The eBay (2017) Alibaba Private Label and Used item Bootcamp
4.2 (50 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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The eBay (2017) Alibaba Private Label and Used item Bootcamp

Use eBay for Alibaba Private Label or sell used items in 2017 with this Beginner to Advanced Course-resell from alibaba
4.2 (50 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
2,429 students enrolled
Created by Braeden Parsons
Last updated 8/2017
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  • 2.5 hours on-demand video
  • 3 Articles
  • 13 Supplemental Resources
  • Full lifetime access
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  • Assignments
  • Certificate of Completion
What Will I Learn?
  • Successfully launch a product on eBay and turn what you're selling into a profit
  • Find Fast Selling Products to resell
  • Private Label Products with Alibaba
  • Create Professional Looking Listings
  • Resell products from Alibaba Suppliers
  • Apply my exclusive product checklist
  • Understand Keyword research
  • Know common eBay Jargon
  • Take Great Product pictures at a low cost
  • Decide when to use auction or Buy it now
  • Recognize common Rookie Mistakes
  • Know what a product is worth and if it will sell
  • Sell niche based products
  • Create a business name
  • Apply my "Standout" hacks
  • Do Competitor Analysis
  • Have confidence using the eBay Platform
  • Have goals and a plan for your eBay Journey
  • Apply my Alibaba Communication Template
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  • Students should have the ambition to start an eBay business
  • Students should have access to eBay

What Students are saying!

"Amazingly informative even though I've been on eBay for 7 years. This is a good recap."


"I'm really liking this course. Instructor is a good communicator - clear, easy to understand and very knowledgeable about the topic. Anyone looking to start making some money on ebay will love this course."


"Easy to understand and great information provided. An engaging lecturer with step by step instructions for successful selling on Ebay."



Do you want to make extra income while working from home by selling private label or everyday used/new items? Trust me it's possible! This course and my unique strategies and templates can help you achieve this! I have over 4 years of experience selling on eBay and I want to teach you all my tips and tricks for success on eBay. Whether you're a beginner or anyone wanting expand their eBay business! You will learn how to make money from the comfort of your home and how to sell on eBay step-by-step the right way! I will give you assignments, quizzes, and templates to ensure you're learning and to make eBay selling easy and enjoyable! Anyone can sell on eBay with a plan and I want to equip you with that plan! Let's keep things simple and grow in learning together. Enroll now for access instantly. :) 


  • Product Checklist (EXCLUSIVE! This makes it easy to find a HUGE PROFIT item that will sell fast on eBay)
  • Buy Anything Wholesale Guide (EBOOK with DROPSHIPPING info and a supplier list)
  • Goal Planning Template (Have your goals planned and take action!)
  • EBAY Jargon Dictionary (Easily look up eBay Jargon, Slang, and acronyms that you might come across)
  • Competitor Analysis Template (EXCLUSIVE! This template easily shows you how to do competitor research so you can make your listing BETTER)
  • PERFECT Description Template (Makes it easy to write your description the RIGHT WAY)
  • ADVANCED Product Checklist (EXCLUSIVE! Find the BEST products to sell by following the more in depth characteristics on the Advanced Product Checklist)
  • Communication Template (copy and paste to Alibaba)
  • QUIZZES (To make the material stick a little better)
  • LIFETIME ACCESS (Including ALL New content added)
  • 101 Guide to Product Sourcing & Selling on eBay (INCLUDED EBOOK)
  • Learn eBay and Become a Power Seller (INCLUDED EBOOK)


  1. Successfully launch a product on eBay and turn what you're selling into a profit
  2. Have confidence using the eBay Platform 
  3. Find Fast Selling Products to resell
  4. Create Professional Looking Listings
  5. Have goals and a plan for your eBay Journey 
  6. Do Competitor Analysis 
  7. Understand Keyword research 
  8. Know common eBay Jargon 
  9. Take Great Product pictures at a low cost 
  10.  Decide when to use auction or Buy it now
  11. Recognize common Rookie Mistakes 
  12. Know what a product is worth and if it will sell
  13. Sell niche based products
  14. Create a business name 
  15. Apply my "Standout" hacks
  16. Apply my exclusive product checklist 
  17. Communicate to Alibaba suppliers


SECTION 1: Let's get started!

  • E.B.A.Y.  Acronym
  • Goal setting 
  • Step-by-Step eBay account creation 
  • Rookie Mistakes 
  • eBay Jargon

Section 2: Selling

  • What to sell and NOT sell on eBay 
  • Where to find products to RESELL on eBay
  • The STRATEGY I use to know a product's worth

Section 3: Pictures

  • Product picture/photography equipment needed 
  • Used item mistake that could ruin your listing (and how to fix it by emphasizing)
  • STRATEGY for less customer questions and a better listing
  • Amount of pictures you should add in a listing and the correct angles

Section 4: Create the Listing!

  • Step-by-step Listing Creation 
  • Competitor Analysis 
  • How to Create a Title for your listing using KEYWORD research (LIVE VIDEO)
  • Drafting a Listing (LIVE VIDEO)
  • How to write a product description and what to put in it (LIVE VIDEO)
  • Pros and Cons of Action and Fixed price listings so you DON’T LOSE PROFIT (LIVE VIDEO)
  • Listing your Product (LIVE VIDEO)

Section 5: Management 

  • Listing analytics (LIVE VIDEO)
  • Revising your Listing (LIVE VIDEO)

Section 6: Advanced Selling

  • Advanced Product checklist and how to use it
  • STAND OUT HACKS for your listings by adding value LIKE A PRO

Section 7: Private Label

  • How to sell Niche based products
  • What Niche your product belongs to and examples of eBay sellers using the niche STRATEGY (LIVE VIDEO)
  • eBay Business naming tips
  • Resources for naming your eBay business 
  • Alibaba Communication Template (copy & paste)
  • Alibaba Supplier Listing Tips





~ John 3:16 ~

16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

Who is the target audience?
  • Students who have never sold on eBay before but want a simple plan to start selling.
  • Students who have sold on eBay but want to expand their business.
  • Anyone wanting to create a Private Label Business with Alibaba for the eBay platform
  • Anyone who wants to sell used everyday items
  • Students who want to work from home
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Curriculum For This Course
39 Lectures
Let's get Started!
6 Lectures 16:02

Hello and welcome to my course! I am excited to grow with you in this learning experience! With over four years of selling on eBay, I am confident in helping you know the basics of being an eBay seller! 

 In this course we will go over tips and tricks to successfully selling on eBay so you don't have to learn the hard way! Everything in this course will be up to date and I will continue to add a new content so stay tuned! 

 Some things we will go over are step-by-step account creation, what to sell on eBay, what your item is worth, where to find products to sell, equipment needed, how to take professional looking product photos, step-by-step listing Creation, and so much more!

Preview 00:48

Thank you so much! More coming soon:) Stay tuned!


 In this lecture were going to talk about the acronym for eBay that will help you succeed no matter what you sell. These are basically the golden rules of eBay. 


First is educate. You want to educate yourself about the eBay platform which I'm going to do in this course. You are going to want to be educated on the basics of eBay before you can sell anything. This is the starting point for successfully selling on eBay.  


  Next is buyers first. Without buyers your eBay business would be pointless. You want to make sure your buyers happiness comes before anything else. Whether that's answering questions are letting them return an item for a full refund. This will make your business look professional and leave your customers satisfied.


Third is ambition. It takes ambition to grow and maintain an eBay business. It isn't a walk in the park but with a plan (which I will equipped you with) you'll be on your way to eBay success in no time.  


Last is your goal. As Tony Robbins has said, "setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible."  You have to have goals to keep you going. Start small and keep growing it. Maybe a goal you can have is to sell 10 things on eBay this month or it could be to get 100% five-star reviews. Whatever it is your goal should be giving you motivation to keep growing and getting better.


E.B.A.Y. Golden Rules

Use the goal planning template to create five short-term goals that you want to achieve in your eBay journey.
Goal Planning
3 questions

What are common rookie mistakes that you made on eBay? We'll discuss them in detail in this lecture! 

Preview 10:58

In this lecture we'll go step by step to create your eBay account on iOS or computer!

Creating an eBay account

This "Dictionary" Includes lots of eBay Jargon, Slang, and acronyms that you might come across on eBay.

eBay Jargon Dictionary
3 Lectures 04:33

We will learn what to sell and not sell on eBay. Also check out the resources for a product checklist!

What to sell on eBay

There are many places to find products to sell on eBay! Using your product checklist you can find great products around your house, at goodwill, at garage sales, at thrift stores, and on! Those are just some ideas of where to look for potential products but you can probably find others too!

Where to find things to sell

Learn this tip to sell your item at the right price and help it sell faster!

What is your item worth?

Let's see what you've learned so far!

Getting Started Quiz!
4 questions
Pictures [CRITICAL]
4 Lectures 07:44

in this lecture I'm going to recommend some equipment that will up your eBay quality.   First thing you'll definitely need is a Camera. You have to have original photos on used eBay items. I would honestly just use whatever you have lying around the house. You don't need big expensive cameras or lenses for eBay. If you already have an expensive camera then feel free to use it but I currently just use an iPhone. 

 Lighting is next on my list and is very important. Lighting makes your item more visible in your photo more professional. Usually I don't use artificial light when taking pictures. I find that natural lighting usually works best. You could also get studio lights for cheap on When setting up your lighting make sure the light evenly hits the product and that there is no glare on your item. Also there should be no shadows covering your item.

 Another thing that can really up your game on eBay is a white backdrop or a lightbox. Of course you can go and buy these things but I recommend making them yourself for a cheaper option. One way to do this is to use a white sheet or white poster paper and hang it on the wall and then curve it to the ground. You also want to make sure the paper or cloth you are using is not wrinkled or reflective. For best results you  want it to look smooth and even. Another thing you can do is make or buy a lightbox. 

 I also recommend a tripod but it isn't necessary. When taking photos one minor movement can ruin the entire picture. Cameras are often hard to keep steady and with a tripod you can steady your camera to create sharper looking images. Not only does it help steady the camera but it also helps you get the framing right. 


 Make sure if you are selling a used item to emphasize its imperfections. Take up close pictures of any damaged, marked, worn, etc. parts on your item and write it in your description. You want to make sure the buyer knows the specific condition of the product you're selling and what they're potentially buying.

Emphasize Damages

 Try to think of as many questions as you can that your buyer might ask about your product and then try answering them through your pictures.  Here are some example questions. Just remember questions change with different products so these examples might not work with your item. What model is it? What size is it? Does it turn on? Does it have scratches? What color is it? What's included?


Don't hold back while taking eBay pictures. You want to  take a picture of every angle, pictures on emphasizing imperfections, and pictures to answer questions your buyer might have. By doing this your buyer will know what they are paying for and will most likely choose your  listing over someone else's who gives very little information about their product.

Create the listing!
10 Lectures 52:50

Competitor Analysis is very important for a successful listing on eBay. Try to find things you like, don't like, and things that are common between listings of your product. You can also right down any ideas you have to improve your listing on the right side of the sheet under "ideas" and write your title and description under the corresponding sections when completed.

Competitor Analysis

Let's talk about Titling your product listing! Your title is all about keyword research so you can stand out from your competitors. Some ways to research keywords is to search your product on eBay and use your compare and contrast chart to find common keywords used in the products that show up at the top. You can also look at completed listings and use the search bar for suggestions. Just remember your title doesn't need to make sense but you need to use keywords that actually describe your product or relate to your product!


In this lecture you will learn how to create a draft for your product!

Ctreating Your Listing

In this lecture we will write your description! Here are some ideas of things to put in your description:


-Product Features




-Customer Satisfaction 


-Shipping Info



-Has a chance of making more or less money than anticipated.

-More likely to sell with low starting price.

-Will let customers decide value.

Fixed Price:

-Not random or unexpected about how much you will make.

-You choose the price to sell it at.

-Good for multiple quantities.

-Might take longer to sell.

Format and Price

Shipping information is important to your listing. There are some things to consider about shipping like: Should you do Best Offer? Should you do Free shipping? Should you do a Handling Fee? Etc. 

Make sure you're confident you'll make a profit from your decision. Also compare what the outcomes could be if you do any of the questions above.

How You'll Ship it and Preferences

Thankfully if you aren't finished with your draft you can save it and work on it later! You can also preview your listing before you even list it to see what it looks like!

List it!!

It's time to list your first product on eBay! You can list something around your house or something you bought to re-sell!
List Your Product
2 questions

Listing Quiz
4 questions

Understand how to create an eBay listing on a laptop.

Laptop Listing Creation (Part 1)

Understand how to create an eBay listing on a laptop.

Laptop Listing Creation (Part 2)

Understand how to create an eBay listing on a laptop.

Laptop Listing Creation (Part 3)
2 Lectures 05:10

Using analytics is useful for seeing what your most popular item is! Remember to continually check your listing analytics!


What do you do if you list your item and then realize there's a mistake? You can revise it! Revisions don't work if you have a counter-offer or a bid.

Advanced Selling
3 Lectures 15:02

In this lecture you will learn advanced characteristics that you want to look for before selling an item on eBay. This product checklist is more specific. Checkout yours in the resources!

Advanced Product Checklist

In this lecture we'll talk about my recommendations and tips for standing out by adding value to your customers.
We will go over why adding value is crucial for your eBay business, How to add value to your listings, and what are the steps to adding value.


In this lecture we will go over the 4X Strategy to ensure that you make profit on your product.

Private Label and Alibaba Sourcing
11 Lectures 36:28

In this lecture I briefly cover what a niche is. In the next lecture we will go more in depth with examples of niches on eBay.


Let's go deeper into the topic of niches with examples on eBay and ways to know what niche your product belongs to.

Niche Examples

Lets cover naming your business! In this lecture we go over some tips and tricks on brainstorming your business name and resources you can use to help you out.

Business Name

Create at least five business names (that are not already taken) and ask at least three friends or family members which name they prefer.
Name Creation
2 questions

Fiverr is a great place to get high quality logos for your private label business. I recommend buying 5 logos from 5 different "gigs" to ensure uniqueness and then choose your favorite one.  


Aliexpress is a great place to buy a small initial quantity of your product for a cheap price to test the market. If you test the product potential before placing a huge order it might save you a lot of $$$


*NEW!*Alibaba Communication Copy and Paste Template

Alibaba is a great recourse for suppliers and private label or non-private label products to resell. In this lecture we will go over some tips for the Alibaba platform and walk through some things you might want to know about supplier product listings and supplier info.

*NEW!* Alibaba (part 1)

Alibaba is a great recourse for suppliers and private label or non-private label products to resell. In this lecture we will go over some tips for the Alibaba platform and walk through some things you might want to know about supplier product listings and supplier info.

*NEW!* Alibaba (part 2) Contact Suppliers

Let's go over some tips for finding wholesale suppliers on Alibaba.

*NEW!* Alibaba Wholesale Tips

Learn how to find Private Label products on the Alibaba platform.

*NEW!* Private Label Search

More Lectures coming August 2017
About the Instructor
Braeden Parsons
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eBay Seller

I have over four years of eBay selling experience. I started eBay just as a hobby but it slowly turned into a great job. I have learned many tips and tricks over the years and I would love to share them with people and help them start their own profitable eBay business!