The Millionaire Mind Secrets - create a success mindset fast
4.3 (11 ratings)
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144 students enrolled
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The Millionaire Mind Secrets - create a success mindset fast

Discover the 7 Astonishing Secrets for Success, Happiness and Wealth
4.3 (11 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
144 students enrolled
Created by Mike Pettigrew
Last updated 7/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Understand how millionaire think, so you can achieve far greater success
  • Recognise and overcome all the conditioning that's been holding you back
  • Use your subconscious mind to create whatever you want in life
  • Energise your mind and body in 2 minutes, so you can be more focussed
  • Get twice as much done each day, with only half the effort
  • Set goals correctly, so you can create whatever you want in life
  • Program your mind for success, happiness and wealth
  • Find your own unique purpose and become successful, happy and rich
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Learn the most effective, time-tested strategies, tools and techniques that allow anyone to achieve success and deep fulfillment, using the same methods employed by the world's most successful people.

Master the Art of Success Using the Closely Guarded Secrets of Millionaires

  • Learn how millionaires think, so you can copy their success methods
  • Recognize and overcome all obstacles in your path
  • Learn how to use your mind to attract what you desire
  • Discover how to create goals the right way, so you achieve them fast
  • Learn how to program your mind for success, happiness and wealth

How to Be Successful, Happy and Rich

Several years ago, after great successes in business, entrepreneur and bestselling author Mike Pettigrew lost everything. He trusted the wrong people and made bad investments and even reached the point where he had no money to feed his wife and their baby son.

Through this experience, Mike discovered vitally important principles about the nature of the mind and how success and failure are truly created. He transformed his circumstances using the methods shared in this course and became a success once again.

This course will enable anyone to transform their circumstances and create a life of continual success and deep happiness. All you need is a willingness to test each of the principles that you learn!

Suitable for all levels, this course sets out a crystal clear road map that can lead you to success, happiness and wealth. It is based on over 30 years of bestselling author Mike Pettigrew's own personal successes in business, and his research into the nature of success and human consciousness.

This course shows you how the world's most successful people think and act. And you will discover how success can be achieved by anyone, when they start thinking in a certain way and start using simple yet highly effective success habits.

You will also discover powerful new ways to overcome all the obstacles to your success, that have probably been holding you back for many years.

Everything you learn in this course is easy to put into practice. And when you test these principles for yourself, you can expect to see major changes in your own life in the next 30 days.

By the end of the course, you will be able to set goals the right way, knowing that you can achieve them. You will be able to get twice as much done, with only half the effort, and experience a lot less stress. You will know how to use your subconscious mind to attract the life that you have always yearned for.

This course will help you to develop more self-confidence, and increase your self-worth, which in turn can dramatically improve your earning potential. It includes 21 video lessons, and downloadable manuals in pdf format.


What You Get in This Course:

  • 21 Video lessons
  • The Millionaire Mind Secrets - Ultimate Success Manual (downloadable pdf)
  • Mind Programming Guide (downloadable pdf)
  • Daily Success Planner (downloadable pdf)
  • Instant Recall Mindmap (downloadable pdf) 
Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for anyone who wants to improve their life, achieve their goals and become successful and happy.
  • It is for people who are serious about creating a far better life for themselves.
  • It is not for people looking for instant riches or for people who want to make no effort to change their life. This course really works, but you must be prepared to take action on what you learn!
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Curriculum For This Course
21 Lectures
Welcome and Introduction
3 Lectures 11:44

Welcome to The Millionaire Mind Secrets training course! In this introduction to the course, we will look at what you will learn in the course, and also what you can expect to achieve when you put into practice what you have learnt.

Preview 06:51

This is a basic overview of the course and in it you will discover the missing secrets from the book and movie "The Secret".

You will also discover the true origins of both success and failure.

The Big Picture

In this lesson you will learn how true success is created. You will discover how your subconscious mind is completely responsible for all of your successes and all of your failures.

How is Success Created?
The Nature of Your Subconscious Mind
2 Lectures 15:24

This lesson is all about your subconscious mind - the inner genius that controls your life. You will learn how it records and stores all your experiences, both positive and negative. You will discover how powerfully your subconscious mind influences what you can and cannot achieve in life. And you will also learn exactly how to influence your subconscious mind so that it starts working for you, instead of against you.

The Subconscious Mind

Discover how I gradually built great success in business, then sold my company to a multinational and later lost it all through trusting the wrong people and by making bad investments.

Also, how I totally transformed our situation and the lessons I learned through this experience.

Rags to Riches & Back Again
The True Causes of Success and Failure
2 Lectures 07:47

What you think and how you feel matters! Discover how scientific experiments prove that your mind and emotions actually affect physical matter.

You will learn how important it is to take care of your dominant thoughts and emotions, because they create your life experiences.

Preview 03:48

In this lesson you will discover how your beliefs are responsible for molding your reality. You will discover that its important to weed out and overcome all the self-limiting beliefs that have been holding you back.

In the battle between your conscious desires and your subconscious beliefs, your sub-conscious beliefs always win out. Fortunately, you can change your subconscious beliefs and its easy to do when you know how.

How Your Beliefs Shape Your Life
Millionaire Mind Programming
4 Lectures 31:03

In this lesson you will discover how to overcome self-limiting beliefs, and program your mind for success, happiness and wealth.

You will learn how to use affirmations, subliminal software, self-hypnosis, light and sound machines and creative visualisation to help you to achieve all your goals in life.

How to Program Your Mind for Success

In this lecture you will learn how to overcome all your negative beliefs and conditioning, using powerful tools and technologies.

You'll find that its actually easy to do this, and that you can even reach the point where these changes in your mind will "stick" and its no longer necessary to continue using the techniques.

How to Overcome Negative Beliefs & Conditioning

In this lesson you will discover that your self-worth directly influences how much money you can make. And that the only way to improve your finances dramatically is to improve your self-worth. You will find that its easy to increase your self worth and your earning potential when you use the right tools, strategies and techniques.

Learn a powerful exercise that can reveal all your current negative beliefs about money, so you can increase your self-worth and boost your income.

How to Improve Your Self-Worth & Make More Money

In this lecture, you will discover how to create your own luck and start living the life you have always yearned for. You will also learn the easy way to achieve anything, instead of continuing with the hard way that you have used up until now. You will also discover about the incredible power of persistence.

How to Create Your Own Luck
Powerful Ways to Break Through Obstacles
3 Lectures 32:39

In this lesson you will learn how gratitude acts like a magnet, drawing all sorts of amazing experiences into your life. You will discover my "Crazy Gratitude Experiment" and learn how to change any painful situation fast. I will also share with you how to automate the entire process using a powerful NLP technique.

Preview 10:27

Discover how battling your inner negativity can lead to massive results in your life. You will see how overcoming this negativity can actually allow you to reach your goals. You will also learn how to recognize and overcome your "negative inner voice".

You will also learn that most highly successful people have failed far more times than unsuccessful people and how they use their failures to create success!

How to Overcome Negativity & Break Through Obstacles

In this lesson, you will discover the most effective methods to program your mind for success and how to eliminate your negative conditioning and restrictive beliefs, forever.

You will also learn how to create potent affirmations and use self-hypnosis for the fastest results possible. You will also understand why most highly successful people use hypnosis to achieve their goals.

We will also investigate deeper into the power of subliminal technology, light and sound machines and creative visualisation.

Highly Effective Mind Programming Tools
The Fastest Ways to Achieve Your Goals
1 Lecture 10:21

In this lecture, you will learn how to set your goals the right way, so that you are certain to achieve them. Also, discover why challenges "must" occur whenever you set a clear goal.

You will discover why challenges are the only things separating you from achieving your goal, and how they are 100% essential to your success. You will discover how they stretch your life and enable you to grow in all the ways necessary to your goal's achievement.

How to Set Goals Correctly So You Can Achieve Them
Get Twice as Much Done with Only Half the Effort
1 Lecture 12:31

In this lesson you will learn how the world's most successful people create simple daily routines that enable them to accomplish far more than most people ever do. You will see how they also create habits that allow them to achieve sustained levels of high performance.

You will discover how can achieve far more than ever before, by creating your own simple daily routine. Discover how to plan your day more effectively and how to avoid distractions. Learn how to energise your body and mind in less than 2 minutes for sustained high performance.

How to Get Twice as Much Done With Half the Effort
Success Attraction & Finding Your Purpose
2 Lectures 18:03

In this lecture, you will discover that in most cases highly successful people are actually very generous and giving, and they really do care about others. You will see that when you develop the desire to really care more about other people, it is you who will benefit the most.

You will learn how by practicing gratitude and helping others in any way that you can, you can draw into your life greater riches than you may have ever dreamed possible. You will learn how to attract better opportunities and keep those opportunities coming!

How to Continuously Attract Riches into Your Life

A life without purpose is an unhappy one and it is not possible to become truly happy until you ignite your sense of purpose. So what is the purpose of life?

In this lesson, you will learn how modern life after death research has discovered that our purpose as human beings is to "grow" all sorts of inner qualities, and to help others in any way that we can. You will also discover how you can uncover your own unique purpose for yourself.

You will discover how becoming aware of you own unique purpose, and working towards a bigger picture for your life, you will start fulfilling your true "mission" as a human being and become deeply happy and fulfilled.

How to Find Your Purpose and Become Truly Happy
Coaching Your Key to Long-term Success
1 Lecture 05:27

In this lesson we will look at the importance of mentors and how they can enable you to become deeply happy and achieve remarkable success in your life.

You will understand how important it is to seek out and learn from other people who have already traveled the same road before you. You will see that there really is no need to reinvent the wheel!

You will also discover how Mastermind Groups and Coaching are the fastest way to learn new skills, and how they can dramatically short-cut your road to success, happiness and wealth.

How Mentors Enable You to Succeed in Everything
Your Critical First Steps to Success
2 Lectures 05:55

Congratulations! You have reached the end of this course and you now have a crystal clear road map that will lead you to success, happiness and wealth.

By taking small consistent daily actions on what you have learnt, you will have the very best chance available to totally transform your life and achieve your life's biggest goals.

I wish you the greatest of successes and deep happiness and fulfillment!

Very best wishes,

Mike Pettigrew


Congratulations, you have now completed this course!

Here are some important things you should do immediately to ensure that you benefit from it fully and to be certain that you achieve your goals.

What You Must Do Right Now
About the Instructor
Mike Pettigrew
4.3 Average rating
11 Reviews
144 Students
1 Course
Entrepreneur, Bestselling Author and Success Coach

Mike Pettigrew started his first business at age 15, and since then he has bought, built and sold more than 15 businesses, and his companies have made millions.

He is the author of several books including the #1 Amazon bestseller Unlock Gratitude Now! and he has been interviewed on radio and TV more than 100 times.

Several years ago, after selling his first successful business to a multinational, Mike lost everything. He trusted the wrong people, and made bad investments and even reached the point where he had no money to feed his wife and their baby who had just been born.

This was a devestating experience, but it taught Mike powerful lessons about the nature of the mind and how success and failure are really created.

Mike transformed his situation and went on to even greater success. He now helps other people to transform their circumstances and achieve the life they have always yearned for.

He is also the founder of The Institute for Afterlife Research and it is his mission to empower people though his own experiences of both success and failure.

Mike is also a motivational speaker and provides coaching for people who are comitted to achieving their goals and creating a better life. He is also the creator of several courses and training programs that help his students to do this.