The Gig Economy Preparation Guide
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Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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The Gig Economy Preparation Guide

Exposing the illusions and pitfalls to clearly demonstrate how you can successfully survive as a Gigger
5.0 (1 rating)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
14 students enrolled
Created by Jeff Staebell
Last updated 5/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Advance your understanding of what the Gig Economy is about including how to see through the various interpretations found online.
  • Determine what elements of the Gig Economy you would like to participate in based on a comprehensive Skill Assessment and how to evaluate the initial steps to becoming a successful Gigger.
  • Develop an Action Plan from your Skill Assessment avoiding many of the issues involved with getting started which better prepares you for life as a Gigger.
  • Confidently choose what type of Gigger you would like to be whether that involves The Digital Platforms, becoming a Quality Freelancer or any combination of these with an understanding of the many pros and cons involved.
  • Determine to what degree you may be able to develop some aspect of "entrepreneurial" into your work including if your ideas are scalable to becoming a real Entrepreneur.
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  • The only thing you need prior to taking this course is a curiosity to explore how your various skills can be used outside of the workplace to earn at least additional income if not eventually all of your income.
  • The Gig Economy has become something of a buzz word. Do searches for Gig Economy, On Demand Economy, 1099 Economy, Gigging, Freelancing, and Entrepreneur to get a feel for it.
  • Take time to ponder what would you do if you found yourself suddenly unemployed without notice? Would you be prepared mentally? Financially? What would you do if the Doors of Opportunity were closing?

The Gig Economy; does that mean anything to you?  For some it's become a buzz word yet for others they have no idea what this is including those who may be currently working in it.  If you attempt to discover what it is for yourself, you will come across a wide variety of ideas and opinions some of which are not even well defined.  This adds even more confusion especially for a small percentage of those who have suddenly discovered they have been dumped into it and truly need to figure it out.  Depending on how you define it, this is essentially the world of The Independent Contractor yet even that has its share of fuzzy boundaries including old definitions used by government studies that are over 10 years old.  Fortunately due to this persistent lack of understanding with this rapidly growing phenomenon, some organizations have taken the time to perform some intense surveys resulting in a growing and unfolding understanding yet it still takes time and effort to uncover this large volume of information.  There is no single source or location that approaches this topic that results in a comprehensive understanding of not just what The Gig Economy is, how to get involved in it, but most importantly how to survive it, until now.

Welcome to your One Stop Gig Economy Information Central!

The potential impact of The Gig Economy can affect anyone at any time from those just seeking additional income that works around their personal schedules to those seeking an alternative to their normal work routine to those who have been notified their position has been eliminated to those who have always dreamed of "being their own boss".  This is essentially a course for everyone because it covers the elements of supplemental income also called Side Gigging to the fundamentals of creating an online presence that will assist you in establishing yourself as a Quality Freelancer.

Applying my 18 years of experience in analysis, this course first explores the wide variety of information out there using a very small sampling of the immense volume of information online and then delves into the results of some polls and surveys that begin to define what it's about.  This is followed by using the results of these surveys along with the wisdom from the number one online freelancer to define the basic elements of The Gig Economy in easy to relate to terminology which then helps you to determine which pathway into The Gig Economy will work best for you.

The development of the "On Demand Gig Economy" which this course refers to as the Uber et als (Uber, AirBnB, TaskRabbit, etc) has created more opportunities for independent or self employed work than ever before but this is not without its pitfalls and struggles.  This course discusses these elements in such a way as to not discourage you from them but to ensure you are properly informed so you can make an educated decision.

If you are ready to dive into this rapidly developing world of independent work that offers you the freedom and the flexibility to choose who, how, when, and where you earn either part time or full time income, this course is for you and I'll see you inside.

Curiosity Seekers are also welcome!!  Come on in, dip your toes in the waters of this information because this is a course for everyone!

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for anyone who is working Full or Part Time.
  • This course is for those who have been laid off for any reason.
  • This course is for anyone looking for alternatives to the 9-5 Job Rat Race.
  • This course is for anyone who's ever dreamed of venturing out on their own.
  • This course is for College Graduates with a degree and no where to go with it.
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Curriculum For This Course
24 Lectures
The Gig Economy Questioned
4 Lectures 55:47

In this lesson you will learn:

  1. Why we are all Giggers of a sort.
  2. Who am I?
  3. What makes me any kind of authority on The Gig Economy?
  4. Why this course?
  5. Why it's a Guide not a Manual.
  6. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of The Gig Economy
  7. What I mean by Uber et al.

Preview 08:55

This lesson will demonstrate to you that depending on how it's defined, there's nothing new about The Gig Economy.  Some are aware of it while others are clueless including those currently earning money from it.  Student will also get a clear picture of how Job Security isn't what it used to be including challenging the student to consider creating an Unemployment Contingency Plan and why.  The final part of this lesson will highlight that there's a lot of confusion out there on just what this Gig Economy thing is all about.  This information is at a high level for the purpose of laying down the basic foundation for more information to be explored in the following lessons.

Preview 16:34

This lessons continues the exploration of the wide variety data that's out there by giving the student a sampling of it such as government studies, various statistics on The Gig Economy itself, the impact the On Demand Gig Economy has on employment and the economy, how businesses are using it and why, what's driving people to chose entering into The Gig Economy, future projections of its growth, and how it's true size is not known regardless of its unstoppable growth.

The Online Jabbering

This lesson explores the efforts of several organizations to bridge the data gap on The Gig Economy using a poll, survey, and infographic one of which gathered data from several countries in order to get a more global feel.  The pros and cons of the results are also discussed to make sure the student understands both the impact of the results along with any shortcomings.

Polls, Surveys, and Infographics
The Impact of The Gig Economy
3 Lectures 29:18

The various parameters of choice are explored including using the results of a survey from a previous lesson that assists in a better understanding of the impact of how you can enter the world of Independent Work aka The Gig Economy.  The survey results will also explore the international impact as well.

The Source of Choice

Although true, the way in which some of the elements of The Gig Economy are discussed can be one sided resulting in a fluffing up of the information which does not give you a complete understanding of its full perspective.  Being fully informed of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly elements of The Gig Economy is imperative in considering how you will choose and the resulting impact....but wait! There's more!!!  You will also learn how to identify this fluff because it's really just a common marketing technique.

Preview 04:07

Personal Accountability is huge when it comes to being involved with The Gig Economy because there are elements of it that you may not have ever encountered in the world of "The Permanent Job".  This lesson is where "the rubber hits the road" because it explores a wide variety of these elements from the simple and fun to those that financially impact you to varying degrees.  Although some of these are primarily for anyone seeking Primary income, there are also items that need to be addressed by those seeking either Primary or Supplemental income.

Pros and Cons
The Gig Economy Defined (sort of)
3 Lectures 36:45

The results of a survey are explored that neatly defines the elements of the Uber et als into two basic categories one of which has two subsets.  This will assist you in determining which of these Digital Platforms will work best for you.  There is also a small discussion of how an article that references this study also has a conclusion that is not entirely true once it's explored further which further assists you in weeding through these online articles and get to the truth of the matter faster.  Also included in this lesson are two anecdotes of my direct and indirect experiences with the Uber and Lyft.  This lesson concludes with a discussion on the basic techniques of how to vet the Digital Platforms when researching them online.

The Digital Platforms

The "Freedom" and the "Flexibility" are two elements of the Independent Contractor that are consistently referenced.  This lesson continues that theme by exploring the elements of freelancing.  Once its basic definition has been discussed, the caveats of the Average and Above Average Freelancer are then explored using the definition from the number one freelancer online and it ain't a pretty picture. This is followed by a discussion of my exploration of online freelancing sites where I discovered these elements of the Average Freelancer including sites where others discuss their experiences.  It's important to note that the purpose of this lesson is not to deter you from freelancing but to inform you of these two vast categories so that you are fully prepared on how to vet them and be prepared on what to expect if you explore these avenues for income generation.  They can be excellent ways to get started while building a portfolio towards excellence as freelancing is a truly viable path into The Gig Economy once you understand how to navigate its caveats.

Preview 12:30

Technically, entrepreneur has no business being involved with The Gig Economy because its mechanics are vastly different yet there are many freelancers that refer to themselves as being entrepreneurs.  Clarity to this is provided by again using the number one online freelancer's definition of "Freelancer vs Entrepreneur" as his definition has been used over and over again by various online authors.  This definition will allow you to assess your potential of whether or not you can scale up to the level of entrepreneur.  Yet by taking one element of this definition and applying some Creative Due Diligenge, anyone can add an element of "entrepreneurial" to their Gig Economy business.

The Entrepreneur
Becoming a Gigger
13 Lectures 01:55:33

In this lesson I will go over how it was that I discovered that I am now an active participant in The Gig Economy and some of the things I've had to deal with from my initially uniformed perspective to give you an idea of what you may have to deal with if you find yourself suddenly inserted into this such as having your position at your "permanent job" eliminated without notice.  This will also assist those considering exploring supplemental income as I address the many elements to be considered.

Preview 07:09

You will discover some of the elements that can get in the way of creating your initial Gig Economy business, some of which you may have heard of but one you may not have heard of.  Once explored, you will be informed.

Creation Inhibitors

You will explore some of the basic elements of assessing the entire history of your skills etc to see which ones might be used for earning income in The Gig Economy.  I will use these elements to demonstrate how I applied them for my personal list, some of which are more applicable than others but that's how you discover those hidden potential golden eggs of income generating opportunity.

Preview 06:20

The purpose of this lesson is to get your gears turning by exploring over 150 online Income Generators as examples of what's out there for some quick and sometimes easy income. The ones discussed are only a sample of what's out there but should give you a good start for what to expect.

Income Generators

You will learn the importance of why branding yourself is extremely important for the highest level of success in The Gig Economy.  This lesson will discuss the 4 Basic Questions that all Giggers need to address.  Once that's accomplished then you will learn the basics of how to establish your online presence.  First up will be creating your name and then those first steps on getting your presence online activated.

Disclaimer: The elements of YOU Are The Brand (Parts 1-4) are only the fundamentals, a checklist of sorts, so that you are aware of what it takes to create a strong online presence.  The actual details are far more involved and go outside the scope of this course.  There are a lot of other online resources available to you that will go into all of the details these fundamentals highlight.

Preview 16:49

Establishing your online presence continues with the fundamentals of website creation including website design, a variation on how to approach the homepage, the mechanics of the extremely important About page, why a CV page is important and who doesn't really need one, the fundamentals of content, the tagline, the logo including the dangers of using photos, the Contact page, and finally the required Legal page all of which will assist you in getting your online presence ready to go.

Disclaimer: The elements of YOU Are The Brand (Parts 1-4) are only the fundamentals, a checklist of sorts, so that you are aware of what it takes to create a strong online presence.  The actual details are far more involved and go outside the scope of this course.  There are a lot of other online resources available to you that will go into all of the details these fundamentals highlight.

YOU Are The Brand (Part 2)

Now that you understand the basics of website creation including some of its legalities, you have the basics of a lean and clean website machine, VROOM! VROOOOM!!!  Now you will learn how to drive this machine by understanding the basic elements of driving traffic to your site including why SEO is very important, Ads, List Building, why and how Social Media is The Marketing of You, a basic understanding of website analytics, and how to establish a strong blogging presence.

Disclaimer: The elements of YOU Are The Brand (Parts 1-4) are only the fundamentals, a checklist of sorts, so that you are aware of what it takes to create a strong online presence.  The actual details are far more involved and go outside the scope of this course.  There are a lot of other online resources available to you that will go into all of the details these fundamentals highlight.

YOU Are The Brand (Part 3)

You now understand the importance of establishing your brand including how to answer The 4 Basic Questions, the fundamentals of website design, and driving traffic.  You are on your way to establishing your Gig Economy business, but wait!! There's more....this lesson will go over the back-end basics of a business including the fundamentals of the financials such as how you are now both Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable.and finally, the legalities including why Do It Yourself Contracts have the potential to cause more problems than they are worth.

Disclaimer: The elements of YOU Are The Brand (Parts 1-4) are only the fundamentals, a checklist of sorts, so that you are aware of what it takes to create a strong online presence.  The actual details are far more involved and go outside the scope of this course.  There are a lot of other online resources available to you that will go into all of the details these fundamentals highlight.

YOU Are The Brand (Part 4)

Many newbies in business have a hard time determining what their time is worth to the point that they risk devaluing their efforts .  This lesson explores some ideas of discovering that and then asks the bigger question of your Personal Time.  As an Independent Contractor in The Gig Economy, no one will tell you to take some time off in response to all of your hard work.  Personal Accountability is the core of this status so if you don't take the time to honor yourself, no one will give it to you because too many irons in the fire, whether that's hours or gigs or both, is one of the risks of life as an Independent Contractor.

Preview 06:15

What would you do if the work you were doing was one day removed from you?  In a earlier lesson you learned about Complaint sites and how to read through their anger.  There are many examples of gigger's accounts being shut off, sometimes with no other explanations.  An element of all fully established businesses is Diversification which is essentially having your eggs spread around into other baskets so if one of them gets crushed you have others to go to.  This also helps to circumvent a known statistics of how freelancing has known seasonal fluctuations so that your cash flow stays more steady and consistent.

Diversification: Many Eggs; Many Baskets

Some of the ways The Gig Economy is promoted I have called The Phoofy Fluffy Stuff because there's more to it than originally presented.  This lesson takes a quick look at three of them to ensure you are aware and not caught off guard.

The Double Takes

This lesson further explores a concept brought up in one of the first lessons.  First the fundamentals of creating this contingency plan will be briefly discussed.  Then an exploration of how having this plan can be converted from potential emergency use to assisting you in eventually going from Side Gigging to becoming a Full Time Gigger.

Preview 07:43

This lesson reviews what's been learned throughout this course and then using personal experience to introduce you to The Dilly Dally Effect and its potential impact using the Creation Inhibitions lesson as the foundation of this effect.

The DillyDally Effect
The End is Just The Beginning
1 Lecture 02:24

There's a lot going on with this "Gig Economy Thing" involving lots of confusion with those who discuss it online including many attempts to bring clarity to it all which makes it challenging for anyone choosing to explore what The Gig Economy is all about.  This purpose of this course is to be a One Stop Gig Economy Information Central in an attempt to close this gap to some degree yet The End is just The Beginning because there is no place for Giggers of all kind to gather together to discuss the challenges and frustrations of taking on this new life of becoming an Independent Contractor or Gigger.  This lesson is an invite to do just that and with that being said, "I'll see you there".

Gratitude, Summary, and the Continuing Conversation
About the Instructor
Jeff Staebell
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14 Students
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The Reluctant Gigger

I have had a great passion for Metrics & Reporting and Excel Power User for the past 18 years winning many awards and accolades for my Out of the Box methods of automation and design with Metrics & Reporting along with various tasks and procedures, many times reducing the assembly or working time by no less than 50% and often much more.  Around midyear of 2016 after my contract role came to an end, I inadvertently discovered that my experience had outpaced the market.  Using my analysis skills, I eventually concluded that I was now officially and firmly placed within The Gig Economy, or so I was told because I had no idea what this was.  Being an Info Junkie who has a fascination with everything, it didn’t take long for me to get up to speed on just what being a freelancing Gigger meant.  I now get to explore all of my other various passions of music, video, reading, writing, and teaching with the great potential of turning them into Income Generators.  The world is my oyster and my passions are its pearls.  This is actually a long standing dream that I never had any idea how to implement until this scenario forced me to address it.  It’s been a Challenging Path to get here but thanks to all those years of analysis I now jokingly refer to myself as The Reluctant Gigger with a redirected passion to be The Compassionate Voice of Gigging.