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The Feng Shui Bagua: A Master Class with James Jay

The development of the Feng Shui Ba Gua and the Trigrams
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In this special 90 minute course, Feng Shui Practitioner Nicolette Vajtay interviews Master Feng Shui Practitioner James Jay of Feng Shui Designs Inc. about the most important tool in Feng Shui: The BaGua.

In this class you will experience the most in-depth exploration of the BaGua available anywhere, according to the Black Sect Tantric Buddhist principles of Feng Shui. James clearly presents the development of the Feng Shui BaGua and explains the intricacies of this fundamental tool in very easy to understand language.

James teaches us how the BaGua came into being (approximately 5,000 years ago), why it is so important, especially if you are a Feng Shui Practitioner, and how it is used in modern Feng Shui.

From the concept of the polarity of Yin and Yang, through the development of the Eight Trigrams and the Five Elements, James weaves a thoroughly engaging and insightful presentation.

Short videos filled with rich content allow you to dive into this class at your own pace, ten minutes each evening after the kids are in bed, or perhaps on your lunch break for some inspiration!

While this class may be for anyone with a basic understanding of Feng Shui, it was created for Feng Shui Practitioners eager to continue their education and review the origins of the ancient practice. It is also for Feng Shui enthusiasts and those who may have had a session with a Practitioner and wants to dive deeper into their own practice at home.

If you are hungry for more, and would like to understand the most basic concepts of Feng Shui, and understand the foundation of this ancient practice at it's roots, this class is for you.

Don’t miss this gem!

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for the advanced Feng Shui Practitioner who knows a refresher course on the BaGua will only add a new foundation to their skill and craft as a Practitioner
  • This course is for a Feng Shui Practitioner who would like to expand their knowledge with knowledge of the Feng Shui BaGua
  • This course is for Feng Shui lovers and enthusiasts who may have already had a session with a Feng Shui practitioner, who has a basic understand of the BaGua and how to apply it to their home.
  • This course may be a little challenging if you have no experience or understanding of Feng Shui
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What Will I Learn?
Understand why the BaGua is so important and how it is used in modern Feng Shui
Understand the development of the Feng Shui Ba Gua approximately 5,000 years ago.
Understand the many intricacies of this fundamental tool - answering the question why is it like that?
Take this new in-depth exploration of the BaGua and apply it in their own homes.
Explain, express and enhance their space with the Five Elements and all the energies that are associated with the Five Elements.
Creatively add color to their homes by applying the color concepts from the Feng Shui BaGua
View Curriculum
  • Having a sketched floor plan of your home will help you apply the information from this class to your own life and home immediately.
  • Use a highlighter and create the BaGua (or nine square grid) on top of your floor plan, clearly marking your front door and the different rooms in your home.
Curriculum For This Course
Expand All 19 Lectures Collapse All 19 Lectures 01:37:37
An introduction to teachers, history of Feng Shui and the BaGua
3 Lectures 21:11

Master Feng Shui Practitioner and Teacher James Jay started his journey in Buddhism as a very young man. Being attracted to the zen feeling of the Buddhist temples led him to study Interior Design so he could create that same feeling in his own home. The study of environments eventually led him to the ancient practice of Feng Shui and to Grandmaster Lin Yun's temple, where he studied for 25 years.

Preview 09:29

In this video James shares the dramatic history of the development of the practice of Feng Shui from 5,000 years ago. With many different environments in the massive expanse of China, many schools of Feng Shui developed.

Both James and Nicolette practice the Black Sect Tantric Buddhist School of Feng Shui.

The Many Schools of Feng Shui: Orgins and History

The most important tool in Feng Shui is the Bagua, the combination of yin and yang energy. Learn how the BaGua encompasses and encapsulates everything we do in Feng Shui across all the many schools of this practice.

As a Practitioner or someone who wants to delve into the foundation of Feng Shui at it's roots, you must know the BaGua inside and out.

Preview 04:37
The Feng Shui BaGua and The Trigrams
2 Lectures 11:15

James shares with us a clear and concise definition of the BaGua, a system of eight different combinations of yin and yang energy. He'll guide us through and introduce us to those yin and yang energies, and to the famous Tai Gee (often called Tai Chi) symbol.

The Feng Shui Bagua: Yin and Yang Energy

When the yin and yang energies in the Tai Gee needed to be represented in a spacial fashion, they developed a line system of a solid line for yang and a dashed line for yin. This is the foundation of the creation of the Trigrams. You will also learn how to say each Trigram in the Pinyon pronunciation.

Introducing the Trigrams
The Pre Heaven and The Post Heaven BaGuas
2 Lectures 19:30

The Pre Heaven BaGua represents the primordial energies before becoming matter; perfect spiritual energy. Often called the BaGua of Time, it is a perfectly balanced system of energy that moves in a cyclical and systematic manner.

The Pre Heaven BaGua is used as a Feng Shui cure on the Feng Shui BaGua mirror. Learn why and how this BaGua used on a mirror positively affects your space.

The Pre Heaven Bagua, the Trigrams & Bagua Mirrors for Balancing Energy

The Post Heaven BaGua is the BaGua of space where energy has already been manifested into matter. It is the BaGua Feng Shui practitioners use to analyze a space because it is combined with the five elements, thus representing the physical world.

In this video you'll get a quick look at the Post Heaven BaGua and an introduction to the five elements. Then we dive deep into each Trigram in the 9 videos below.

The Post Heaven BaGua and the intricasies of the Trigrams

The Pre Heaven and The Post Heaven BaGuas
20 questions
A Detailed Exploration of the Image, Element and Energies of Each Trigram
9 Lectures 27:49

An in depth exploration of the many intricacies of LI Trigram; representing the FAME gua in the Feng Shui BaGua

The LI Trigram

An in depth exploration of the many intricacies of KUN Trigram; representing the RELATIONSHIP gua in the Feng Shui BaGua

The KUN Trigram

An in depth exploration of the many intricacies of DUI Trigram; representing the CHILDREN gua in the Feng Shui BaGua

The DUI Trigam: Children (Creativity)

An in depth exploration of the many intricacies of QIAN Trigram; representing the HELPFUL PEOPLE / TRAVEL gua in the Feng Shui BaGua

The QIAN Trigram: Heaven

An in depth exploration of the many intricacies of KAN Trigram; representing the CAREER gua in the Feng Shui BaGua

The KAN Trigram: Career

An in depth exploration of the many intricacies of GEN Trigram; representing the KNOWLEDGE gua in the Feng Shui BaGua

The GEN Trigram: Knowledge/Self Cultivation

An in depth exploration of the many intricacies of ZHEN Trigram; representing the FAMILY gua in the Feng Shui BaGua

The ZHEN Trigram: Family

An in depth exploration of the many intricacies of XUN Trigram; representing the WEALTH / PROSPERITY gua in the Feng Shui BaGua

The XUN Trigram: Wealth / Prosperity

An in depth exploration of the many intricacies of CENTER of the BaGua; representing the HEALTH gua in the Feng Shui BaGua

The Center of the BaGua: Health

Quiz Description

The Details of the 8 Trigrams
35 questions
The Colors of the Trigrams
2 Lectures 10:02

In the BTB tradition, each trigram is represented by one of the five elements and a color. Color is one of the most powerful Feng Shui cures when adjusting the energy in a space.

The Colors of the Trigrams

In the BTB tradition, using a color blending technicque incorporates the four cardinal directions and the power of the five elements.

BTB Color Blending

The Colors of the Trigrams
14 questions
The Red Envelope Tradition
1 Lecture 07:50

In this video you will learn the powerful reasons why Feng Shui practitioners practice the tradition of asking for Red Envelopes when Feng Shui wisdom is shared.

To participate in the red envelope tradition, mail one, three or nine red envelopes with a coin in each to: Nicolette Vajtay 5031 1/2 Cartwright Avenue, No. Hollywood, CA 91601. The envelopes will be prayed on and the coins donated to charity to keep the blessing moving forward, for the benefit of all.

Share in the Ancient Practice of the Red Envelope Tradition & Closing
About the Instructor
4.5 Average rating
84 Reviews
488 Students
5 Courses
Certified Feng Shui Practitioner

As a Black Sect Tantric Buddhist Practitioner of Feng Shui, Nicolette uses her decade of experience to help make a powerful and meaningful impact in life, by looking at all the things that motivate, discourage, nourish, inspire and sidetrack us from success and love. Starting with your environment!

Nicolette has studied self empowerment and spirituality for over 30 years, filling her tool box with a wealth of knowledge. Along with the ancient principles of Feng Shui, her keen intuition, powers of observation and through the understanding of human behavior, she helps provide insight, clarity, focus and intention to your life!

Incorporating Feng Shui Principle and Ceremony with creative visualization, the Law of Attraction, intention setting, meditation, prayer and chanting, creates new manifestations of dynamic energy in love and life.

Nicolette is a proud member of the International Feng Shui Guild, the premiere professional organization dedicated to the outreach of Feng Shui. Receiving the Red Ribbon Professional Honor has set a gold standard baseline of Feng Shui knowledge in her practice. She received her certification with James Jay of Feng Shui Designs Inc., and was a student of Katherine Metz’s Feng Shui Mentorship Program The Art of Placement, deepening her knowledge of the secret practices taught by BTB Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun. She traveled to China on an Advanced Feng Shui Immersion Class with China Studies and teachers James & Helen Jay, experiencing living Feng Shui! A true spiritual pilgrimage!

Earning her Feng Shui & Staging Certification allows Nicolette the opportunity to support you when buying and selling a home using the principles and sacred ceremonies of Feng Shui.

She consults all over the United States and Internationally both in person and on Skype.

4.7 Average rating
17 Reviews
134 Students
1 Course

For over 20 years James G. Jay along with his wife Helen has been training Feng Shui Professionals through the CFSP - Certified Feng Shui Professional Training Program developed exclusively by the Jays. Hundreds of Feng Shui consultants around the globe have begun their successful Feng Shui careers with the Jay's programs which they have taught throughout the United States, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Mexico and China since 1993.

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