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The Mental Game of Getting Lean

How to think between your ears to make weight loss easier and more enjoyable
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Created by Neil O'Nova
Last updated 1/2016
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What Will I Learn?
Re-wire your brain for lean, healthy eating that's automatic (no willpower required) using the science of neuroplasticity (Lecture Twenty-Two)
Learn how to lose weight by starting at the root source of the problem and working your way up to your behaviors (Lecture Four)
You'll learn how to avoid the common weight-loss pitfalls you keep falling into, again and again, without even realizing it (Lecture Eight)
Identify limiting and disempowering beliefs that have been hiding in plain sight, and replace them with more empowering beliefs and a stronger self-image (Lecture Seven)
Create a self-image that lines up with the ideal you to dramatically increase your motivation to lose weight (Lecture Eleven)
Learn how to use the most powerful techniques used by clinical weight-loss therapists (Lecture Twenty-Six)
Learn the trick to thinking like a lean person (so you'll act like one) (Lecture Twenty-Four)
Works with any diet out there (including NO diet, if you prefer to simply eat the foods you like)
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  • An open mind
  • An honest heart
  • A desire to lose weight

The Course That Rewires Your Brain For Lean, Healthy Eating

If you're like most people, anytime you want to lose weight you probably go on a diet. Here's the problem. When it comes to weight loss, your DIET is extremely important...but GOING ON A DIET is different.

Going on a diet doesn't work--and that's pretty much a fact at this point. Loads of studies and research confirm this pretty conclusively. (Watch the first free preview video lecture to learn why.)

See, trying to lose weight by going on a diet is like going into a garden that's overrun with weeds...and TRIMMING the weeds, instead of pulling them out by the roots.

Yeah, that might make things look better for a little while, but it doesn't fix the source of the problem. And because the roots are still there under the surface, the weeds quickly grow back--just like your love handles always seem to grow back.

If you've been unable to get the body you desire, and the body you deserve, it's probably because you've been trying to change your end behaviors (the foods you eat, the exercises you do) without first creating the right foundation of habits & beliefs to support these new behaviors.

You see, real weight loss doesn't begin on your plate. And it doesn't begin in a gym. It your head. Because that's where you form your beliefs, forge your habits, and make the little day-to-day decisions that add up to make you the person you are today.

And that's why in this course you'll learn how to lose weight by starting at the root source of the problem. (Lecture Four)

You'll learn how to re-wire your brain for healthy eating that's automatic (no willpower required) using the science of neuroplasticity. (Lecture Twenty-Two)

You'll learn how to find where your limiting and disempowering beliefs are hiding, and replace them with more empowering beliefs and a stronger self-image. (Lecture Seven)

You'll learn how to avoid the common weight-loss pitfalls you keep falling into, again and again, without even realizing it. (Lecture Eight)

Finally, and most importantly, you'll learn how start thinking like a lean you'll start acting like a lean person. (Lecture Twenty-Four)

And before you know it, you'll BE a lean person--inside and out.

* Note: This is not a diet. This is a mental reframing system that you can use with ANY diet in the world--including no diet at all, if you prefer to simply eat the foods you enjoy and still lose weight at a slow but steady clip. *

Who is the target audience?
  • If you're looking for a "magic pill" or a trendy new Hollywood diet...then you're in the wrong place.
  • But if you DESIRE to lose weight...
  • If you've TRIED to lose weight in the past...
  • And you can't quite put your finger on WHY you haven't been able to lose weight before...
  • Then this course is for you.
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Curriculum For This Course
Expand All 27 Lectures Collapse All 27 Lectures 04:24:19
This Is Your Brain On Food
4 Lectures 45:28

Your weight loss is a house...and your beliefs are the foundation.

Preview 09:33

The surprising science behind why diets don't work.

Preview 18:58

Three easy tips that will help you reach success faster & easier with this (or any) course you take.

How to Achieve Maximum Success With This Course

You've got ANTs running around inside your brain. Here's how to exterminate them.

Squash Your ANTs
Reject The Fat, Accept Yourself
2 Lectures 18:05

Here's why the first step in changing accepting yourself as you are.

The Man (or Woman) in the Mirror

Five empowering self-beliefs that will help you make the changes you want.

Five Self-Beliefs to Adopt
Overcome Your Limiting & Disempowering Beliefs
2 Lectures 18:50

This simple two-step system locates and chips away at your limiting beliefs, so you can come closer to reaching your physical potential.

Limiting Beliefs About Your Body

These super-common weight-loss beliefs are holding you back.

Disempowering Weight-Loss Beliefs
Your Self-Image & Your Subconscious
3 Lectures 25:29

The secret to crafting a "lean" self-image while also accepting yourself the way you are.

The Weight-Loss Self-Image Paradox

Discover an advanced self-image ninja mind trick for weight loss. (Hint: it has to do with the way your subconscious brain works.)

An Advanced Self-Image Trick For Mentally Lean People

Here's why it's important to put weight loss in perspective and to have a more positive attitude about your body--even before the pounds start coming off.

How to Be Happy BEFORE You Lose Weight
Unconventional Motivation
2 Lectures 08:04

An unconventional alternative to "positive self-talk."

Dare Yourself

Here's why it's crucial to always be a work in progress.

Famous Words from Works in Progress
Summary of Part One
2 Lectures 04:50

Part One teaches you how to adjust your self-beliefs to make weight loss easier, to empower yourself, and to stop subconsciously self-sabotaging yourself.

Summary of Part One

Halfway There
Your Messed-Up Beliefs About Food
2 Lectures 11:58

Face it: some of your beliefs about food & dieting are messed up. Here's why.

Preview 05:55

Identify which of your food/diet beliefs are holding you back.

Take Stock of Your Mental Pantry
Reframing A Few Things
2 Lectures 27:12

Since diets don't work, let's change the way we think about the word.

Reframing Diets

Does junk food sound more appealing than health food? Learn how to change that mental association in this video.

Reframing Health & Junk Food
How to Kick Hunger's Butt
2 Lectures 31:20

Hunger is such an important topic when trying to lose weight...yet isn't it funny how few diets ever talk about it? In this video you'll stare hunger right in the eyes, and find out it's not such a monster after all.

What Is Hunger, Really?

Stop getting faked out by emotional hunger. This is information that everyone should know. It will help you for the rest of your life.

Emotional ("Fake") Hunger
Overcoming Counterproductive Diet Beliefs
3 Lectures 55:07

If you can't resist the forbidden fruit, put it on the menu!

Forbid Forbidden Foods

Think eating healthy is hard? Think again.

Eating Healthy Is Easy

Discover why the idea of "not wasting food" is making you fat.

Waste Not...Get Fat
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Hi, I'm Neil, the founder of Better-Looking Guy, Stronger+Leaner, and 7MinuteSkinnyJeans.

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If there's one thing I learned from losing over forty pounds of fat and dramatically improving the way I look, it's that transforming your appearance is the best first step you can take to transforming every other area of your life, too.

No matter what you want to create in your life--whether it's wealth, love, fame, or anything in between--I believe you should always start by losing weight and improving the way you look. And there are a lot of good reasons why:

* You'll discover a newfound confidence in yourself that will motivate you to reach for more ambitious goals

* You'll get more respect and attention from other people (especially the opposite sex)

* You'll have more physical energy to tackle new projects and challenges

* You'll have a sharper mental focus and less "brain fog"

* You'll live longer, sleep better, and feel like a million bucks

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