The Performing Musicians Blueprint
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The Performing Musicians Blueprint

Are you a musician? Learn how to perform & play in an expanding market & how to increase your performance earning today!
4.5 (1 rating)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
5 students enrolled
Created by Ged Brockie
Last updated 8/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Know what you will have to do to gain gigs in a multitude of areas.
  • Understand what agents are looking for.
  • The rates of pay you can expect to receive for specific performance areas.
  • Understand what not to do in specific music industry circles.
  • How to supercharge your earnings across a multitude of performance scenes.
  • Appreciate the huge amount of performance opportunities out there and know how to gain higher rates of pay and work towards better work.
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  • Be of a performance standard that will allow them to perform live in front of an audience or perform a repertoire of music.
Learn How To Supercharge Your Earnings Playing Live Music In A Myriad Of Different Musical Scenarios As A Working Musician!

Do you want to know how you can ramp up your income as a performing musician? With all the tales of doom and gloom regarding earnings from recorded music, you would be forgiven for thinking that the days of making a living from music are over! If that's you then read on because you couldn't be further from the truth...

The music business....think about it for a moment. It's a business like any business. It's show business. Business is at the heart of entertainment and if you are a musician who is not switched on regarding business and how to develop yourself professionally then you are missing out on a huge range of opportunities. 

This course is not about learning an instrument, theory, stage craft. It's about the business of getting gigs in a multitude of scenarios. I should know; I've been doing it for over thirty years. So here are some things to think about....

  • Do you have instrumental skills that you are not exploiting to the max?
  • Would you love to be earning part or all of your living from playing music?
  • Are you looking for new avenues of opportunity as a performer?

There are many reasons to play music and for most part, hobbyist and semi-pro musicians, feel that there is one reason you should not play music and that is to make a good living from performance...well that myth needs to be dispelled with and I will show you how. 

This course is designed to help you understand, seek out and take part in the performing revolution that mirrors in optimism the negativity surrounding the recorded music industry.

This Course Will Teach You What You Need To Know To Become A Musician Who Has A Fulfilling Time Performing Music & Being Paid For It:
  • The many diverse ways you can create and take part in performance opportunities. Not just for virtuoso musicians but for people who have skills, can communicate effectively and love music.
  • Learn the rates of pay that you can expect to earn from working as a performing musician in different musical scenarios.
  • With the Internet revolution all around us, learn the do's and don'ts when it comes to online marketing and dealing with agents.
  • Understand how to deal with clients, fixers, booking agents, the opportunities of session work in the real word, how to get festival gigs, wedding gigs...
  • ...and much more!
Here's What You'll Learn in The Introduction (Module 1)
  • The number one skill you need to develop if you want to work in the music industry as a player; and it has nothing to do with how good you are on your instrument!
  • The other important skills you will need to develop to be able to work in as many musical scenarios as possible.
Performing In Wine Bars, Pubs, Restaurants, Hotels  (Module 2)
  • Find out who really matters when looking to find work in these places.
  • The number one reason that bar owners give which you should be wary about!
  • How to present yourself and your music.
  • The sort of money you can expect for a given period of time and gig longevity. 
Corporate Entertainment (Module 3)
  • Understanding what corporate is and what it is not!
  • The types of work that generates music opportunities.
  • The basics on working in corporate entertainment and the usual dress codes needed.
  • How you need to deal with the client.
  • What you can expect to be paid in corporate entertainment and knowing your worth.
  • Advice on looking for and dealing with booking agents and what to look out for.
  • Where to look for work - the smart way to find out about opportunities.
  • Know when you should look for double payments.
  • Understanding contracts and how you get paid.
  • If you are fixing the gig, what you should charge for your responsibility.
Cover Bands - How To Rise Above The Rest (Module 4)
  • Where cover bands work.
  • Advice from a top agent on working with cover bands and what he expects.
  • Why you really need to consider being part of an agency opposed to going it alone.
  • What booking agents are looking for from new bands.
  • How to ensure you keep getting referrals for new work.
  • The repertoire that you will need in a covers band.
  • The money that you can expect from this type of work.
  • The investment needed for a band to command high fees.
  • Musical considerations and how to make sure the night goes well.
Performing Solo - A Challenge Well Worth The Effort (Module 5)
  • The type of music and length of repertoire you will need to perform solo.
  • The challenges and benefits of playing solo.
  • Ideas on how to expand your repertoire. 
  • The amount you can expect to charge for solo work.
  • Where you can look for work playing solo.
Wedding Performance Opportunities - A Gold Mine! (Module 6)
  • The problem facing musicians looking for work in weddings.
  • The number one place you need to be when marketing your music or your band.
  • Discussing the many different places music can work in a wedding.
  • Potential money spinning ideas if you would like to work in weddings.
  • Making sure your talking to the right person who really makes the decision.
Working In The Theatre (Module 7)
  • The difference between working in amatuer and professional productions. Probably not the difference you think! 
  • Understanding the rate for both amatuer and pro productions.
  • What you can expect in terms of show runs and the amount of shows per week.
  • Other places you wouldn't expect to find theatre music work.
  • Professional theatre productions - the must know advice before saying yes.
  • The one big skill you will need when playing with pro theatre companies.
Trade Shows - An Opportunity Worth Targeting (Module 8)
  • Who you need to contact to get into the trade show environment. 
  • What instrument manufacturers hate and what not to do!
  • What working in trade shows can do for you.
  • Discussion on fees and subsistence.
  • How to get potential clients onside.
Everyone Wants To Be A Session Musician (Module 9)
  • The current state of play with session work in the music industry.
  • The skills you will need to work in this arena.
  • New areas of work and where to find them.
  • How to maximise your income potential per session gig.
Boats & Holiday Camps! (Module 10)
  • Everyone is looking for a holiday. The reality of working on the boats.
  • Where to find work.
  • What the operators are looking for.
  • The skills needed for this type of work.
  • What you can expect to earn.
Orchestral Performance Opportunities (Module 11)
  • How to get into orchestral playing.
  • Other opportunities that will give you on the job training.
  • The skills needed for this type of work.
  • How does the payment system work which is unlike any other musicians job.
Festival Gigs (Module 12)
  • What festival organisers are looking for.
  • How to approach festivals.
  • When you don't get a response; what happens next?
  • What you can expect to earn.
Final Thoughts (Module 13) 
In this final module I will chat through the course and will also use it as a place update and add new links for you to check out which will help you in finding performance work.
It's Time To Make a Choice About Your Career as an Musician...

If you are tired of having a virtual musical life then take this course. You will learn that, armed with the knowledge contained in these twelve lessons, you know what you will and will not be able to take on in the short term. 

As you gain experience and knowledge, you'll have the confidence to move into higher value and at times, more demanding musical work.

P.S. Just scroll up and click "Take This Course" now to begin your journey to becoming performing musician.

The Performing Musicians Blueprint is brought to you by guitarist Ged Brockie. Ged has distilled his thirty years experience, performing in almost every conceivable musical situation to give you the inside track on gaining new ways to play and perform. The rates of pay you can expect, dealing with agents, the insider knowledge when it comes to wedding music, session work, festivals and much more.

The course consists of thirteen videos and an accompanying book. The video content is nearly two hours in total and is structured by performance area. A quiz is also included at the end of the course so you can see how much you have retained from the materials.

If you are a musician who is looking to enhance your chances of performing in a multitude of areas, then this course is definitely for you.

Who is the target audience?
  • Musicians who are adept at their instrument and are looking to earn a living from performing music.
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Curriculum For This Course
14 Lectures
1 Lecture 04:18

In this section, you'll be introduced to working in performance overview. I introduce myself and you will get to know me and the work I have done as a musician and how this relates to the course. 

This lesson will cover the various skills needed to work in the music industry as a working musician. As well as this, you'll be offered some invaluable advice regarding the main problems that will make or break your career. 

Preview 04:18

2 questions
1 Lecture 09:06


The first port of call for musicians who are looking for gigs is usually a local pub. I have worked in all of these areas and it's where I began my musical journey when I was just in my teens. I made a lot of fundamental errors when trying to work in these areas, so I hope you take this course and learn from my mistakes!

This lecture discusses who you should talk to whenever you try to get into this area of employment. Also, we discuss how much you can expect to gain as well as how hotels figure in terms of performance opportunities.

Wine bars, Pubs, Hotels, Restaurants

5 questions
2 Lectures 22:51


WIthout doubt working in the corporate music world is both lucrative with regards payment and at times demanding regarding the client. I made a good living working in corporate music and you can too!

You absolutely need to know the best route into this as well as how to deal with the many competing elements within the field. We look at how they expect you to act, dress code etc.

Corporate Entertainment Introduction

5 questions


Although many bands now think the best route to playing in the corporate world is through their own efforts, there is no doubt that a good agency or agent can make all the difference. I have worked with various agents for over thirty years and have got to know many of them as friends, but beware, they are out to make money and you are their avenue to doing that!

In this lecture we look at how agents work, the things they do and don't like and what you as a musician need to watch out for. We also cover contracts and money aspects.

Corporate Entertainment Expanded

5 questions
1 Lecture 13:37


This is a really great area to work in as a musician. You can literally make a fortune if you do it correctly. I worked for over eleven years in a covers band that was working three, sometimes four times a week. I know the good points and the bad points as well as some of the pitfalls. 

It's not an easy road either and we look at what is expected from you and how you need to go about this. Definitely an important avenue of work for today's musician. 

Working in a cover band

5 questions
1 Lecture 11:34


This module tackles an area that I have enjoyed and benefited from over my 30 years playing. Solo performance is challenging but very rewarding both artistically and financially. In this module, I'll open the lid on what you absolutely need to know to ensure you get the most from this area of work most musicians are frightened to move into.

Solo performance outlined

3 questions
1 Lecture 06:45


I have worked in every conceivable area within the wedding gig circuit. I will go over all the areas where work can be found, but more importantly, I discuss the main problem re getting gigs and point you in the direction of the mother load where you can pick up engagements for the next year and a half if your happy to work.

Creating performance opportunities at weddings

5 questions
1 Lecture 13:20


I have worked in high end productions with thousands of people in the pit band but I have also created opportunities in much smaller productions. How? Well in this lecture I'll talk you through how you can get into this arena of work and who you need to connect with to gain vital experience and knowledge before you take a tip at the big time! 

I'll also talk about other areas of work that you might never think of in terms of theatrical areas of work and how today's musician can benefit from them.

Working as a musician in the theatre

5 questions
1 Lecture 06:50


Actually representing musical manufacturers at music industry events is a really excellent way of getting known across the industry where it really matters and that is what this module covers.

There are two types of industry and closed. I'll talk about these and how you can move into this area. I also discuss the usual mistakes people who want to get into this area make and provide solutions to help you become a valuable member of industry players and how this can really help your profile and strength within the industry.

Preview 06:50

3 questions
1 Lecture 08:41


If I had a penny for every young musician who told me that they wanted to be a session musician I'd be a very wealthy person! The facts are that the reality of the session musician has utterly changed. It's a new world out there and you need to understand and know how to be part of this new digital world. 

I have and still do session work, but there are many new and more profitable ways to make a living...that's what will be covered in this module. Ensuring the session work does not dry up!

Finding session work in the digital age

5 questions
1 Lecture 07:03


Today there are a huge amount of luxury boats that meander around the oceans of the world pampering a huge amount of people. All of these vessels need one important ingredient...entertainment. This is where you come in! 

Not only on boats, but holiday camps are seeing a resurgence and again it's an area where bands and musicians can get steady and well paid work. In this module we look at how to engage with these areas of work.

Working on the boats and holiday camps

2 questions
3 More Sections
About the Instructor
Ged Brockie
4.5 Average rating
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80 Students
2 Courses
Creator of the online Guitar & Music Institute

The driving force behind the online Guitar & Music Institute. Teaching people not only how to play guitar, but also marketing online for musicians, creating careers in music and much more.

Professional Work

Continue to work in a variety of musical situations throughout Scotland, the UK and Europe. Work has included the RSNO and ORSB, Carl Davis, the Scottish Guitar Quartet, concerts both solo and as part of bands, tours, West End shows on tour, various musical shows throughout Scotland, music festivals, TV/radio appearances, session work, educational workshops, guitar and music industry appearances, corporate music in all it’s forms as well as cover band work.Education & Industry Programs.

Tutored guitar, composition, writing for film and technology at all levels from high school through F.E. (further education colleges) to higher education (university). 

Developed and co-ran the Jazz UK international summer schools with saxophonist Rob Hall for five years and pioneered the European arm of the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program led by double Emmy winning composer Hummie Mann based in Edinburgh. In 2013 I was part of a small team that created the Edinburgh Guitar & Music Festival.