest of your life is oriented.

This lecture includes a worksheet which will help you identify, in a very direct way, what YOUR greatest dreams are for the future.

Blueprint for Creative Vision (Worksheet)
Staying on the Trajectory
3 Lectures 10:27

Without a grounded and practical approach towards attaining successful outcomes, unforeseen events can undermine your efforts.

Rather than getting lost in details or worrying about progress, hold the vision and be willing to wait.Be patient and surrounding yourself with a sense of spaciousness.Patience and spaciousness are prerequisites to navigating the meandering course of time that will lead you to resolution to your problems.

Hold your vision and stay on track ~ adjust to constant change without compromising your integrity.Growth requires putting down roots, and that requires committing to what you want to achieve years down the road.

Preview 03:38

Sustaining an eagle-eye perspective is akin to taking a helicopter ten thousand feet up into the air, perching yourself on the peak of the highest mountain, and viewing the greater landscape of your life.When you keep an eagle eye view and root yourself in that higher-elevation perspective, you clearly see all the ways that your actions and decisions today will affect your life tomorrow, a month from now, or even a year from now.

Preview 04:36

Ever heard the saying, 'Rome wasn't built in a day'? Neither is your dream life .You will be required to engage in a series of tasks, broken down to small steps, over a long period time. Years and years, even. You will be required to maintain your focus; to demonstrate stamina and endurance for the long haul. When you envision your dream life each day, you build your stamina and endurance. You keep the channels flowing towards that final destination.

While it is always great to take action, too many people take actions that aren't calculated and don't produce tangible results. You have to constantly ask yourself: how am I making progress towards my goals? How will this specific action move me forward in context of the greater picture? Envisioning your dream life daily helps keep everything in perspective, so that you evaluate your choices and decisions effectively.

Envision Your Dream Life Each & Every Day (Worksheet)
Eliminating Distractions
7 Lectures 21:00

Between cell phones texts, social media, demands at work, traffic, bills, and the demands of friends and family, is it any wonder so many of us are left frazzled and burnt out?

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to get around this issue. We were born on this planet with a limited amount of time and energy to experience and accomplish the things that our hearts' desire. We don't have time to get side-tracked by things that will keep us from our life's vision.

I want you to use your life vision as your guiding light. Hold EVERYTHING else in your life up to this light. How does it measure up? How does each decision, obligation, and commitment in your life at present move you closer to your vision? Or, alternatively, how does it move you farther away?

Learning how to gauge your decisions in relation to your life vision is one of the strongest things you can do in the process of building focus. Make it a habit to consistently calibrate your actions to align with your final desired destination.
Eliminating Distractions

Social Media. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr. How much time a day are you devoting to social media sites?While there is nothing wrong with staying connected to friends, family, and colleagues, too much time spent on social media serves to narrow our scope and to keep us from realizing our potential. It is all about moderating the time you are spending on these sites.Try to avoid posting things that are irrelevant or that have no real purpose.
Social Media

TV. Cable. Netflix. You get hooked on a show and you can't pull yourself away from it. You HAVE to know the conclusion to the cliffhanger, so you keep watching. And before you know it, several hours have passed without you even noticing.

While shows and movies can be a great way to relax and unwind, how many hours a day are you allowing yourself to watch them? How many hours a day are being lost that could otherwise be spent working towards your goals?

Couch Potato Syndrome

Drama Kings & Queens. These types of individuals are physiologically addicted to the adrenaline that drama brings. They will deliberately create conflicts between themselves and others. Drama Kings & Queens delight in stirring up chaos. They love attention and will demand a great deal of your time, energy, and attention, orchestrating personal crisis after personal crisis to keep the attention feed going.

Drama Kings & Queens can be a major drain on your time, energy, and resources.They can easily deplete your well-being and create imbalances in your mental and emotional state.

Drama Queens & Kings

Unfortunately, there is no scarcity of toxic co-workers in the work force.Whether it be a supervisor that places unreasonable demands on you, cliques at work that deliberately exclude you, bullies that constantly critique your work unfairly, or social butterflies who are all too happy to let you pick up their slack, the number and type of toxic co-workers are limitless.

There are tactics that can be used that provide leverage and neutralize dysfunctional work dynamics. However, if you exhaust all the strategies for making your work place a healthy or manageable place to be without result, it is probably time to exit. No job is worth sacrificing your centeredness, sanity, or well-being.

Toxic Work Environments

Whether you are married, in a relationship, or merely friends, you are susceptible to becoming involved with a Narcissists or a Sociopath.

These types of relationships can consume an enormous amount of time and energy, if they don't full on stop you in tracks or take everything from you, including your life. These types may draw you into their web with their intense charisma, charm, love, and attention-giving. They may have a sense of mystery and intrigue about them that captivates you. They may possess impressive characteristics and qualities on the surface and, in the beginning, they may seem like a great catch.

The Inner Warrior, while innocent at heart, is not naïve and knows that there are many predators in the forest.Use your instincts and your intuition to protect and preserve your health, vitality, and well-being.

Pinpointing a Narcissist

Imagine for a second that the pathway to your dreams is like a train on a track. Building focus is the power you have to keep your train on track, heading swiftly towards your ultimate life vision.

When you increase your power of focus, you learn how to repair the wreckage that various distractions in life create. You learn how to keep your gaze on the final destination at all times, and you learn how to get back on track as quickly and efficiently as is possible when disaster strikes.

The worksheet in this lecture will assist you to identify what is presently distracting you the most in life.What people, situations, or circumstances are causing the biggest detours on the pathway towards your goals?What strategies can you develop to help minimize these distractions?

Identify What is De-Railing You (Worksheet)
Increase your Productivity
5 Lectures 10:06

There are plenty of maintenance tasks we have to perform in life that can’t be avoided: buying groceries, paying bills, doing laundry, cleaning our homes………..these are all mandatory and would lead to serious consequences if neglected.

They are, however, maintenance tasks and will not, in and of themselves, help us progress towards our goals.We should strive to complete these tasks with as much efficiency as possible so that ample time and energy remain for us to work towards the greater Vision.

Being able to discern what is ‘top-priority’ verses ‘low-priority’ in life helps us to build the most powerful daily routine.

Prioritizing Tasks

Working under the pressure of deadlines, ironically, can create more satisfaction. You are forced to increase your concentration, which initiates the psychological state of 'Flow'. You become immersed in what you are doing, which creates an underlying sense of gratification and satisfaction. You become forced into a state of higher productivity, and experience more satisfaction for having accomplished more.

If there is no specific deadline to complete a task, you will take longer to complete it. The pressure of deadlines help move us more quickly and efficiently towards our goals.

The Inner Warrior is always looking for ways to streamline his or her energy into channels of higher productivity.The use of deadlines is an effective tool to do just that.

Parkinson's Law: Making Use of Deadlines

By breaking down a long-term vision into small, feasible steps, it becomes more accessible and less daunting.We are able to flow into the process more harmoniously and with less anxiety or dread.

When something feels overwhelming, we tend to dread it. When something feels manageable, we are less resistant and can approach it with greater ease. Our emotional interpretation of a goal can make all the difference as to whether or not we take action towards it.

When you begin to generate results through the small tasks you are performing, you will create a kinetic energy which will inspire you to produce more and more results.When you start to see genuine progress in your life, you will experience a deep-seated joy and satisfaction.

Breaking it Down into Manageable Steps

Regular breaks increase your brain's ability to make creative connections and to come up with innovative ideas. Just like dreaming at night, day-dreaming allows the subconscious to wander, oftentimes lending itself to the manifestation of creative ideas.

When you concentrate on anything for too long, your brain starts to fatigue. The brain is like a muscle; it gets worn down after sustained use and needs a period of rest to be renewed.

When we sleep at night, there is much repair and restoration that occurs within our brain. Sleep is essential! But even throughout the day, the brain needs breaks.

Like REM sleep, the body moves in waves of activity and rest. When you identify your own body's rhythms and learn to 'ride the wave', you will maximize the energy, brain power, and vital reserves available to you.

Give yourself a Break!

This worksheet will guide you to develop a specific plan, step by step, that you can implement into your daily life so to effectively achieve your goals.

Creating an Action Plan for your Goals (Worksheet)
Preserve Your Brain Power
3 Lectures 05:49

Multitasking is akin to running too many programs on your computer, bogging the whole system and slowing it down.Working on one task at a time, contrary to popular belief, will maximize your focus and productivity.

Being focused on one task at a time is a powerful method for controlling our effectiveness within the dimension of time. While it may seem unlikely, it will enable you to get more done, and it will enable you to enjoy the task more

The Inner Warrior is always seeking ways to simplify his or her life, to eliminate chaos and make a more manageable daily routine. Focusing fully on what we are doing enables us to slow down, remain centered, and to stay fully rooted in the moment.


In the same way that your mind gets fatigued by concentrating for too long, your mind also gets fatigued when you make too many decisions.

Simplify your day. Limit your choices: wear similar style clothing, eat similar foods. Take one route to work. The less menial decisions you have to make, the more mental energy you will preserve for higher-level thinking and higher-level problem solving.

Cognitive resources are a precious commodity. Our minds can easily be depleted with too much use. It's all about identifying what are the highest priority tasks, and reserving our brain power for them.

Eliminate Trivial Decision Making

Through paring down your life and simplifying your daily routine, life becomes more manageable.

Not only does over-thinking waste precious time and mental energy, it also complicates tasks and forces you to spend more time organizing information.

Often times, things are as simple as they appear. You will be much more effective in the world if you are able to take things at face value or to react from your gut instinct. Using either our intuition or our gut instinct enables us to more quickly make decisions and take action rather than be suspended by indecision and over-analysis.

Over-thinking & Over-Doing
Managing Setbacks
2 Lectures 05:07

When negative circumstances arise, many will begin to panic at the prospect of a severe setback that may have long term consequences or may even be impossible to overcome.Once we succumb to panic, however, then helplessness and confusion will begin to cloud our mind and put a stranglehold on our ability to think clearly or to remain centered.

Struggling against ‘what is’ will only compound your frustration, increase your despair, doubt your strategies, and potentially cause you to abandon fort prematurely.

When you bemoan the unfairness of fate, you indulge in the victim mentality, which undermines your ability to take empowered action.

The big picture is dispassionate, it is never fixed; it is an ongoing, balancing dynamic that works to reduce excess and fill emptiness.Persevere by rolling with the current rather than resisting.Take responsibility for the choices you have made which have created the current state of affairs, work to correct them, and what is now seemingly insurmountable can be overcome.

Managing Setbacks

You always have the choice to either stay small or to think abundantly.Each of us is continuously challenged by life to create abundance from a rich soil of possibilities.Even when we refuse the invitation, we’re still given more.

Embrace challenge.Don’t allow yourself to be dragged down in the sludge of self-pity, gossip, pessimism, or anger.Be noble.Use the weapon willpower to be free of these things which dim your flame and tarnish your spirit.

The only way to ever really know and experience a sense of well being is to take responsibility for both the subtle and overt messages you are generating about your life.Be bountiful with yourself and with all the positive, radiant beauty that is present in your life today.Nobody else can be responsible for your joy.

Keeping an Optimistic Mindset
1 Lecture 02:17

Scientists are coming to identify that grit – our ability to persevere and to follow things through until the end -is the highest determinants of our success.Our level of grit trumps our social intelligence, standard IQ, or even the degree of inherent talent that we were born with.

Grit involves tenacity and an unwavering commitment to your objective. If you start with small steps, giving yourself the time and space to master your craft, you will cultivate a long-lasting competence and confidence in yourself.

Gritty people are: resilient, go getters, self-motivators, in control of their emotions, relentlessly in pursuit of their goals, and tenacious about barreling through obstacles.

True Grit
2 Lectures 01:00

If you apply what you've learned, I PROMISE you are going to increase your efficiency and effectiveness ten times over, if not more.These strategies are geared to create SOLID results.

The bottom line is ~ be results oriented. When you are producing results, you stay motivated, and you keep producing more results.

You develop momentum, and you hold yourself to your trajectory. Like the train on its tracks, you stay focused, and you prevent any major derailing.

Best of luck and whatever you do, stay on track!


As an extra added bonus, I've included my eBook "Unleash your Inner Warrior: Cultivate the Focus, Self-Discipline, and Willpower to Achieve Any Goal."

This eBook covers much of the material we have addressed in the course and also incorporates elements of Zen & Taoist philosophy into the principles we have reviewed.

You are more than welcome to download it from this lecture's 'download' section.

I hope you enjoy it!

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For fifteen years, Andrea has mentored and coached individuals to develop successful strategies in career, finance, relationship, and creativity. She received her B.A. in Psychology from the University in Missouri in 2001 with a minor in Creative Writing. Andrea initially pursued a career within the human services industry, working for various non-profit agencies in the quest to provide effective treatment to those in need.

After operating within numerous traditional therapeutic paradigms and modalities, Andrea began to observe that traditional talk therapy and behavioral intervention did not seem to help people make dramatic or lasting changes in their lives. This observation was the beginning of an ongoing process to discover a more effective way ~ to identify not only what it means to adapt and be functional within society, but what it means for an individual to thrive, excel, and actualize their true gifts.