Business Networking Essential Skills
4.5 (4 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
414 students enrolled
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Business Networking Essential Skills

Master this vital business skill to improve your career and connect with many more business people.
4.5 (4 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
414 students enrolled
Created by Andrew D. Pope
Last updated 8/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Make more connections, get more referrals and have more success
  • Become a confident and effective networking professional
  • Stand out from your crowd and boost your career prospects
  • Understand that the real power of networking is in following up
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  • Have a desire or need to meet new people and form beneficial professional relationships
  • Ideally you will be a self-employed business professional or be in a professional services role in order to benefit most from this course
  • Have a good understanding of spoken and written English

If you're in business you need all the clients you can get, am I right? If you want to do as well as possible in your professional career then you need to meet and engage with the right people, am I right? You know full well that networking can help you do this and that's why you're looking at this outline.

The real question is "Why aren't you networking effectively right now?"

  • Do you hate “working the room" and meeting strangers?
  • Do you struggle to promote yourself and your business to others without feeling pushy?
  • Do you have to network but don't know where to begin?
  • Does the very thought of networking straight-out terrify you?

We've all been there but be aware that face to face business networking is a crucial part of any modern professional's skill set. You need to get new clients and/or progress your career. You probably already know that referrals and recommendations are the best form of marketing.

Why is there so much confusion and worry about professional networking?

Why are you not actively business networking right now? Let's change that.

This course will take you right from hesitant novice all the way through to a polished, confident and memorable expert.

If you're a business professional you really should be networking effectively.

The clock is ticking and if you aren't taking full advantage of the many networking opportunities available to you right now then you are leaving opportunities on the table - opportunities which someone else will get.

So enrol as a student on this course right now if you want to understand and use business networking to gain more clients and progress further in your professional career. Remember for your peace of mind that you have a 30 day full money back guarantee built right in.

Enrol now and I look forward to meeting you soon.

Who is the target audience?
  • It's ideal for all business professionals who want to start to use networking effectively to improve their client numbersand boost their career prospects
  • People who want to get their networking right right from the start
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Curriculum For This Course
51 Lectures
8 Lectures 21:08

This first lecture highlights the importance of networking for the modern business professional. It covers reasons that some people dislike networking then provides an overall view of the course benefits, outcomes and running order.

Preview 02:54

How to get the very best from this course

This lecture defines modern business networking and how it hinges on you being known, professionally liked and, most importantly, favourably remembered. It also clarifies what you absolutely shouldn't do when networking.

Preview 03:26

Here is the first of many activities and challenges you'll get in this course. I mentioned that networking is not a spectator sport and you only get out things what you put in so here goes.

Activity Challenge

This lecture covers the obvious benefits of networking for business professionals and self-employed consultants. It also highlights some equally important but less well known benefits which many people overlook.

WIIFY - What's in it for you?

Activity challenge

Networking successfully is as much a state of mind as it is a collection of techniques. As this course covers both areas, this lecture highlights the three key attitudes or "states of mind" that will help you get the best from networking as well as highlighting the importance and benefits of positive physiology.

Your successful networking mind-set

Activity challenge

Section 1 Quiz
5 questions
The ABC Strategy
6 Lectures 17:23

This lecture discusses a three level hierarchy designed to help you focus your networking efforts and maximise your success.

Introduction to the ABC Strategy

Level A is all about "Acquaintance and Awareness." This lecture discusses what to look for and expect from people at this level. This naturally large level is about who you know, what you know about them and what they know about you.

Level A connections in more depth

Level B is all about "Belief" and this lecture discusses what to look for and expect from people you are connected with at this level. This level is smaller than level A and is all about people who believe you are serious and professionally competent and would be prepared to work with you and refer you to others.

Level B connections in more depth

Level C is all about "Confidence, Collaboration and Co-operation." This lecture discusses what to look for and expect from people you are connected with at this level. This level should be the smallest number of connections but represent the highest quality connections. These are people who will provide positive advocacy for you, willingly work with you and refer you often and enthusiastically. You will do the same and you may also become very good friends at this level.

Level C connections in more depth

Prompted by a student question this video will provide some options, ideas, techniques and tips for keeping in touch with the different parts of your network in the most appropriate way.

Follow-up tactics for keeping in touch

Activity challenges

Section 2 Quiz
5 questions
Where to network
9 Lectures 25:01

If you don't know exactly what you do for other people and can't present that information in a memorable way you will struggle to make a favourable impression on potential clients or employers. This lecture sets the ball rolling by getting you to think about what it is you really offer.

What do you actually do?

Activity challenge

Focused marketing, and networking is a marketing activity, requires an understanding of your ideal client or, in this case, connection. This lecture will show you how to, and encourage you to, develop one or more ideal clients.

Who's your ideal connection?

Activity challenge

This lecture discusses the various options for networking locations/venues and also discusses effective methods and strategies for networking and engaging with people when you're there.

You really can network anywhere

Activity challenge

This lecture deals specifically with paid for organised networking events and provides practical criteria and advice for choosing the one that might work best for you.

Organised business networking events

Activity challenge

Here is an oft forgotten gem for networking success. The sky's the limit but you've got to be in it to win it.

Professional Associations

Section 3 Quiz
6 questions
Get your message right
8 Lectures 23:27

Your positional statement is a laser focused and very brief description of your offering that acts as both a filter and an attractor. This lecture describes why you should use them, how to use them and how to develop one effectively. It can become your verbal business card.

Your positional statement

Activity challenge

This lecture and supporting documents will introduce and discuss why you need a dynamic networking message, how to make it "sticky" and highly memorable, how to create a shorter "Round Robin" message and how to begin to convert your features to beneficial results and express them as such.

Your "sticky" dynamic message

Activity challenge

This lecture and supporting document will assist you in creating your dynamic networking messages and stories. It uses the easily remembered acronyms BUS & IQ to walk you through a repeatable process in order to maximise your chances of memorability and success.

Catch the BUS and raise your IQ

Activity challenge

This lecture highlights the potential consequences of not varying and updating your messages on a regular basis. Variety of response gives you the greatest number of options and greatest level of flexibility. It also highlights some more questions to help you get to the emotional core of your "show don't tell" stories and anecdotes.

Variety is the spice of life

Here's a short audio giving you the four key story elements and an example of how to use them and why they are so powerful and useful. Enjoy 

Business story fundamentals

Section 4 Quiz
8 questions
Effective networking skills
14 Lectures 32:56

We form strong first impressions extremely quickly and this lecture discusses the importance of making a good one. It also provides some practical pointers on how to make that good first impression,

Create a great first impression

Activity challenge

This lecture stresses the importance of self-honesty and integrity and also provides the bonus practical technique of "Acting as if" that will allow you to make rapid progress with your networking skills.

Always be the real you

Activity challenge

Listening well is one of the best interpersonal skills you can develop. This lecture discusses the many advantages and practical advice on how to improve your listening skills.

Preview 02:36

Activity challenge

Very few people like small talk. This lecture discusses a workable alternative in the form of powerful questioning techniques. Becoming a fine and effective communicator via the use of questions will pay dividends in many aspects of your life and work.

Small-talk and powerful enquiry

Activity challenge

If you have chosen the paid for organised networking route, this lecture provides a number of tips specifically to help you get the best from your experiences at meetings.

Preview 03:31

Activity challenge

Without adequate and effective follow-up networking is just coffee and a chat. Time is valuable and wasting it is costly. This lecture discusses and provides workable practical strategies and tips for following-up effectively and also discusses business cards and contact relationship management systems.

Follow-up is vital

Activity challenge

This bonus video lesson is an introduction to open and closed groups. How to recognise them and control them to help you get more from your networking events.

An introduction to group dynamics

Prompted by a student question here is an article format session relating to after event follow-up tactics.

Networking event follow-up strategy

Section 5 Quiz
9 questions
Additional Material
6 Lectures 12:47

This lecture covers the subject of return on investment (ROI) in networking. Cost can be in terms of time and money and it is vital that you check progress. If networking is not paying it's way - fix it or move on to another type of marketing. This lecture also examines team networking and the consequences of low-quality or non-existent training.

Reality checks

Activity challenge

Speaking to an audience eager to hear about your business is a fantastic way to promote yourself and your services. This lecture looks at ways you can get started.

Speaking out

Activity challenge

This is the last lecture. I give you some final thoughts about the networking process and encourage you to get out there and meet people. Remember - networking is not a theoretical activity.

And finally ...

Useful Resources & Links
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Everything I do in my life and work is about helping people know themselves, know others and communicate more effectively. Life is always a work in progress.

I work with organisations, business professionals and private individuals of all kinds to help them communicate more effectively, develop greater personal resilience, improve their emotional intelligence and become more mentally tough. I also write and speak about interpersonal communication skills, management/leadership skills, balancing work and life and developing greater resilience.

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