Fat Loss 40 Solution - Bodyweight Workouts, No Torture Diets

The World's First and ONLY 8 Minute Fat Loss Solution for 30-40+ Year Old Men/Women Who Lack Time, Energy and Motivation
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About This Course

Published 3/2016 English

Course Description

UPDATED:  "January 15th 2017" (NEW YEARS SPECIAL)

Enroll in this course and I'm going to through in a FREE bonus just in time for the New Year.

Learn which 14 common foods BOOST your thyroid and flatten your belly in this 27 Page FREE Report… Today we’re GIVING it away 100% FREE!

If you are not sure what foods actually help with fat loss, click the image below to get a 100% FREE PDF on the 14 foods that BOOST your thyroid.

Learn which 14 common foods BOOST your thyroid and flatten your belly in this 27 Page FREE Report… Today we’re GIVING it away 100% FREE!

★★★★★ After 2 weeks of trying the information you provided I started my weight loss again, let me explain. Back in May of this year I started on a weight loss program, your typical diet just eat below your calorie count. I started this weighing 220 lbs. and I dropped down to 185 lbs. just doing that with weight training. Then around August my weight loss was at a stand still and could not lose anymore weight for about a month. Then I came across your program and in 2 weeks of using the information you provided in this course I started to lose more weight, I am at 183 lbs. losing 2 lbs. and continue to lose weight. My problem spot is belly fat and now I am seeing the belly fat going down there as well.. With this program I am seeing results and will change the rating. I am glad I purchased your course and recommend it to anyone that wants to lose weight. I want to thank you for your help... H Sanchez, Tx

Everything Your Doctor or Health Professional Has Told You About Exercising And Dieting to Lose Stubborn Belly Fat Is Flat Out WRONG …And This False Information Completely Destroys All Of Your Hard Work and Sacrifice While Shutting Your #1 Fat Burning Hormone Down To A Grinding Halt.

You'll never have to:

  • Starve yourself with the same old boring and bland diet such as chicken and broccoli or another tasteless frozen dinner you find in the supermarket.
  • Get another expensive gym membership, outrageous gadgets or any other gym equipment to finally incinerate stubborn belly fat.
  • Suffer through another long and boring cardio session that destroys your knees, back and joints.
  • Spend more time doing wasteful exercises in a crowded gym


Because There's A NEW, Simple, Enjoyable, And MUCH Faster Way That Allows ANY Man or Woman in Their 30's, 40's, 50's and older to…Unlock Their Hidden Potential and Lose Stubborn Fat By Using Short But Effective 8 Minute Workouts That Increase Energy and Motivation WHILE Losing Up To 14 Pounds in 21 Days WITHOUT Weights or Torture Diets!

Unlike with starvation diets and traditional long exercise methods, my new fat loss solution course works WITH the unique biological changes your metabolism goes through between the ages of 30-50's and beyond.

There's never been a metabolism treatment that was EASIER and FUN to fit into your busy lifestyle…

You may think you've tried everything when it comes to losing the stubborn midlife pounds…

I'm here to tell you that it doesn't matter if:

  • You feel you are too out of shape and sluggish or overweight to attempt one of those insane DVD workout programs
  • Your metabolism has come to a crawl because you unknowingly were doing the wrong workouts that left you frustrated.  
  • You have a busy schedule with a stressful job and then come home to family life lacking energy.  
  • OR even if you've tried EVERYTHING and Failed in the past.

You’ll FINALLY see STUBBORN fat melt away from around your stomach, hips, and thighs while building LEAN muscle in the easiest and fastest way possible WITHOUT torture diets or suffering through long, boring and painful workouts.  You'll also:

  • Create an All-Natural SURGE of Fat Burning and Youth Hormones (release, "burn off", and permanently REMOVE your most stubborn fat)
  • REIGNITE Your Dead Metabolism (can be done at any age, anytime, anywhere so it fits PERFECTLY into your busy lifestyle)
  • Reprogram Your Body to Burn MORE Fat Faster (EVERY time you use the Over-40 Fat Loss Solution Exercises. 

All You Need To Do Is Follow The Fat Loss 40 Solution In This Course and You'll RESTORE and REJUVENATE Your Body Back To Its "Youthful" State Making Your Friends and Family Envious.

Introducing The Fat Loss 40 Solution

"The World's First and ONLY 8 Minute Fat Loss Solution for Men and Women in Their 30's,40's,50's and older Who Lack Time, Energy and Motivation!"

These are all ten of my best Non-Cardio Fat Loss Protocols you won’t find anywhere else.

Some people call it the Holy Grail of fat loss, because this is exactly how to lose fat without losing muscle.

Whether you need to kick-start your fat loss today or you want to shred any excess fat when you’re done bulking up, you’re going to want to start adding my Fat Loss 40 Solution immediately.

In Fact, The Fat Loss 40 Solution BURNS Fat Up To 9 Times MORE Than An Hour Of Traditional Cardio Workouts.  

Here’s the deal when it comes to fat loss.

You likely have heard the best way to lose fat is to add cardio and reduce calories. The problem is that this combo always results in muscle loss and robs you from showing off your past 18 weeks of gains...

The "common knowledge" is that's just the way it is… you gotta do your cardio and you gotta drop calories.

That's the way I’ve done it for over ten years now myself. Turns out the common knowledge is actually nonsense.

Yes, cardio can burn fat, but the more you do, the more you put your new muscle and strength at risk... thankfully, there is something better… and much smarter… and much more fun.

You see, once you unlock the power of Body Weight Circuits (the other equally effective non-cardio fat loss method included inside Fat Loss 40 Solution), you will hold the key to quickly melting fat off your body like butter in a microwave, while leaving your hard-earned muscle intact…

Amazingly, some guys I shared these tools with actually found they gained muscle while cutting.


Because these tools require you to actually keep your calories high and burn the fat off, instead of slashing calories and starving it off…

Again, the moment you start adding cardio or dropping calories, your muscle and strength are put at risk.

Now you need to know these two tools are two of my best kept secrets amongnst myself and my 1-on-1 coaching students who are getting ripped up while keeping their calories high and never stepping foot on a treadmill…

You'll be able to get ALL the fat loss benefits in ONLY 8 minutes a day and NEVER have to suffer through another long and boring workout.

Here's What The Fat Loss 40 Solution Will Do For You:

  • TURN ON your body's #1 Fat Burning Switch and FLOOD Your Body FULL of "youth" hormones...
  • HEAL the damage and FIX your broken metabolism
  • Turn ON your "Fountain of Youth Hormones" to burn MORE fat and calories in 8-10 short minutes a day!
  • BOOST your metabolic rate for up to 48 hours straight.
  • Time your food consumption to work synergistically with your nutrition and burn belly fat FASTER than normal.
  • Eat your favorite carbs to INCREASE your insulin sensitivity so
    you'll be able to eat LOTS of your favorite foods without storing fat
  • Discover the easiest way to indulge in your favorite carbs and sweet treats, while you NEVER store them as fat.
  • TIGHTEN Sagging Skin And Tone UP Embarrassing Body Spots
  • SKYROCKET Your Sex Drive
  • Diminish Side Effects Of Getting Older In ONLY 8-10 Minutes A Day!

Within 6 weeks you can expect to...

  • Strip off pounds of unsightly body fat
  • See your abs coming in for the first time in years…
  • Experience a surge in your confidence and sex drive as your testosterone comes roaring back

And you’re going to do all of this without without slaving away at ANY type of traditional cardio for hours at a time.

The ONLY thing worth investing in is YOURSELF!

All you’ve got to do is click the button to enroll and the Fat Loss 40 Solution Protocol will be added to your fitness arsenal and waiting for you inside the Private Students' Zone.

So grab your copy NOW and I will see you at the finish line!

What are the requirements?

  • NO gym membership, NO equipment… all you need is your bodyweight and 8-10 minutes a day no matter what your age!
  • Perform ANYWHERE… at home in front of your TV or mobile device, on your lunch break, traveling, or on vacation
  • Only need 8-10 minutes a day while taking the weekend off to be with friends and family

What am I going to get from this course?

  • TURN ON your body's #1 Fat Burning Switch and FLOOD Your Body FULL of "youth" hormones...
  • HEAL the damage and FIX your broken metabolism
  • Turn ON your "Fountain of Youth Hormones" to burn MORE fat and calories in 8-10 short minutes a day!
  • BOOST your metabolic rate for up to 48 hours straight.
  • Time your food consumption to work synergistically with your nutrition and burn belly fat FASTER than normal.
  • Eat your favorite carbs to INCREASE your insulin sensitivity so you'll be able to eat LOTS of your favorite foods without storing fat
  • Discover the easiest way to indulge in your favorite carbs and sweet treats, while you NEVER store them as fat.
  • Perform an 8-10 minute trick you need to follow to SEE your belly get flatter day in and day ot FAST!.
  • Reactivate the same fat burning hormones you had when you were YOUNGER.
  • SKYROCKET Your Sex Drive
  • TIGHTEN Sagging Skin And Tone UP Embarrassing Body Spots
  • Diminish Side Effects Of Getting Older In ONLY 8-10 Minutes A Day!
  • Create an All-Natural SURGE of Fat Burning Hormones to permanently REMOVE your most stubborn fat FAST

Who is the target audience?

  • Not designed for younger people in their 20s and early 30s
  • Best results If you are in your late 30's 40's, 50s, and 60s.
  • For those who want to lose the last 10 stubborn pounds or even 50 pounds, this course will work. And it will work...fast.
  • Specifically designed to help both men and women overcome the hormonal obstacles that typically BLOCK fat loss.
  • Someone who, quite simply, enjoys bodyweight training over weight training
  • The individual who’s on a time restraint and can’t make it to the gym
  • Any person who has no access to gym equipment
  • A person with doctor’s orders to avoid weight training and stick to bodyweight workouts

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Introduction (Meet The Instructor)

Hi, I'm Tim

Some years ago, I was just like you…I had many questions and no answers.

It was 4:35 a.m. on a Saturday back in April of 2001.  My friend and I were standing inside a hospital…I felt paralyzed and numb.  My heart sank deep into my chest when the doctor told me there was nothing they could do.  My brother, my partner in crime, my BEST friend lying on a hospital stretcher with no brain activity was gone…It was to late, there was nothing anyone could do.

I was devastated!

I now had to make that dreadful call that I thought I would have never had to make in a million years to my parents. I felt like I was in a nightmare wanting to wake up but it was real.

How did I get here.

You see a few months back everything was going very well.

Then one early Saturday morning I get a phone call from one of my brothers friends. He told me that my brother had past out in his tent at the livestock concert they were attending.

He was trying to carry him through the crowd screaming for help to try and find some medical attention.  As my brothers friends reached the paramedics they took my brother away in the ambulance.

I quickly jumped out of bed and rushed out the door with my roommate.  I really didn’t think it was anything serious, I thought maybe he had to much to drink and past out.  I remember even stopping at
local gas station on the way to get something to drink.  I just didn’t think it was that serious.

When we arrived at the hospital the doctor came out and said something to me that I will never forget.

Four months after his death, my fiance of 5 years walked out on me.I was crushed, confused, depressed and left alone.  My life would never be the same again.  I knew I needed a change, to reinvent myself, to start over.

Now...you maybe wondering to yourself what does this tragic and personal story have to do with building strength and size in half the time, right? Well...

After the tragic death of my brother and the break-up with my fiance, I rediscovered my faith in God while at the same time a co-worker at my job introduced me to the gym.

I fell in love with the gym and was making steady GAINS for 2 years. Some time had past and I got real busy in life...then it happened.

Guess what the first thing was to go?

You guessed it, the gym.

I was skinny all throughout high school, but as I got older and started eating the wrong foods along with a busy lifestyle, I quit and gave it all up.

I had achieved some results in building a better body, but due to time restraints, job, friends and family, my gains slowly started to slip away from my fingers.

After 3 years, I started getting the itch to go back to the gym.  I felt horrible about the fact that I had let myself go and got so out of shape after all the hard work I had put in 3 years prior.

I decided that I was going to start working out again, but I wanted to do better than what I had achieved before a few years ago.  Unfortunately, I lost touch with my co-worker who I used to workout with so I deiced to go out on my own and get back on track to building the STRONGEST and BIGGEST body

On one particular day I had a BIG “Ah-ah” moment.

I saw all the muscle building magazines at my local grocery store and picked one of them up to read.  I started reading and buying them every month trying to find some shortcut to building muscle fast.  

I also started buying all the supplements advertised in those magazines that I could get my hands on.

I started buying and reading muscle building magazines.  I tried this supplement and that fad diet, but nothing worked. Then I tried this 1 method in a muscle building magazine and I got o.k. results, but nothing to brag about.

I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on magazines, supplements and fad diets but, nothing really seemed to work.  I still could not get past where I used to be a few years ago until one day I stumbled upon 1 metabolic trick.

After months and months of researching I stumbled upon a pretty cool metabolic intensifier trick that helped me finally burn stubborn belly fat.  The reality...it put my body in a whole new league!

Fast forward years later, I ended up marrying the woman of me DREAMS!  I wish I could put a picture here to show you how HOT she is.

I also won a transformation contest and took pics inside one of the most well known gyms in my home town, Power House Gym.

I did all this while being a busy husband and dad working a 9-5 job.

I finally realized it wasn’t my fault.  I fell victim to the "traditional fitness industry" claiming that I could build muscle and lose fat fast through the BOGUS ads in muscle building magazines.

No wonder I was struggling.

For years the muscle building magazines and the supplement industry had been telling me that their products and fad diets were the answer to all of my muscle building/fat loss problems.  

When I figured out it wasn’t true, I was finally able to break free and get the results I wanted.

I didn’t realize when I started that not only does it save time, build strength and burn fat, but it also helped me attract the woman of my dreams, win the respect of others, saved me time and money on bogus
supplements, attracting new opportunities, and after reaching a mid life crisis, was able to quit my job and do what I love, helping You!


Make Sure to Download You Free Fat Burning Calculator.  It is a MUST In order to get your desired fat loss results.  You can download it right here in this lecture.  

Section 2: Why Regular Exercise Shuts Down Your Number 1 Fat Burnning Gland

There is a particular gland and hormone you absolutely need in order to burn fat.  Doing to much cardio will suppress this powerful hormone.  

In this lecture we will uncover the one hormone you need to keep burning fat for good.

Section 3: Why Cardio Is The Worst For People Over 40

Would you believe that if you are doing cardio in your 40's and beyond you'll actually get fatter?

That's right cardio will make you get fat around your belly hips and thighs.

This lecture will show you why?


We're all looking for ways to stay younger.  Excessive cardio will turn off your "youth genes" fast.

In this lecture we will explore why this happens and what to do about it.


Have you ever seen the difference between marathon runners and sprinters?  They look very different.  It has been widely known that some long distant runners suffer from cardiac arrest or heart attack due to excessive running.  

Section 4: Sit-Ups and Crunches Make Your Waist Thicker For Those Over 40

If you still think you need to do endless amounts of crunches and sit ups to tone up your belly or see your abs, you need to QUIT right now.

Traditional ab routines cause MORE harm than good.

Did you know it's been studied that in order to burn just one pound of fat, you would have to do 22,000 crunches?

Experts recommend, NO sit-ups or crunches because they place devastating loads on the disks.

Section 5: Reprogram Your Body To Burn Fat Not Carbs Or Sugars

This lecture has the specific formula designed to help you lose weight fast and is FUN!

Would you believe me if I told you that you can still eat your favorite foods and still lose weight?

Well...YOU can with this formula I'm about to show you.

There is a SUPER simple trick to timing your exercise (on ANY schedule) that will allow you to quickly access belly fat 300% faster than traditional exercise or cardio.

There is ONE common recommendation almost every personal trainer does right BEFORE exercise that STOPS fat burning dead in its tracks.  I'll expose the TRUTH.


Do you want an even BIGGER benefit?  I'll show you ONE specific supplement that will BOOST your fat loss into over-drive and it will not break the bank!

Training Fasted Article
Section 6: The 8-10 Minute Workout

Here is how you do the 8 minute workout Monday-Friday (Rest 15 Seconds Between Each Exercise.  Once You Complete One Round, Rest 60 Seconds and Repeat an Additional 2 More Totaling 3 Rounds)

Day 1 (8 Minute Exercise)
Day 2 (8 Minute Exercise)
Day 3 (8 Minute Exercise)
Day 4 (8 Minute Exercise)
Day 5 (8 Minute Exercise)
Day 8 (8 Minute Exercise)
Day 9 (8 Minute Exercise)
Day 10 (8 Minute Exercise)
Day 11 (8 Minute Exercise)
Day 12 (8 Minute Exercise)
Section 7: Bonus Section

Make sure to check out my other courses right here on Udemy!


Make sure to check out The TurnAroundFitness Blog for more FREE content!

"Your ultimate FREE source for diet plans, workouts, motivation, and expert advice on building muscle, losing fat and gaining strength."

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