Business Presentation Skills - Excellence Made Easy
4.5 (53 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,341 students enrolled
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Business Presentation Skills - Excellence Made Easy

Strong presentation and public speaking skills are critical to your success. Skilled, confident communicators succeed.
4.5 (53 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,341 students enrolled
Created by Richard Lock
Last updated 1/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Deliver powerful, high impact business presentations that audiences remember and act on.
  • connect emotionally with your audience in a way that successfully persuades, influences and informs.
  • Look, sound and feel confident - as if you have been presenting for years
  • grab audience attention right from the start and keep it.
  • simplify complex information and messages so that audiences get, and remember your key messages
  • Identify your key messages with a laser like focus for maximum clarity and impact.
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  • A willingness to learn and apply learning rather than simply acquire knowledge
  • A desire to influence and persuade others for a purpose
  • a past, present or future presentation you are able to use to apply the lessons you are learning.
  • A recognition of the key role presentations play in business success.
  • The commitment to complete the course in full, get involved and to practice.

    EXCELLENT BUSINESS PRESENTATION SKILLS: are critical for leaders and business managers if they want to succeed.

    Millions of business presentations are given across the globe every day. Most are highly ineffective. They have unclear messages, fail to motivate or engage audiences, add little or no value and are frankly boring. The good news: it doesn't need to be that way.

    Start building your excellent business presentation skills today.

    LATEST NEWS: Once you have enrolled on the course you can request to join a closed Facebook group (details in the bonus lecture) where you can practice, get feedback and seek advice on your presentation skills, as well as complete the final challenge presentation activity.

    Take that next career advancing professional step and decide to stand out from the crowd. Say goodbye to the fear and frustration of upcoming presentations and hello to audiences wanting to congratulate you on your clear, powerful and compelling messages.

    Over 1130 students know that being able to clearly and convincingly communicate their ideas is critical to their business success. Talent and skill are not enough. If you are not able to clearly and confidently present your key messages to others, you are highly likely to lose out to someone who can.


    • Prepare and deliver winning business presentations that have a laser like focus on the key messages that are most likely to influence and persuade your audience.
    • Grab and hold audience attention right from the start with breathtakingly simple ideas and techniques
    • Develop business presentation content that makes real connections with your audience enabling you to influence and persuade key decision makers
    • Use vocal and body language techniques to create and re-enforce compelling messages
    • Eliminate distractions and noise from your visuals, focusing audience attention on your key messages that matter
    • Reduce and control nerves to present with a calm, clear, confident manner
    • Unleash the power of 'less is more'


    'This course really does nail it! It's clear, concise and to the point' - James Cooke

    'This is one of my Udemy staples. I keep going back to this course, watching, and each time I learn something more to help my presentation skills. Highly recommended'. - Sarah Arrow Business Blogger

    I think this is the very first course I have completed so far on Udemy, all in one day. Richard is an excellent instructor, very personable and down-to-earth. The course is well-organized with very practical, helpful, action-able information; comprehensive, but not overwhelming (which is important). This is an EXCELLENT course , I highly recommend it.Sherri Caldwell


    to develop your presentation skills easily at your convenience, anytime, anyplace and on multiple devices.

    lifetime access to your own highly experienced personal business presentation coach.

    expert presentation secrets, tips and advice that are clear, concise and easy to implement in your presentations

    high quality personal development from a highly experienced professional business trainer and presenter at low cost.

    a learning community where you can ask questions and share experiences with fellow students as well as your tutor.

    What have you got to lose? The course comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and lifetime access to course material, along with future updates and additions. You will receive a certificate of completion on finishing the course. The course can be accessed on computers, iOS devices and Android.

    I look forward to sharing lively discussions and helping you become a confident, engaging and highly successful business presenter.

    See you online.

    Richard Lock

Who is the target audience?
  • People who need to get their business ideas heard, accepted and implemented.
  • Managers who who recognize and value the improved career and job prospects strong presentation skills provide, and wants to have this critical communication skill in their career kit bag
  • People who fear, or are nervous presenters and want to be more confident and professional in their presentation skills
  • presenters who want to stand out from the crowd for quality, not gimmicks
  • business owners, influencers and entrepreneurs who want to connect, engage and succeed.
  • You should not take this course if you think presenting is all about you.
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Curriculum For This Course
47 Lectures
Welcome to the course
3 Lectures 05:20

Welcome to this Business Presentation course, and thank you for choosing to build your presentation skills with me. This is a quick heads up on the course, before we get stuck into the real learning. To get the most from this online course please complete all of the lessons and activities fully. Make notes of key learning points along the way using the downloadable file associated with this lecture. Get involved. Start discussions, ask questions and answer the questions of others. We have the opportunity to build a like minded learning community and help each other to grow in confidence and experience.

Preview 02:07

This short lesson will show you how to get maximum value from this business presentation skills course, and why that matters. 

Preview 02:33

Establish your practice presentation and start applying your learning to get the best from the course.

Preview 00:40
The core presentation principles that deliver success
1 Lecture 07:32

This lesson introduces you to three key principles that you should follow for all your presentations, whether business or personal. You will find we keep referring to these as we move through the course, and you will unfortunately remember sitting (or possibly sleeping) through many presentations where one or more of these presentation principles have not been followed successfully.

Preview 07:32
Preparation done well significantly increases the probability of success.
4 Lectures 14:11

You might be fooled into thinking that every presenter knows the purpose of their presentation. But do they really know their purpose, or is it just a vague notion? Find out how to test and hone the purpose of your presentation. The clearer your purpose, the easier everything else becomes.

Preparation that saves you time and heartache later

A short, but potentially challenging, way to help you get a clear focus on the real purpose of your presentation.

Activity: The Twitter Challenge

Successful presenters have laser like focus on their presentation content. Learn the critical questions to ask yourself once you have established your purpose, and before you do anything else.

Three key questions that will transform how you prepare your presentations

How much presentation planning do we really do? For many people the answer is 'not very much' The most common tool used in planning is widely known as cut and paste. It goes like this: Have I done a similar presentation to this before? If not, do I know someone who has? For the sake of clarity, No - cut and paste is NOT really planning. Here are four easy to use tools that can help you plan your presentation. Using planning tools will ultimately save you time as it greatly increases the chances of getting your message across clearly first time.

Preview 03:59
Building confidence, managing nerves
3 Lectures 19:32

Nervous presenters give the game away. Complete this short activity to think about the ways presenters let their audience know they are nervous.

Nervous presenters give the game away

It is quite normal to feel nervous when you are presenting. How you manage those presentation nerves is what really matters. Learn a range of tips and techniques that will build your confidence and make it easier for you to focus on your key messages.

Tools to build your confidence and manage nerves

They say practice makes perfect, so why do so many of us cut it down to the minimum, or do none at all? Here are some practice tips and an example of one of my own practice sessions.

Practice, Practice, Practice
First review quiz
0 Lectures 00:00

Answer these questions without referring back to any of the course materials.

Review questions
6 questions
Using posture and movement to support your key messages
6 Lectures 18:32

Avoiding mixed messages is essential if you want your ideas and key messages heard. This lesson helps you understand the common causes of mixed messages and how they impact your presentation and audience.

Getting it together - why it's critical that voice and body say the same thing

A short activity to start thinking about posture and movement. What do you believe works for good presenters and what gets in the way of delivering their message.

Activity: Identifying posture and movement do's and don'ts

How we stand makes a significant difference to how our audience perceives us. There are no hard and fast rules, but here are some straightforward guidelines and principles to follow.

The most powerful stance and positive movements

When speaking in public we often forget what to do with our hands. Here are some straightforward tips to help.

Making the most of positive gestures and avoiding common traps

Maintaining eye contact with your audience during your presentation is important. This lesson provides you with some useful strategies to adopt and some traps to avoid.

Preview 04:27

Compare your list from lecture 9 to this summary of the key messages. How did you do?

Do's and don'ts review
1 page
Your voice is your most important presentation asset when used well.
4 Lectures 17:56

Your voice is the most important tool at your disposal as a presenter and public speaker. Your voice is driven by muscles, and like any other muscles they benefit from targeted preparation and maintenance. Here are some exercises to warm up and strengthen your voice.

Vocal warm ups - preparing your voice for action.

How to use your voice to add colour to your presentations and connect with your audience.

Using your voice to make connections with your audience and bring topics to life

Researchers believe they have discovered the elements that make the 'perfect voice'. This simple exercise will enable you to benchmark yourself against two of those key elements. 

Exercise - The Perfect Voice

Here are some practice ideas to help you better understand your voice and how to use it in your presentations.

Activities to practice your vocal techniques
Activity: Learning Review
1 Lecture 01:45

Get the most from your course. It is great that you have invested the time and money to further develop your skills. However, the story doesn't end there. The real value you get is from putting your learning into action by changing your habits and trying out new ideas and approaches.

Learning Review
Creating audience interest and capturing attention for memorable presentations.
10 Lectures 29:46

No more boring presentations. Engage with your audience using these straight forward success strategies based on the work of Chip and Dan Heath.

The key to SUCCESS: Miss these at your peril

It is impossible to over emphasize how important simplicity is in effective presentation. getting to the core of your message and communicating it clearly separates highly successful presenters from the rest.

Simplicity is hard to achieve, but adds huge benefits for your audience

Raise your audience levels of interest and curiosity without tricks and gimmicks.

Something unexpected helps - and may not be what you think.

Explore this critical strategy to make things 'real' for your audience.

Concrete - finding ways to make it real for your audience.

How do you you encourage your audience to believe what you say matters? By establishing your credibility.

How to let your audience know you are credible in your subject.

Find out why emotion matters.

Without an emotional connection your presentation will fail.

We all love stories. Find out why they are such an important element of engaging your audience.

Everyone needs and loves stories to really understand your message.

This formula is at the heart of great presentation, so it's definitely worth reminding yourself of the key elements before applying them to your presentation.

SUCCESS summary

Here is a great opportunity to see SUCCES in action. Watch this video of the Toastmasters 2015 World Champion of Public Speaking. Before you watch it, download the SUCCES analysis document, and as you watch, make a note of examples of the differing elements being used. There are plenty to find.

Activity: 2015 World Championship of Public Speaking

Exercise to apply the SUCCESS elements
Second review quiz
0 Lectures 00:00
Review questions
6 questions
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My focus is on helping people learn skills, techniques and behaviours that will add practical value in their everyday lives. That's typically in their business and professional lives, yet often the skills and concepts are very applicable to more personal development outside of work. What matters to me is that the learning is not simply just theoretical, but practically applicable. Knowing stuff is good, but we get improved results and personal growth when we actually apply our learning and do something with it. That's where we really add value.

In support of this approach, I have a lot of experience to back it up. I have for 20 years held senior management positions in both public and private sector organisations. I have also run my own consultancy and people development businesses for almost 19 years working with many global brands in a variety of business sectors, family businesses, business start ups and individuals seeking to develop their own skills and abilities.

With all this experience and expertise I have come to realize that a great deal of successful business and people management comes down to effective communication. This may appear to be an obvious, straight forward insight, yet the day to day reality is frequently much more challenging. My favourite quote sums up this challenge nicely;

'the single biggest problem with communication is the illusion it is taking place'

George Bernard Shaw.

The ability to communicate clearly and effectively with people is so crucial to success in any endeavour. Whilst we say we understand that, most of us take communication for granted, and it is often a big mistake that leads to errors, misunderstandings, wasted effort, poor performance and even conflict.

Improving your communication and people management skills can be one of the best investments you'll ever make.

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Richard worked with our senior managers providing individual coaching and group development over a period of 2-3 years. Richard was an inspiration and helped the IT leadership team to completely transform their approach and style. IT Director

I am very satisfied with the presentation training, I will definitely be able to use the experiences I gained in my everyday working or personal lifeRichard is a really positive, inspiring trainer. International Buyer

My primary areas of activity are:

·Presentation, Communication and Influencing and conflict

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·Coaching, Training and Personal Development

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I am a qualified user of psychometric tests and a certified NLP Practitioner.