The KEY to YOUR life - Conquer Yourself and Master Your LIFE
4.8 (9 ratings)
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The KEY to YOUR life - Conquer Yourself and Master Your LIFE

Why do you do what you do? Are you fulfilled in all areas of life? If not your answers are finally here!
4.8 (9 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
704 students enrolled
Last updated 11/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • The information in this course will better your life in every way, in Relationships, Finances, Health, you name it!
  • Discover what TRUE HAPPINESS, JOY, and FULFILLMENT really feel like.
  • Overcome ANY and ALL obstacles.
  • Raise your PERSONAL VALUE, which will elevate your EXTERNAL VALUE, which will eventually transform into AVALANCHES OF ABUNDANCE....IF you stay on track!
  • Understand your MIND and how you have been using it (or not) to create the life you are now living.
  • Fully understand EVERYTHING about yourself and why you do what you do.
  • Understand and control your thoughts and emotions.
  • Discover your purpose in life.
  • Fall in LOVE with your LIFE!
  • Discover the KEY to ALL relationships.
  • Discover WHY and HOW you have standing in your own way.
  • This course also comes with a FREE 20 minute Strategy Coaching Session AND a FREE explanation and elicitation of YOUR 6 Human Needs! You are going to learn WHY YOU DO EVERYTHING YOU DO!!!
  • Access to Strategies that normally cost $$THOUSANDS$$ of dollars!
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  • Students must realize that time is passing by and their life will not last forever. This is it! So if we are going to do it let's do it right, and maybe, just maybe we can turn this world around in the process.
  • All you need to know is that the only TRUTH that exists is the TRUTH which you choose to BElIEVE in!

Who are you?

What do you want?

Why are you here?

If you cannot answer these questions then you need to take this course. Consider this the users guide to your life. In this course you will learn what you have been missing for your entire life.

Often times in our lives even when things are going pretty good, there seems to be something missing. We do our best to fill the hole with what we know we enjoy, but it just empties out again after just a little while. We all, at some point, feel incomplete, but we cannot pinpoint what it is that we are missing.

What we are missing is ourselves. We miss ourselves. What this means is that most of us are lost in a sea of masks that we must wear each and every day. We have lost touch with the one who is wearing the masks. We have lost touch with our true self. We have lost our purpose in life!

This course designed to unbury you and your purpose from all the debris and rubble which has piled up on top of you. This debris fell in the form of beliefs and opinions from your environment, and they trapped you under them until became them. YOU'RE NOT!

You are not anything other than what you choose to be, and in this course that is exactly what you will learn.

-To know who you are.

-To know what you want.

-To know why you are here.

-To know what to choose.

One of the best feelings in the world that you could ever experience is the feeling that you are making the right decisions, for you!

It is your choice, live the way others want you to, or live YOUR life the way you want!

Who is the target audience?
  • I believe anyone with a heartbeat should take this course. We live in a busy, busy world and it is easy to get pulled into the chaos of it. This Course will help anyone and everyone find order in the chaos that has become our lives.
  • This course is for anyone who desires to reach their highest potential. This course is for students who are serious about making changes. We are going to dig down and pull out the weeds of your mind. This course is NOT for those who do not want to take responsibility for their ENTIRE life. This course is not for those who wish to change overnight.
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Curriculum For This Course
28 Lectures
Who are you? What do you want? Why are you here?
4 Lectures 13:43

Who are you, what do you want and why are you here?

These are the most important questions that each of us could ever answer, yet how many of us can give a crystal clear answer?

Your answers should be much clearer by the end of this course.

If you do not wish to be fulfilled please continue on your way, we will be here when you change your mind.

Preview 05:00

What would life be like if you had no limitations?

I'm here to tell you that it IS possible...

This assignment is the first step toward getting there.

Exercise 1

In this lecture you will find out more about yourself.

A brief overview of how you got to be who you are.

The KEY is the most important tool you need in order to really make lasting changes in your life.

Check it out to find out more........about yourself!

Preview 08:11

This assignment is going to help you understand a bit more about yourself by simply asking WHY?

Knowing WHY you want what you want is the MOST IMPORTANT step in actually attaining it.

The WHY is more important than the HOW!

If you have a strong enough WHY, the HOW will just show up!

Exercise 2
The Foundation: Science and Spirituality, We All Have Faith in at least one
6 Lectures 33:25

Your life is a story. It is the story that you tell yourself.

If you want to change your life you MUST change your story.

If you want to change your story you must change your beliefs about what the world is, how it works, and how you fit into it.

Our foundation beliefs are usually in Scientific and Spiritual subjects.

What we might not have noticed is that these two, often thought of as opposites or conflicting areas of thought, are teaching us the same lesson.....that we are creating our lives with our minds!

Preview 07:04

In this lecture you will learn briefly how the newest, most advanced science proves to us that we are creating our lives, our whole universe with our minds.

Scientific Proof: The Universe is Waiting for Your Command

In this lecture you will learn about the actual studies which were performed mostly at the best Universities in the world.

We can manipulate physical matter with our thoughts. The findings are really quite amazing!

Mind INTO Matter: How our Thoughts Manipulate Physical , Material Things

Continuing on the last lecture we will take it to the next level and see how our thoughts can effect each other.

We will also talk about the infamous CIA funded Remote Viewing studies!

Thoughts are contagious: how our thoughts affect others + how theirs affect ours

In this lecture we will examine what the most followed religious and spiritual teachers of all time, now considered Gods themselves, had to say about the importance and the power of the mind.

All Religions Worship the Mind: The Mind is the key to all spiritual teachings.

Exercise 3
The 4 States of Mind: Tap Into the POWER of The Minds You Didn't Know You Had
6 Lectures 35:04

An introduction to the 4 influences of mind.

We basically have 4 minds that we switch in and out of throughout our lives.

Some of us never learn to control and access the true potential of the most powerful influences in our mind.

Preview 04:29

This lecture is about the source of all possibilities.

The "unified field of all intelligence" as Einstein would say.

We have access to this source of all intelligence. Einstein himself was concerned with only one thing in life, " think like God thinks, all the rest is just details" as he used to say.

In this lecture you will learn where Einstein and all other great minds, artists, musicians, athletes, etc., get their GENIUS power from.

Superconscious aka God aka Creator aka Unified Field aka the Universe

In this lecture you will learn to find your True Self and your True Voice.

There is a part of you that is watching everything you do, and if you learn to tap into that part of yourself your life will FLOW.

In this lecture you will find your purpose in life and tap into FLOW.

true self / higher self / witness / observer / soul / spirit

In this lecture we will go over what your conscious mind is made from.

Your conscious mind is the geyser of thoughts that you often associate to as your self.

It is not who you are. You are not your thoughts!

In this lecture you will learn to control the drunken monkey that slaps you awake in the morning and keeps you up at night....

The Conscious Mind / ego / personality / identity

In this lecture you are going to learn what controls 96-99% of everything you think, say and do.

If you were a computer, this would be your hard drive.

In this lecture you will learn how to start controlling that which has been controlling you for your ENTIRE LIFE!

The Subconscious Mind / Programmed Mind / Auto Pilot / Unconscious Mind

This exercise is going to help you organize your thoughts into 4 categories.

You will finally know when you are making the right decisions.

There is no better feeling than knowing you are following the right path for you!

Exercise 4
Taking it all apart: The Blueprint
4 Lectures 38:17

We are going to touch on the importance of thought and belief in our life.

You will learn how your beliefs and thoughts have been the ONLY thing that limits you and prevents you from growing and living a happy and fulfilled life.

The Building Blocks of Your Life: Thought and Belief

This is the most important information in the course.

This is why we do EVERYTHING that we do.

In this course you will learn what motivates your every thought, word, and action.

I have included a 6 human needs test for you to fill out and send to me for a FREE evaluation (usually $150)!

Also included is a text version of the 6 human needs for you to review, and review and review!

The 6 forces which control EVERYTHING we do: Human Needs Psychology

What is most important to you in life?

What needs to happen in order to fulfill those things which are most important to you in life.

In this course you will learn why and how you become happy, sad, mad, frustrated, excited, etc. And why you might not be feeling those positive emotions as much as the negative.

Values and Rules- What is most important in your life? How do you get it?

This is the exercise that will tell you things about yourself that you never knew before!

You are about to know what is most important to you in life and why!

This is the elicitation of your values and rules.

Exercise 5
Using the KEY
5 Lectures 37:03

This lecture is a great overview of the Mind-Body connection.

You will learn about the pioneers of the industry and what they say about the effect of human thought on health and healing.


Here, you will learn the 3 simple things that anyone CAN do and MUST do to MASTER ALL RELATIONSHIPS!


There are two ways to make a lot of money. One way is full of personal growth and achievement and ends in happiness and fulfillment. The other way is full of competition with others, fighting, worry and stress and usually ends in pain.

It is your choice, no matter what you have already chosen, you can change your mind at ay moment.


An overview of everything we have gone over so far.

Preview 07:43

This exercise is going to help you make this information work for you!

Information is not Power, it is potential power.

When we decide to use the information to enhance our and others lives it then becomes power.

We must put the ENERGY into the information!

Now is the time!

Exercise 6
Keeping the door open!
3 Lectures 13:57

You must have faith in yourself if you want to enjoy life and grow. It is a MUST!

We must believe in ourselves. It is absolutely necessary if you want to reach your highest potential.

It will eliminate all stress and worry.

Just knowing that you are following your path, your design is all you need.

So have a little faith in you! Believe in yourself! Be yourself!


Gratitude is the key to happiness and abundance!

Without gratitude, happiness and fulfillment are unattainable.

Gratitude is the absolute highest state one can be in, it triggers all good things to occur in your experience of life.

Learn more about the state of gratitude here...


Meditation is KEY to living your life on purpose.

Meditation quickens the process immensely!

Most of the top entrepreneurs in the world are now coming out and admitting that they are long time meditators!

You must know and learn meditation ASAP!

And there is no time or place better than HERE and NOW!

About the Instructor
Jeremiah Nicolas Brackett
4.8 Average rating
9 Reviews
704 Students
1 Course
Mind/Body/Life Coach, Certified Strategic Intervention Coach

Mind/Body/Life Coach, Entrepreneur, World Traveler, Certified Strategic Interventionist Trained by Tony Robbins and Chloe Madanes

Through personal experiences Jeremy grew dissatisfied with the ways of the world, and the answers he was given in response to the questioning of these ways were also not good enough, so he decided to search far and wide to find his own answers. And he did.

Since finding his answers he has dedicated his time to teaching others, not the answers he found, but how to find their own answers to their own life's questions.

He believes that even though we all live in the same world, within this one world are billions of worlds. Each of us see the world through different eyes, different perspectives, which makes the world different for each of us. And when we begin to accept others' answers as our own we begin to let our True Selves slip away.

Jeremy's goal is to help as many people as possible find their True Selves so that we can all stop comparing and competing, so we can see the beauty that sits just behind the labels that we wrap everything up in, so we can see the beauty of life and fall back in-love with our own experience of it. When you love life, life loves you back and everything you have always wanted falls right into place with what seems like no effort at all. Sounds nice doesn't it?

After studying tirelessly for over a decade for his own personal knowledge and personal transformation or as he likes to call it, personal realization, he then decided that he needed to share this information with as many as possible, because it is what he and the world have been missing. So he took it on as his own personal responsibility to make sure that he spends the rest of his life sharing the information which changed his own experience of life. This is what happens when you find your purpose in life, you feel a deep personal responsibility to see it through, and as long as you are on the path toward seeing it through, you will feel as if you need nothing else, you will finally be fulfilled.

Jeremy's purpose in life is to help you find your purpose, to fulfill your dreams. So all he asks is not deprive him of fulfilling his life's purpose, of fulfilling his dreams. Are you up for it?